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  1. Uptown

    She likes the building much more, way less traffic and random road closures that make your life hell. Central gets closed like every week now and its super annoying. There is very little interesting restaurants or night life in downtown anymore, all the interesting stuff is off Mills/Virginia and this makes getting there much easier.
  2. Uptown

    GF lives at Nora, she moved from the Waverly and loves it way more. We occasionally eat at NQT but really nothing much else there. She works at Orlando Health so pretty much does her grocery shopping out that way and does most of it at Aldi. We walk more to Ivanhoe/Mills/Virginia stuff than we do anything in the NQ.
  3. Modera Central | 23-Story Residential [Under Construction]

    University Club is taking up 2ish floors. They are both larger than just a floor so closer to 4 floors.
  4. Rida Development Corp's Mixed-Use Complex [Under Construction]

    Lame. That is actually a pretty cool corner with very high ceilings. Just in the wrong spot for anything beyond 7-11 I guess.
  5. Uptown

    It is night in day in just about every way. We're about to hit 5 years in our Thornton location and had trouble getting to 5 months in NQ (luckily our rent was essentially free so we didn't lose). The population density is much higher, we're much closer to office workers, we're in a heavy event area as well. Pride alone brings in about 600 customers in a few hours to our tiny shop. Wine Walk used to be useful and bring people in but that has become a joke unfortunately. There is nothing like that in the NQ to draw people and create those waves. It isn't pedestrian friendly and there isn't much to do that close to Colonial really. NQ is going to have to carve its niche out as cheaper residential and office. Not enough bodies to support much more than currently exists.
  6. Uptown

    Not sure. We exited quite a few months back. The area is dead and I don't see the Sevens ever filling in that retail without making it virtually free and even then stuff will struggle.
  7. UCF News

    It was either Hitt or Orsini who said they decided to build the stadium when FCS said they were worth $0 to them and they wouldn't share any revenues with them. I have heard a few random things about the DPAC split but nothing that sounds right. Just know that the head of DPAC is apparently awful and shocked she wasn't canned after that report of her behavior was released. Seems like a lot of that relationship has been repaired with UCF hosting their big event every year there.
  8. Other Metro Area Projects

    This project is backed by major, major money. That is pathetic for them to do that with the financial backing they have. I also think no one wants to pay someone to pump their gas anymore.
  9. UCF News

    Women's soccer could win the national title this year, they are that good. Only loss is to the #2 team in the country. Going to try to make it out to the UCF-USF game tonight for the conference title. And the championship this year is at Orlando City Stadium.
  10. Orlando Mayoral Race

    President Hitt stepping down. I know Buddy wants the job so that makes things very interesting if he does.
  11. Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    Sat on the committee pushing this change for Orlando and when we left it was 100 seats was all the lawyers thought would be possible to get through. Getting it down to 80 is a huge win and hopefully it passes.
  12. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    This building has always confused me. How long has it been vacant, what used to be there, and will they ever use it again? Could be something really cool there.
  13. I think having bright colors and things in crosswalks seems safer to me.
  14. Can someone much smarter than myself explain what is going on here? They look like rotted away beams but I would assume they are all brand new going in there.
  15. Thanks, it was good seeing you and appreciate the kind words.