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  1. Real lack of hotels around Advent. Makes a ton of sense.
  2. Was trying to at least make an even facility trade. I would def trade for an NFL team since that sport rules this country. But not like I would ever go to a game.
  3. I would trade Magic for Lightning in a heartbeat. What Vinik is doing around the arena there is incredible.
  4. I don't think any of those are a go until rates drop or they find some huge equity partner with cash but that seems even more unlikely.
  5. It really sucks Foxtail did their ugly interior on this one. Could have been cool.
  6. Considering the GC has no idea how to be a GC this project is going to run way behind.
  7. Isn't she planning on someone who finances it being the landlord and she just wants to be a tenant? The whole premise makes no sense.
  8. Rise sounds good. Impressive job with the retail there. Now we find out if that former dead area can draw people.
  9. Mr Green just got evicted from the Mondrian so better hurry up and build those apts so he has a place to live.
  10. Solita won't be long for the world. Pricing is just insane.
  11. They ever going to turn the crossing light function on near corner of Magnolia/Rosalind and Orange? They installed them like 6 months ago and still not turned on.
  12. Danny White killed Light Up UCF because he wanted basketball to be the star, not Light Up. It was very dumb. The new group didn't even know it existed but hopefully they bring it back.
  13. 5 years after it was filed the Gringos lawsuit is settled the day before the trial. Lawyers always win.
  14. Got back from Dallas on Sat night. There were 13 planes all waiting for bags in the Southwest bag claim at the same time. It was insane. Took hour and half to get them to start unloaded our flight.
  15. I've only used it once but TriRail seems to work pretty well. What am I missing?
  16. Flew them business class and it was incredible. Be nice to not drive to Miami.
  17. They wanted to build a lounge but city said no. So just regular roof replacement.
  18. If they are that bearish on office space downtown then just wait til you think you can fill another tower.
  19. The parking situation isn't why downtown is dying. Its the options downtown that are keeping people away. This just sucks.
  20. The Heavy's replacement project is under construction right behind the Yard. https://www.hellogardentiger.com/
  21. Huh Laura Kinsler does know how to use court records. Strange. What an obvious fraud and I don't feel bad one bit for people this stupid.
  22. Yikes, I would assume there is some sort of construction defect suit being considered or something by the developer if those issues are that bad.
  23. I'm honestly just so confused by the entire thing. They could have opened in like 3-4 weeks max after the last place closed if they wanted. They did a little construction work at one point but its mostly sat for years. I don't think any landlord just lets you sit on a place without doing something so have to assume rent is being paid.
  24. Don't think so. Honestly at this point we're probably fine with the city, its just been our contractor screwed us hard and we had to hire a new one.
  25. Good thing they aren't opening now with the road closed. Also bet they open before La Femme.
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