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  1. None on Central. Its dead til the corner and the garage exit pattern doesn't help that.
  2. I was thinking about that yesterday and no clue what can work there. Really its just too big to work so it would need to be split to work. That whole stretch is dead and it probably would take a chain with name recognition.
  3. Sounds like it will have a great record collection so that is cool. The family behind it is extremely wealthy so should look great.
  4. Another victim of the great TP slumber. Surprised they held on this long.
  5. So I was told they signed their lease but then they announced Tampa without any mention of Orlando so not sure. It was supposed to go into The Yard but I just signed my lease a few weeks ago and any exclusivity from them were not part of my document like Foxtail and Dogtopia were so yeah not sure whats going on. Doing a hard hat tour next week hopefully so might get info then.
  6. Why are our arts leaders such assholes? Also boohoo at the trustees who had the info to remove him and either didn't read it or left the meeting before the vote then complain about him after that. You had your job and you didn't care enough to do it. None of them should ever be put back on the board, they are poor stewards. And holy hell this is a name I would make up for a developer and its somehow real. real-estate developer T. Picton Warlow IV
  7. Fire happened well after they moved out and the building was for lease, unless there was another one years ago I don't know about. Orlando needs a serious re-do of the sign ordinances around here. Everything is so bland and you don't get much choice in the matter.
  8. After 2-3 years of looking for a buyer Eola Wine finally sold. Kinda surprised actually given the asking price, declining sales, and time left on lease.
  9. They should stay where they are. I'd love to see some sort of natural history museum or something to add into the grassy area next to it and as part of that add in a great restaurant. Some of my favorite memories as a kid were going to the Carnegie Museums and eating there then going to the next museum and we have the clustering there to allow something like that to happen.
  10. Pete's "plan" for health care is an embarrassment and the biggest reason I can't stand or trust him. His flip-flop on this subject shows to me he is only interested in getting to the top quickly instead of sticking to any sort of principals and running again in 4/8 years. Re-positioning as a boomer's favorite millenial version of Biden is pathetic and hope we never hear from him again after this. That being said I'd vote for him because there is no other option if he does win. Jeff Stein at the Washington Post got to the bottom of this question in December and reported that it is the latter: the Obamacare mandate on steroids. Under Buttigieg’s plan, rather than paying a $695 fine at the end of the year if you are uninsured (as in the now-repealed Obamacare mandate), you could pay a fine as high as $7,000. This sort of lump sum shock is going to wreck most of the households hit with it and be even more of a political disaster than the much more modest Obamacare fine, which was itself a bit of a political disaster.
  11. Got to admit your politics confuse me. Pete is almost as center/center-right as she is. I really dislike Murphy and hope she eventually gets primaried but the WP crowd probably won't go anything beyond just a twinge of blue in their Rep.
  12. I have about 1000 sqft and in summer my electric bill tops out at 90ish.
  13. Well then it won't be built because nothing listed on loopnet in downtown is going for more than $30, slim chance they can fill up that much higher than everyone. Average in Orlando is under $25 but we do have a low vacancy rate.
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