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  1. It is such a tables-turned feeling, after months and months of us bemoaning the lack of visual progress, to see this finally accelerate construction while so much of the world has come to a standstill. That said, I'm giddy that it's on its way to glory!
  2. This made me imagine seeing apparitions from inside the deck, not of people but of buildings, all the renderings of scrapped projects. OJ coming out the nose does not feel good.
  3. As much as it pains me to, I have to agree here. Not only is this beautiful alone IF the context of neighbourhood architecture weren't calling this out in the worst way, but this is in no way how it will look when it's done. We will not have this as an end result, in any possible outcome.
  4. I will always love that this exists. And I will never not think of "No Parking Hare".
  5. I also stan those awnings something fierce. Though this building is a net-positive for the city, I wouldn't feel nearly as glad it's here were it not for those. Not really a similar design, but it brings to mind the old design of the Belk's store entrance at Eastridge Mall in Gastonia, before its years-ago renovation and facade change. The awnings were dull green, rounded, ominous in the coolest way to kid-me at the time... Certainly caught the eye and brought people in.
  6. I actually left for Boone on 321 at around 2:30 PM yesterday, right when the snow was at its heaviest. I stayed under flurries or bursts of thicker flakes basically all the way until the Big Climb begins at Kirby Mtn. Road, then they tapered off, but picked up again in Blowing Rock. About an inch or so stuck to the ground in Watauga but basically nowhere before there. Roads were all fine and barely wet. Ah well, it was pretty at least.
  7. I am honestly the most hyped about this versus any other project in uptown, excepting maybe the FNB tower. Adding an amenity like Publix to a very sparse area of Uptown is gonna be transformative. Utterly. And I can only imagine how this accentuates the foot traffic to First Ward Park, even from a slight distance. I only wonder how the tiny Teeter down the road will be affected, businesswise. Lol.
  8. I'm sorry, I guess I didn't think it through very much. Eternal optimist, me.
  9. Thank you! Yes it presented some challenges when it was cut off from Whole Foods downstairs, but it may have been a blessing in disguise. Whole Foods Uptown gained the sq. ftge. that an elevator/escalator would have poached from it, and this space can ABSOLUTELY thrive with a unique and/or underserved "destination" business. Express or Express Men could open here, after already putting their feelers out in the temp store during the NBA All-Star weekend, or some other apparel store. Dry goods in general would draw people but clothes in particular would make a killing anywhere NEAR there.
  10. It sounds to me like you're comparing SP to absolute mega-draw malls like Houston's Galleria, Atlanta's Lenox/Phipps etc. when those cities have easily twice as many people in their metro areas (and usually more than twice as many tourist-type activities or reasons for a mall to get even more traffic from vacationers and not *just* the local shoppers. Huge luxury meccas are something Charlotte has not yet reached the tier to support or possess so I don't see why that should be a mark against SP or even necessary to mention. I do agree an Apple store would do relatively well in uptown, but as someone said before (and I'm currently too lazy to scroll up and check, hah) what Apple THEMSELVES would care about is whether a new Apple store in Uptown would do as well as a suburban location, and given the nature of our city's activity, when it happens and what kind, they could not right now assert that it would. Business is inherently sociopathic, which in this case means they have no higher duty towards placemaking in Charlotte if it conflicts with their profit margins. TL;DR I also want an Apple in Uptown but I don't wonder why we don't have one yet, since corporations have their own priorities.
  11. I suppose this is the right thread, if not, my bad... But now that Harris Teeter is open and thriving in their new locale at Riverbend, what would you like to see replace its footprint across 16 at the old center? Personally I think a Big Lots or a Sam's Club would make a killing there, the area still has a large amount of people who shop for bargains (either income level or just buying habits) so I'd like to see that. Maybe a Stein Mart or a Roses if neither of the other two are options, but I'm not sure if those chains still expand into new places or just keep to their strongholds nowadays. Retail landscape in the internet age is weird.
  12. Are there any updates to this, and how far they've made it on the final finishes of the exterior?
  13. It nearly never gets said, but the Ratcliffe on the Green is one of my fave residential projects in uptown. Nothing else here looks like it, and the florist building facade save was inspired. Loving these pics!
  14. I finally got to utilize the widened Lanes on 85 through Rowan county when I went to Burlington for a holiday in-laws visit. Though the one bridge close to China Grove is still "solidlaned" (white lines are solid underneath the bridge, disallowing passing) due to work, no lane closures existed and it easily shaved 15-20 minutes off my commute. I want more mass transit options most of all, esp. between uptown and the airport, but the importance of inter-metro roads in this state can't be understated. As most Southern cities were laid out in a way that flatters/encourages car culture, we can't underfund nor undervalue their existence. Soapbox over, happy holidays everyone!
  15. I realize your approach on this forum is usually pessimism, but this makes sense given the extremely tight parcel and the complexity of the project. I'll admit the construction company itself is known for slowness but in this case it would be near-impossible to be built on the same schedule or pace as towers of comparable height on larger land pieces. I'm fine with being patient for the new tallest hotel in the state *and* a great save of one of the few historic gems we have left.
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