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  1. FYI: I was driving down 12th Ave South today, and on a corner lot that currently is home to a used car lot (a couple of blocks south of Portland Brew), there was a zoning admendment sign on the property saying the owners were going to ask for a skyplane variance. I'm guessing this is to amend the maximum height of whatever might be built there but was unsure. I've heard nothing else about the property. Anyone with more info?
  2. I agree with most everything you're saying, and I realize that this situation is not unique to Nashville. But unlike Chicago, New York, or even Miami Nashville basically has one, small, compact area of highrise development. Perhaps the criticism shouldn't go to the FAA but way back to the original layout and positioning of the runways. However it happened, it came to pass that these big ol' planes were being brought in not only over the most densely populated portion of the city, but the only point in the entire city with significant vertical development. At best this seems to be a lack of
  3. Regardless of the height of the Signature Tower, it is hard to find the intelligence in having flight paths so close to the CBD.
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