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  1. Hope he wins but think its super funny its all backed by a crypto bro.
  2. I thought he killed himself. Who was the guy who rigged up that shotgun to kill himself in the backyard in Winter Park?
  3. You'd think. They have been trying to push that through for years but owners never wanted it I think because it required them to hire security or something. I was confused too but they have already extended these guys shifts til 3am for some stupid reason so something is happening.
  4. One of those downtown ambassador guys told me they are extending bar hours now so they can stay open til 3 and I guess have people stagger exits more?
  5. I love the idea of a pool looking straight onto I-4.
  6. Rent caps are fine in the short term but it has to be coupled with major fixes to the supply constraints. Zoning updates are the bare minimum
  7. Love it, lets build it.
  8. I would assume they have underground retention pond setup going so guess they didn't have a choice? Yeah would be a big negative if I was considering one of those.
  9. I take it every day but as I said the other day its incredibly dangerous as cars pay no attention, especially if you heading opposite the 1 way traffic.
  10. Yeah when I found out they are just slapping some frozen Impossible burgers on the grill I was out. The general idea is really good but its a lazy execution.
  11. I might actually tune in for that. I just watched Drive to Survive and now I am a fiend for F1 but NASCAR always looked horrible to me but a street race might be interesting. Still probably not.
  12. Just got wiped out on my scooter on the new trail on Orange in the NQ because a girl decided to come straight across Orange into her apt without looking at people on the trail.. Had to slam on my brakes and got pretty beat up and she almost hit a girl walking her dog too. That trail stretch is actually super dangerous because there is no signage or anything for drivers to watch for those on the trail as they fly in and out of the buildings on that side.
  13. We make enormous killing machines that we don't need to make so large or dangerous. There are plenty of times I've seen pedestrians and cyclists do stupid things but more often its people in cars that are reckless.
  14. The one by Park Lake hasn't moved in 2 years.
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