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  1. Yeah this is something usually found in denser cities so its nice to see. Its not entirely dorm style either. Also quite a few condo buildings downtown. It seems the market isn't there and townhomes are ruling the day currently.
  2. MLB won't happen. Believe the Rays own this territory so the owner here would have to pay the Rays a fee on top of MLB plus find a stadium site and build it (and I'm sure want it built on taxpayer money). This is dumb and a waste of everyone's time.
  3. Unless they get the Rays to move it isn't happening. And there should never be another taxpayer funded stadium project here.
  4. If lenders won't finance more affordable units you have to be creative with the more expensive buildings to get some semblance of affordable housing. Its not for everyone but I like the idea.
  5. Yeah I know Walmart has already started with RFID tech and I assume eventually every single thing will be tagged and make it so you can come and go and pay automatically.
  6. I always got the vibe Singh is looking for a bigger office. There is quite the entrenchment here, its kind a weird city in how it responds to different trends. Orlando doesn't like to change much, even as it has gotten more liberal.
  7. HCA is a garbage company that probably shouldn't exist anymore. There are a lot of larger systemic issues about the money in health care that unfortunately are going to keep impacting overall patient care in ways like this that are very negative.
  8. I can't see any way WeWork opens here.
  9. There is no actual plan for a BurgerFi or Starbucks there.
  10. Scooters are mostly a terrible idea and will lead to some nasty injuries. But won't lie I'd take one from downtown to Orlando Meats or wherever for dinner.
  11. Yeah I've noticed a trend in the last 2ish years. I think its unfortunately tied into the opioid epidemic. Its still rare but a few of them are much more hostile than it has been in the past. Its maybe 2-3 of them that I know I want to cross the street to avoid like the dude who beat up the guy at Oudoum.
  12. Are there people you have in mind you think should make a run that would be good? I'm not super up on local politicians and who is good and not and who would be a good mayor in the future.
  13. What I hear from brokers is national tenants are mostly on pause right now. The overall economy and upcoming election is making many big companies careful about expansion. Be nice if landlords would start lowering rent to fill those spots with local concepts but a lot are going to sit on them til after election and hope things rebound for them.
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