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  1. I was born and raised in that tiny town! The star attraction there was always the Jones Bros. "Galaxy" food store. All kidding aside, God I miss that place, it was shuttered years ago. [/off-topic]
  2. I don't take offense to it, as it's not about size/importance of the city but instead is about how Charlotte has the bad luck of sounding like several other U.S. burgs that are both significant and not all that far away, such as Charleston SC *and* WV, Charlottesville VA, etc. whereas there's no other city in America that sounds quite like Raleigh/Durham.
  3. Y'all love donuts like some people love Jesus. Lol. I'm more of a cheesecake guy myself. That being said, I'm glad an NC-based company does this well and gains this sort of cult following while keeping so much tax money inside our fair state. I continue to be happy for their success and hope KK does gangbuster business for many decades to come!
  4. I hate to be the devil's advocate here, but in the article above it said they've "identified other funding that will allow all those projects to move forward". So is that implying none of the projects that were raided for this temp-fix are actually being killed by it? (And that's not to say they wouldn't still be delayed by this re-funneling of fed $ , which in a lot of cases isn't much better.)
  5. So they resurrected the flatiron building along with the new plans? That's outstanding! I was so certain it was killed off. That alone will be a game changer in Elizabeth, architecturally anyway. Looking forward to it all taking shape!
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the image of Central's new lanes are 'flipped', that is to say, the sidewalk that functions as Greenway abuts the (protected) bike Lanes and not the car lanes.
  7. Question that I can't seem to answer from the picture provided: since this utilizes more than one "type" of path, and is an important connector, will there be any sort of signage or purposeful art that indicates the sidewalk over Central and the Prospect portion are more than just sidewalks? I mostly ask since when it's finished, newcomers to Charlotte that don't know better may benefit from something that points to how the two segments aren't interrupted. Maybe painted pavers if there's not enough room for signs at those turns?
  8. Even if we don't get the ped bridge, I'm stoked about the linking of the two segments. I admit that though I've never taken the Greenway on the other side of Independence, I love the urban section that winds past Metropolitan and down past CMC. I would love an excuse to get my lazy non-bike-owning butt on longer walking trips, hahaha. Besides, crossing Independence in any way shape or form will be quite a boon for the overall experience, merging pleasant creekside hikes with an overlook from an always-busy artery and a great view of the skyline.
  9. Not only that, but can we just have ONE year already where there's no major narrowing between Charlotte and the Triad/Triangle? As someone who has to travel to Richmond several times a year by road (visiting in-laws) I've waited so long just to not have to be held up before I even get to Greensboro. I really don't think 85 in northern Rowan is in such bad shape that they couldn't give us a one-annum grace period. Even 321's planned widening from Hickory north didn't piggyback on the widening up the Blue Ridge Escarpment to Blowing Rock.
  10. True, true. I suppose I'll have more to wrap my brain around when those are open, park space is the kind of thing whose impact can be tough for me to pin down until it's done and walkable.
  11. May just be personal opinion, but once the 4 are all complete it's going to feel like a second square. The Trade/Tryon intersection still has that wonderful pocket park and will soon have a Streetcar presence, but this one has The Green and a Whole Foods both nearby as bragging rights. This is such a tremendous time for this city.
  12. Yes, I thought it went without saying that 321 doesn't function like a freeway within those last few miles towards 85. But it does bear mentioning that the left turn onto 85 North is part of what will help, so that part of your post wasn't redundant. I wonder at what point will growth near 321/85 outpace these fixes though, and I mean that without bias... It's hard to know, since Gastonia is the county seat of Gaston and attracts outmigrants in its own right due to jobs and established neighbourhoods, but also lacks the raw proximity of towns like Belmont and Mount Holly (where commute time decides a LOT of why those towns exploded in the past 10 years and also upfitted their downtown areas greatly). Time and the economic health of this metro will tell as we age.
  13. While I'm disappointed that this is another case of "what can we cut corners on" with a major intersection, I am very glad to see that no longer will southbound 321 have to keep right to get on BOTH directions of 85. That was among the stupidest things the state has ever done in the Metrolina region and whomever cemented that as the original design should have been pink-slipped that very day.
  14. This is largest reason I really wish the Publix in the vicinity of Skyhouse had taken off. Not only was the building itself a beautiful concept (at latest rendering released), but it would solve what Whole Foods just can't where it is. Much as I love having WF right next to the light rail, if you follow Stonewall down from there towards Metropolitan you have a 5 min. walk to Trader Joe's, and this benefits Fourth Ward's old neighbourhoods next to none. It really does feel like the two best grocery options within practical stone's-throw of uptown are basically on the same street.
  15. Living west of the metro as I do, the hills keep flooding at bay, and I love rain anyway. But I've seen too much of how it delays projects. Esp. those in their early stages. I'd be fine with a moderate dry period for a while. I disbelieve that Legacy 1 will *ever* grow on me, but the nighttime lighting has potential in the early eve. I just want the rest of the block to swallow its lowest (read: least character-possessing) floors like a plankton.
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