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  1. Damn, that's unfortunate. Well I won't hold my breath on if it gets built more quality-rich, but at least they're saving a historic property and making some unique living quarters for the new tenants. :/ I'm a hopeless optimist that way.
  2. Any updates, esp. of a photo nature, on the Parkwood Church Apartments? This is one of the coolest repurposed properties IMO in all of Metrolina. Have they progressed on the AC screening, and if so, does it look as tasteful as in the renderings?
  3. The biggest problem with Gastonia is that its CBD/ downtown is incredibly piecemeal, and not well-activated in the majority of blocks. Yes, it's made some great strides in the past few years, revitalizing the area near the courthouse, but at the end of the day it suffers terribly from this AND its poor connectivity to Charlotte (I-85 loses a lane before it even gets CLOSE to central Gaston, and anyone who's taken the Sloans Ferry Bridge that carries 74 across the Catawba knows it is a *scary* piece of road and in no way a fostering agent for growth). Given Belmont's raw proximity to Meck,
  4. This is a really good synopsis of exactly why Gaston's development has been so different (and less) than Cabarrus, Union etc. I was born and raised in Stanley, and honestly it's just within the past year or two that I've seen noticeable acceleration in growth. Without major engines or drivers like Winthrop, HQs and so on, it took people discovering how pleasant and quiet these communities are (AND lower costs of living therein) to finally kick off meaningful explosions in economy and population. Belmont and Mount holly have hit a good stride with booming suburban growth, and Belmont will
  5. One underrated aspect of this finally opening is that UNCC, CPCC and Johnson C. Smith will be linked by mass transit, and permanent lines too (not changeable like bus routes). It won't mean much for older residents but for the collegiate set I see it helping social- and connectivity-issues. Especially once COVID is fully squashed.
  6. One thing I wish was planted more often in urban environments is Chinese Wisteria. So long as it's surrounded by sidewalks and streets its penchant for being out-of-control is eliminated (nowhere to spread), and not only are the flowers in Spring absolutely gorgeous AND fragrant, but the leafing habit is handsome in its own right the rest of the growing season. The only big drawback in my eyes is the tenderness of the flower buds when young. One good frost will often knock down the blooms in Gaston county and other points west or north of the city.
  7. Southend's midrises are a breath of dense air among sparse southern neighbourhoods. I'm so proud of Charlotte, it's built some truly urban fabric in the 33 years I've existed.
  8. It is such a tables-turned feeling, after months and months of us bemoaning the lack of visual progress, to see this finally accelerate construction while so much of the world has come to a standstill. That said, I'm giddy that it's on its way to glory!
  9. This made me imagine seeing apparitions from inside the deck, not of people but of buildings, all the renderings of scrapped projects. OJ coming out the nose does not feel good.
  10. As much as it pains me to, I have to agree here. Not only is this beautiful alone IF the context of neighbourhood architecture weren't calling this out in the worst way, but this is in no way how it will look when it's done. We will not have this as an end result, in any possible outcome.
  11. I will always love that this exists. And I will never not think of "No Parking Hare".
  12. I also stan those awnings something fierce. Though this building is a net-positive for the city, I wouldn't feel nearly as glad it's here were it not for those. Not really a similar design, but it brings to mind the old design of the Belk's store entrance at Eastridge Mall in Gastonia, before its years-ago renovation and facade change. The awnings were dull green, rounded, ominous in the coolest way to kid-me at the time... Certainly caught the eye and brought people in.
  13. I actually left for Boone on 321 at around 2:30 PM yesterday, right when the snow was at its heaviest. I stayed under flurries or bursts of thicker flakes basically all the way until the Big Climb begins at Kirby Mtn. Road, then they tapered off, but picked up again in Blowing Rock. About an inch or so stuck to the ground in Watauga but basically nowhere before there. Roads were all fine and barely wet. Ah well, it was pretty at least.
  14. I am honestly the most hyped about this versus any other project in uptown, excepting maybe the FNB tower. Adding an amenity like Publix to a very sparse area of Uptown is gonna be transformative. Utterly. And I can only imagine how this accentuates the foot traffic to First Ward Park, even from a slight distance. I only wonder how the tiny Teeter down the road will be affected, businesswise. Lol.
  15. I'm sorry, I guess I didn't think it through very much. Eternal optimist, me.
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