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  1. Grand LAN says the fence is up for sidewalk repairs.
  2. http://www.michigan.gov/documents/mshda/mshda_li_ca_32_tab_w_lihtc_policy_bulletins_183888_7.pdf Looks like it's 15.
  3. Anecdotally I've heard most complexes are more than 90 percent occupied. 616 continues to say they have a waiting list in the hundreds.
  4. BTW, it seems like craft spirits might be on rise with some of these breweries.
  5. I'm next to certain that the new Brewery is New Holland locating in Downtown Market.
  6. Yes - RFP is forthcoming from the county 30-60 days. Rumor mill says MSU - although no board activity that I'm aware of. I've heard WMU might be interested as well. No reaction there either.
  7. Good point. I understand the visioning plan is not yet developed, but I'm curious as to how it will be different in its aim. I vaguely recall the new DDA director's explanation, something to the effect of defining barriers to best use etc, etc, and what not.
  8. So then, what should we make of this arena district visioning plan?
  9. With respect to the Gibbs study, I've heard it was huge disappointment. Thoughts?
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