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  1. Save your money and try one with better reviews... I wasn't that impressed. This place is good... https://www.yelp.com/biz/rioz-brazilian-steakhouse-myrtle-beach?osq=Brazillian+Steak+House
  2. I assume that 5,000,000 is divided by the 100 companies that were mentioned in the article.
  3. This may be where the trolley comes into play.
  4. It was discussed back in April on the "other" forum.
  5. No parking garage? I missed that one. I guess they are running a little behind on site plan updates. http://www.magnoliapark.com/site-plan/
  6. Just had a pretty good meal there during the holidays. Couldn't get in to Outback, Carolina Ale House, or Quaker Steak on a Saturday night but walked right in and sat down at Tavern 24. That should have told me something.
  7. I think we need a Duck Dynasty store... it's the upscale riff raff that bother me.
  8. Not a very "central" location for the parking deck.
  9. Seems like the Regal Cinemas / D and B area still has somewhat of a pedestrian friendly layout. Question is what could be done to fix the rest of it.
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