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  1. There aren't currently any LIDL in Florida. I know it has been mentioned as happening but nothing yet.
  2. Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    Because all of the city benefits are clearly laid out. What the state offers isn't what the city is willing to do. The state offer is likely the same no matter where in Florida Amazon might have picked. Some may say we did bend over in our offer but if you look at others it isn't even close. Chicago offered to give Amazon tax money their employees pay back to them. That is insane and glad Orlando didn't offer something like that.
  3. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Something brick there would be cool next to the brick church.
  4. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Wow with the wedge and this that area is going to be a lot nicer. Although it would be nice to see downtown have some sort of budget hotel, just a nicer one than we have now.
  5. Orlando Magic Entertainment Complex [Proposed]

    Spectra is also terrible. We had a meeting at 1PM with the guy that runs concessions at Orlando City, he showed up at 1:45 and told us we were unprofessional because the pops had started to melt. I did have a good laugh as I walked out of there. I'm told they fired that guy this year so we'll see if its any better this year. OC stadium being smaller they could have done it all in house and done some really cool stuff there. Maybe they will once the contract is up.
  6. We do have 180 sqft in our back room that would be perfect for that. It already contains 5 fridges and freezers.
  7. Orlando Magic Entertainment Complex [Proposed]

    The Magic community engagement compared to Orlando City is just sad. They have a large multiple revenue advantage and they do very little to benefit the region and engage with the community. Even for just marketing purposes they really suck at it. They reached out to us this year about opening a spot in the arena. We thought that would be cool so we met with them. They asked for $50k+ other fees to put a small cart in there. They seemed surprised that $50k was a lot for a small business that will probably not sell enough to make that back (we would only make a fraction on each sale as majority goes to the catering company that runs it) and told us then that they usually order pops from out of state for staff events and we would then take priority in that order instead. No idea why they thought telling me they order from a company not in the community over the shop 2 miles from you would endear me to them. They don't get it, unlike Atlanta which has prioritized using their new stadium as a way to market Atlanta and its food scene.
  8. Metro Orlando Airport News

    I'm beginning to think the people running Sunrail maybe aren't so good at their jobs.
  9. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I grew up there and my family still lives there. Pittsburgh's economy recovered because they had a leading university in 2 of the hottest growth industries in medical (Pitt) and tech (CMU). UPMC alone generates almost $15 bill a year and employs 80k people. We don't have that here and its not like it can just appear out of nowhere. And for all that they are still shrinking in population. I love Pittsburgh and wish we had some of the food options they have here but its become highly overrated. There is a reason people continue to leave and it isn't just because they have the absolute worst road/transportation system in the country. Orlando is working under a different setup than these old nothern cities and I hope they continue to embrace that. Sure would love more density but there has to be some realism about what downtown Orlando can be. Downtown UCF is going to be a catalyst for the next phase and I'm very excited to see it. I hope someone like Provost Whittaker takes over UCF, as he lives downtown and understands how important UCF and Orlando can be for each other.
  10. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Pittsburgh has like 4k people living in its downtown. The downtown department stores and everything there are gone. They do have some new restaurants there and one small area there has a bit of nightlife but that is not a city to model our downtown after. And they have many large buildings.
  11. Vertical Medical City | 40-Story Medical High Rise [Proposed]

    Still 0% likely
  12. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    You would think but the young people who move into Post always comment to me that they didn't realize how many homeless would be in the area. Most of the people moving downtown only know the nightlife areas and don't think about it. Of course this area has gotten quite bad lately and we've had to give our staff mace after a few bad incidents recently. Be nice if the police would do any patrols in the area but they just ignore it.
  13. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    The Modera retail is very interesting. If it was where UClub is going I think it would thrive. I still think it can be a very good spot for the right concept. How that building changes the situation for homeless that hang out at 7-11 and the Library will also be interesting to watch. Going to be tough to sell $1800 apartments when you get hit up for money every time you come in and out of the building.
  14. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Did a walk around most of downtown last night because it was so nice out. There is activity in the old Java Lava space. No permit or anything so not sure the plan there. Jinya is under construction, and with a permit. Looks like that cafe on the corner of Washington and Orange is doing some work. Other than the recently vacated stretch on Church there really isn't any good retail open to lease. Only spaces left are off the main areas like at 420 and Aspire where you need to be something like a salon or yoga or something to make it work.