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  1. Any new information on the survey stakes in front of the Sears at Haywood mall? is it parking resurfacing or for construction?
  2. I saw a CubeSmart sign that said "coming soon". It was put up between Marathon and the lot with construction going on.
  3. Does the mall have retailers lined up to fill those spaces? Also, is it known when those stores will be closing?
  4. I am curious as to when the other department stores will undergo exterior renovations. I would suspect after the holiday season when there aren't as many shoppers at the mall.
  5. 36.12 acres under contract at Dry Pocket Road/South Batesville Rd. They are also requesting a rezoning to a (Major Change in Planned Development).
  6. I say put a hotel with restaurants,etc, so people can walk across the bridge to The Bon Secours Wellness Arena to see a concert.
  7. Does anyone know if H&M is considering a Greenville store? I have heard rumors. I would think they would either go in Magnolia Park OR downtown in the one building .
  8. parking is definitely going to be a problem with all of the new tenants at magnolia park. A parking garage would have been nice.
  9. hmm. looks like a snowball. what could that mean??
  10. Pier 1 Imports for MagnoliaPark. Other tenants are unreadable.http://www.collett.biz/Content/Uploads/collett/Properties/Magnolia-Park-Flyer-02-10-14-reduced.pdf
  11. Im anxious to see what the other tenants will be. Also, i wonder if they plan on a future phase to the right of regal cinemas...
  12. Looks like more tenants have signed leases. Another Broken Egg Cafe, Grimaldi's Brick Oven Pizzeria, and Scottrade. SOURCE:GREENVILLEJOURNAL
  13. Looks nice. Hopefully they will put landscaping at the woodruff road exits. It looks a little dull.It should be presentable since woodruff road is very popular. I noticed new landscaping at butler/maudlin exit, so maybe they can do woodruff aswell.
  14. I wonder if a large store will occupy those stores. It's kind of odd that they would all close at the same time... hmm.
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