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  1. Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    Race to the bottom (this is probably the only corporate welfare I can see actually benefiting a city though) and Florida is right to work with low taxes. I'd be surprised if somewhere in Florida isn't/wasn't seriously considered.
  2. Modera Central | 23-Story Residential [Under Construction]

    I know there is nothing wrong with it but those crooked beams always make me worry the whole thing is going to collapse.
  3. The Yard at Ivanhoe | Mixed-Use [Proposed]

    About 2 years ago or so during DTO stuff the city started floating around to people that they were looking for a use for that space and hoping someone had a plan for it. I think it has potential to be an incredible space for the right use. Going to cost a few mill but will be great to activate that area again.
  4. The guy is a multi millionaire trying to be the next Starbucks. This was always going to happen. Either they then franchise or they package it all up for a PE exit. They have LLCs set up for 9 locations so far.
  5. Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    They said they are going to an urban area so CV is about all we have. It has the space and the education component but unless we basically re-do the transit system around this project the odds are very very slim. UCF has won the last like 5 national championships in cyber defense over all the big name tech schools. That kind of talent is highly sought after and UCF I'm sure would move their CS and maybe some engineering downtown if this deal were to go through. Would be cool for everyone.
  6. Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    And just like that things change. I had heard Park Lights (Prato, Luma) was going in but they changed their mind and walked away. Downtown has a stigma unfortunately. I guess I can talk about it but sitting on a committee that is working to lower the restaurant liquor license space and seating requirements like Jax did. If successful it will help change that stigma and get some good stuff downtown. City planned to propose it in the past but the state yanked them around but this year they feel good about it. Would be a good start for downtown restaurants and hopefully over time get less strict.
  7. Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    It seems Jax opened up without any training. Real pet peeve of mine when a place shows no interest in providing good or even passable service. It isn't hard to be nice. On a positive note looking like Spice space will be leased soon and to one of the best restaurant groups possible in this area.
  8. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    There were at least 3 trees like that on Magnolia. Their root system is so confined it will keep happening to more trees in storms like this. The Gym Downtown had their windows blown out too.
  9. Irma

    Lost power for a day at my place at Park Lake. Everyone around me still had power so that sucked. Downtown shop only had minor water issues and we're back open. UCF has been closed by the National Guard so we haven't been able to get back over there to see how that shop fared. I think power stayed on there though so no product loss. Just a ton of lost revenue since campus is closed til Mon and we lost 2 football games of revenue plus 9 or so days of regular business. Going to be hard to get through this but we will find a way.
  10. Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    Its basically west coast out there. It isn't as central as you think. Not that any of that matters when we have planes and its not for distribution. Still would imagine they head east and they probably have a place picked unless some city throws so much money at them they have to change their minds.
  11. Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    Every single city should be putting together a bid. That is an economic game changer. 50k employees would instantly add billions in new construction and other investment to downtown. Orlando leaders would be derelict to not make a serious run at this. Amazon is very anti-union so I could see them going to the sunbelt region with this.
  12. Orlando Transit

    Google maps has added a find parking for Orlando on Android. Checked it out today and its pretty nice.
  13. Other Metro Area Projects

    Demetree finally getting the ball rolling on redeveloping up to 48 acres across from UCF. When we were looking in 2015 at one of their spots they added redevelopment clause and we found another spot when that was added as this was clearly happening. Not sure who owns the dumpy old gas station lot but if that gets done too this will be huge for that area. Demetree is planning to turn the stretch of strip shopping centers on Collegiate Way into a new retail, restaurant, and student housing complex. It would have about 50,000 square feet of new retail, in addition to the 90,000 square feet already there. A student housing tower could add apartments and studios for up to 1,400 students, Heatherly said.
  14. Citi Tower | 23-Story Residential [Under Construction]

    Decided to go take the tour today. Looked at 3 different units and all the amenities and it was interesting. The views are incredible. You can basically see all parts of Orlando from the pool/amenity deck and its incredible. One unit I looked at had an incredible view of the lake, city, and executive airport. The common areas are all really nice and they are giving an entire floor to guest parking in the garage for residents. All of that they hit out of the park. The actually units though are a huge disappointment. The washer/dryer were very nice but the rest of the appliances were pretty meh. I looked at 2 different 2 bedroom and 1 1 bedroom and the 1 bedroom had the most space. The master in each unit had some of the smallest bathrooms I've ever seen. Rooms were barely bigger, it would be hard to fit a bed, dresser, and end tables. Then they had some random weird halls in them that just wasted space. Very ugly carpet inside them as well, not sure why doing the interior cement walls you could then put down carpet but they did it. Oh and the front doors like just like the doors in the residence halls at UCF. Overall it seems like someone read an article about what millennials like, threw it up all over the place and decided to charge 40% more than any other apartment in the area. If it was normally priced I'd consider it for the location, views, and amenities but with the low quality of the actual units I'd never do it for what they are priced now.
  15. Adios Au Revoir Auf Wiedersehen...Good Night!

    I don't know what I missed but this would make me sad. Unless you devote your energy to a book, then I'll understand.