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  1. Are there any updates to this, and how far they've made it on the final finishes of the exterior?
  2. It nearly never gets said, but the Ratcliffe on the Green is one of my fave residential projects in uptown. Nothing else here looks like it, and the florist building facade save was inspired. Loving these pics!
  3. I finally got to utilize the widened Lanes on 85 through Rowan county when I went to Burlington for a holiday in-laws visit. Though the one bridge close to China Grove is still "solidlaned" (white lines are solid underneath the bridge, disallowing passing) due to work, no lane closures existed and it easily shaved 15-20 minutes off my commute. I want more mass transit options most of all, esp. between uptown and the airport, but the importance of inter-metro roads in this state can't be understated. As most Southern cities were laid out in a way that flatters/encourages car culture, we can't underfund nor undervalue their existence. Soapbox over, happy holidays everyone!
  4. I realize your approach on this forum is usually pessimism, but this makes sense given the extremely tight parcel and the complexity of the project. I'll admit the construction company itself is known for slowness but in this case it would be near-impossible to be built on the same schedule or pace as towers of comparable height on larger land pieces. I'm fine with being patient for the new tallest hotel in the state *and* a great save of one of the few historic gems we have left.
  5. Honestly, some times of the day even 27 at Mt. Holly is an easier cross of the Catawba. But getting to that bridge if you come from 485 and not Brookshire/Mt. Holly-Huntersville is even worse than that. One-lane and far past capacity. Neither aids the southern reaches that much. I think only the new road would truly help the region not choke at rushes, otherwise one traffic snarl / accident makes a new lane or wider bridge moot.
  6. A few years back, getting this kind of comment myself would make me downright-angry, as it was all too common and even half a decade ago rather baseless, but nowadays I realize that's a pretty standard complaint for tourists who don't know where to be in a new city to find the best it offers. I went to Denver (CO) for vacation earlier this summer, and walking around their downtown I was SHOCKED at the lack of street activity. And this was on Colorado Day (according to locals there I talked to) when state park facilities were supposed to be discounted or free, and it still felt like the least-walked city of that size I've ever been to. Later on though, I thought about it and realized there was no way I was going to be in exactly the right hotspots at the right time to see the peak of activity or offerings. Some people never have that presence of mind, and honestly, I don't expect them to. We're all stupid when we're tourists anywhere.
  7. Durhamite, 1020 and others bring up valid points and I hope they don't get shouted down in this discussion. No matter how any of us see the baseline issues, it's bad faith to act like racial tensions, racism and stereotypes don't figure into a great many decisions that affluent people (mostly whites, I say as one myself) make where it concerns other people. I know for a fact that Epicentre is not as busy or vibrant as it COULD be were it not for the fact that a sizeable segment of revelers think of crime, the transit center and the ethnic mix nearby and lump them all together as carelessly and biased as possible. Like I said, I'm white... But my husband is not. So the sooner we recognize and tackle these divides, the better off we'll all be for it. I will speak on something different however, that's more relevant to tenant mix and what *that* has to do with the state of the Epicentre. A lot have asked for more dry-goods retailers, or just anywhere that isn't about food, drink or entertainment, and not just for this complex but for uptown as a whole. I agree fully, but we should be mindful of something too: Charlotte has had the incredible misfortune of "coming into its own" and reaching critical mass at the exact same time brick-and-mortar retail is being beaten down by online buying. Every month that Uptown gains an office building, or an apartment tower, or any other people-draw, is also a month that more retailers that have walk-in footprints are either folding or drastically scaling back their expansions into markets or new locations. This is not to say that walk-in dry-goods places can't still thrive, or that we shouldn't be allowed to ask for them. But I see the future as nearly ALL local places that have dedicated customer bases and a lot of luck on their side. National chains and well-known brands are likely entering their last days. I hope for the best, but I doubt I'll be pleasantly surprised.
  8. Absolutely agreed, Epicenter has more than its share of access issues. It almost took a map for me to locate the entrance to Lucky Strikes when I took a friend from Greensboro out bowling. I'll echo/paraphrase what was said earlier, Epicentre provides some things that are just too valuable to let go right now, I.E. the theater and bowling and a pretty decent 24/7 diner in the Red Eye. I don't wanna see Uptown lose any of that, but I also don't want that used an excuse to keep things as-is with a complex that's very visibly aging and creating its own problems for the surroundings. I think it'll be a multi-step process to get the weeds pulled (so to speak) with this block, and make it more purely a net win for the city and the locale. But one way or another something's got to give.
  9. I meant to ask this earlier, but what is the progress of the resurfacing of 85 above China Grove? I remember there being one-lane closures promised in the stretches leading up towards the Triad.
  10. Not only that, but - tinfoil hat alert - I feel it also indicates how politicians at state level are all ruled by the mindset that what works at the rural and/or outer suburban level will work everywhere. People from Metrolina have long held bitterness towards Raleigh's politicians saying that they overwhelmingly serve rural interests and have only contempt for cities that aren't in the Triangle, and seeing how agencies controlled by the state behave it's sort of hard to argue with those sentiments.
  11. I wonder how much more expensive a fix that accounts for *all* traffic, including pedestrians, would have been to implement. Anything from adding a pedestrian bridge over 16 to burying one of the roads in a 'tunnel' under the other would have been exponentially more money- and time-consuming, but would show the powers that be understanding the nature of a city's needs better. We live in an era of speed and low cost being king, and all other considerations pale. It's pretty unfortunate.
  12. Can I just say, the fact these fill an under-served niche in the market (smaller units) pushes this complex up to A++ for me. It may very well be my favourite project in SouthEnd save for maybe the Childress Klein tower.
  13. Here in northern Gaston it's been just as hot but even drier, I think we missed out the last time there was a rain event. Lawns are about as dead as they get, and I'd sell my left leg for a good healthy dousing. I guess we all knew last year/this year's wet period had to end sometime or another.
  14. I'm sorry, but every time I hear newer "hip" names for what's meant to be trendy nightspots or entertainment in the past 5 years, this is all I can think of. That said, if this takes off I'll be ecstatic, assuming it *does* collect only destination-type businesses. I'm skeptical but hopeful.
  15. I haven't done much business travel or other types that would require/utilize other cities' convention centers, so how much does this expansion help our standing with other competing places? It's great that it's getting a remodel and a bridge to the Westin and station, but for some reason the increased space figure seems low to me. I'm sure a larger convention draw/event would swallow up that moderate increase in space like I do a plate of cocktail shrimp.
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