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  1. Another shot from jury duty. They were working like crazy over there.
  2. Snapped a pic while waiting for my jury duty to commence.
  3. Topeka making our kids look lazy. https://twitter.com/blaise_mesa/status/1404967853317570560
  4. Market hall with condos/offices upstairs.
  5. Oh come on! Like does no one even google at the Orlando Sentinel? Green is currently facing 7!!! different breach of contract/fraud lawsuits, 1 domestic violence charge, another felony for criminal mischief while harassing the same woman, and 2 operating without a permit violations.
  6. No its a way bigger project in the middle of everything.
  7. The Pinery vs Russels thing is going to be interesting. They are definitely going for the same clientele and Pinery I think looks better and has way better outside dining options, plus the parking garage. Its actually causing us to re-design our space because what we planned 2 years ago is being copied already too much so we're switching it up.
  8. There is a big project in planning now at OH that I assume will be announced soon that should make everyone happy.
  9. Pinery is all built out and stocked up. Its simultaneously very nice and very disappointing and I can't figure out exactly why. I think its the mish mash of tones and textures. There is 1 too many flooring and 1 too many color I think.
  10. They have finally started to drop rents here. Doing 6-8 weeks free plus cable/internet included.
  11. Park Lake Towers is 17 stories plus double floor lobby and basement so yeah 20 stories. I would love to know what kind of fight it was to get that built then or were people less crappy about new tall things? PLT is about to get a 6 month structural fix on its parking deck so glad to be getting out of there.
  12. 150k a year to rent? Has to be a Magic player right?
  13. I think if I owned Hideaway I absolutely take this deal. I'm sure they got good money for the land and at least a large chunk of buildout of this new one paid. They can sell the business after it re-opens and make even more money. Overall its a net win for the neighborhood, even if those renderings are horrid.
  14. PPP is public, I believe the RRF will be as well. That one is going to be interesting to see how many put the company in their wife's name to get the money.
  15. Seriously that is the funniest damn thing to me. That literally is just a copy of an Ale House.
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