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  1. This was linked in the Bungalower story about the Main Street program there and I found it very interesting. Orlando was a mess in the 90s/2000s from every article I ever read. Seems like everything was just made up as they go then. https://www.orlandoweekly.com/orlando/down-on-main-street/Content?oid=2256299
  2. I was told by MAA that as soon as its approved it will be open in 18 months.
  3. That actually makes sense.
  4. I was told they are only leasing to national tenants, no local ones so that will be interesting to see how that goes.
  5. Projects like this tend to go dormant for a bit. I wouldn't call it dead at this point but who knows?
  6. Kitchen staff are hard to find so I will def try again with someone else working. Think I just got unlucky. The toppings were good, just the pizza wasn't cooked right.
  7. If they are running a full catering operation out of there then it can definitely work but still too big. I hear good things and need to check it out. I tried Recess tonight and it pains me to say but very disappointing. I love Orlando Meats and think they are a shining light in the current culinary scene but this was not good. I'd like to try it again when they get staff that care working there. Dude working was definitely bored and burned everyone's pizza in the place. Few people from other groups sent them back or just decided to throw it out.
  8. Highly recommend Lotte. I love it. Best produce in town, very cheap. Had some of the little food court food and enjoyed it as well. They have Bread&Co in there making stuff too and a lot more still under construction. Its impressive.
  9. Wonder how far in the process of training and everything they got with Donut Experiment before bailing and opening their own brand. Usually once you sign that deal you have a non-compete so this could be interesting.
  10. I'm actually surprised people hate it. I like it a lot. Its better than almost every other downtown building.
  11. I think Publix is certainly helpful but Lake Eola and all of its events are much more important. There is a reason every does the best here on Sundays. I met the owner of the new bakery place at Citi last week. Very nice guy and he said they were starting construction this week. Lives in Windermere and didn't seem to understand the traffic flow downtown so that wasn't very reassuring. I've never been to one of these places so not sure how they lay them out but that is a big space in a not so good location so I hope he has a very aggressive marketing budget.
  12. The Post retail has been quite steady. Other than our dearly departed Tre Bambine everyone has been here at least 4 years I think now and WOB would be here longer if they didn't hit a bunch of slowdowns during the permit/construction process. We're heading towards year 7 along with Eden's. Lauren is now the only boutique retail I can think of downtown and is at 5 years. Atelier is right around 5 years as well. Metro I think is over a decade and the dry cleaner and UPS are very similar (I could be wrong). Eola at 18 years. There is a way to make the Spice space work but its going to take a lot of work and not sure anyone is going to be willing to do that. I think you'll see something shake up in the next year or so here though.
  13. St Augustine has the worst service industry I've ever seen. Its so beyond frustrating.
  14. They are actively trying to lease the restaurant space here.
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