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  1. popsiclebrandon

    The Milk District

    Dana Ward of Real Estate Closing Solutions is opening a brewery in Milk District called SideWard Brewing. Good location fit, we'll see on the beer.
  2. popsiclebrandon

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Article also says they are making it brick so that is a huge upgrade for the area and should blend well with the church.
  3. popsiclebrandon

    Orlando Transit

    Not going to worry about routes til someone can actually make it work.
  4. popsiclebrandon

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Wow. That Hyatt is already massive, can't imagine it getting even bigger.
  5. popsiclebrandon

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Who owns the giant piece of land behind the Hyatt next to the convention center? Seems like a potentially very valuable site for something.
  6. popsiclebrandon

    Hourglass District

    Why is this basically the same thing going in? Unless the developer is going to pay to get you hooked into the sewer it seems like a dumb idea.
  7. popsiclebrandon


    That is crazy to me they can go so long but I do know they have said it takes multiple days to do a grocery store and maybe they consider it a poor use of time because as soon as the guy shows up they have like hours to get the rest of the place in order before he gets to the other departments. Especially if they lack major issues in past inspections, I believe they put them as lower risk and get skipped over more.
  8. popsiclebrandon

    Hourglass District

    Mark, I know you do a lot of stories on health code violations so when they try to BS you in the future they don't get local and state inspections. The Orange Co DOH only does institutions like schools. Our UCF store gets inspected by them because we are on the land of an educational institution. Restaurants are certified by DBPR and they do all health inspections. They don't have a local vs state inspector. You get the local inspector based on geography. It sounds like these people had no idea how to run a restaurant and just throw a bunch of BS excuses out that most people won't know aren't true. I do wonder why this is even a restaurant if you can't wash dishes there. Feels like a complete miss by the developers.
  9. popsiclebrandon

    Hourglass District

    The Italian place they are opening next to their HQ in the Milk District was getting equipment loaded in the other day. Construction didn't look close to finished though so guessing at least a few more weeks.
  10. popsiclebrandon

    The Milk District

    So its not being demoed now? Or part of it is being taken down?
  11. popsiclebrandon

    Radius | 13-Story Residential [Proposed]

    Its fine. Less hospital like.
  12. popsiclebrandon

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Market is still hot so I'm sure people will be interested. Just hope that Citi taking longer to get to a solid occupancy # and Modera about to hit the market doesn't keep this lot from sitting empty for years.
  13. popsiclebrandon


    I bet they knock it down like they did with Borders in WP Village
  14. popsiclebrandon

    Moving to Orlando

    Tamale Co is good. The owners are really nice people. That is all too rare in this town.