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  1. Weirdly the reasoning actually makes sense now that you've explained it.
  2. Disney really going to take their ball and go home because they have to share access? Even they can't be that dumb right? It would now just drive more traffic to Universal.
  3. It has no parking and they don't want traffic or noise from the project but they are like why doesn't Armiture Works want to open here????
  4. lol With a 35,000-square-foot former library sitting empty in the heart of its downtown district, the city of Winter Park invited the business sector to bring forward redevelopment ideas for the space. Hoping to see the old building with limited parking reimagined into something else — like a co-working hub, small retail or food hall — the city put out a request for proposals, giving interested parties a chance to tour the city-owned, three-story structure at 460 E. New England Avenue and a month to place bids detailing their vision. By the time the solicitation process closed at 2 p.m. Thursday, the city had received just one proposal — much to the surprise of Mayor Phil Anderson. “Wow,” Anderson told GrowthSpotter upon hearing the news. “I was hopeful that we would get more proposals but we will see what this proposal has in mind and we will decide how to go forward.” But the public won’t be able to see what the bid entails just yet. Jennifer Maier, the city’s procurement manager, said the bids are exempt from state’s public record laws for at least 30 days following the closure of the solicitation period. It’s up to the five-member city commission to decide if it wants to give the green light to the lone contender — a team consisting of Harbert Realty Services, general contracting company Brasfield & Gorrie LLC and architecture firm HuntonBrady Architects — or move in another direction, such as starting the bidding process over to see if a second go-around yields more results. Before it gets to commission though, a five-member advisory committee they appointed to assist with this process will give its recommendation. The committee’s first meeting is scheduled for June 30 at 10 a.m. inside City Hall. Damien Madsen, senior vice president and managing director of Harbert Realty Group, declined to give specifics on the proposal Thursday afternoon, but was also shocked to learn that his company’s bid was the only one submitted for the library property. “Are you kidding me?” he told GrowthSpotter.
  5. Haven't been on too many systems but this is my current rankings 1. Hamburg - Super fast and efficient and went everywhere 2. Netherlands - Since country is small going to just put it all as one. Stopped in 4 different cities in a few hours so easy and clean. 3. Miami - It shockingly works and covers a lot of ground and avoids the insane traffic. Needs more frequent trains to reach the top tier. Big gap 4. Rome - Barely need it since its so walkable but it runs quickly and its cheap. 5. Circumvesuviana - Its dirty and they seem to skip stations randomly but I kinda loved it. Also lack of day/month pass is insane considering its a commuter train. 6. Naples - Just a horrible system especially if you are coming into Garibaldi station. Trains run like 1 per hour. Grand Canyon sized gap 7. Pittsburgh - The most useless train system on earth. Just a stupid, stupid plan.
  6. Biden is the most milquetoast centrist I've ever seen. None of what you are saying even makes sense. He is scared of using EOs to actually change things and Congress is sending him nothing to sign. Nothing is happening and nothing will happen because of guys like Manchin. What even is the "center?" The Dems are a center/center right party while the Reps are far right. We have no leftist party in power whatsoever and we likely never will.
  7. Mises and the national debt talk in 2022. Wow.
  8. We really going to argue that we should have demolished a stadium to then build a new one on I-drive? Thats insane. Why drive more visitors out of downtown to an area that doesn't need, want, or really have room for a stadium?
  9. Its a great spot actually. They just installed a new light there too I think for the trail crossing.
  10. Considering the cities that announced parties and such tonight and we aren't one I would bet highly against Orlando hosting. We were always on the cut line at best so would have been surprised to get it.
  11. If you can't get funding during the cheap money era we were just in then you definitely won't when money is getting quite more expensive.
  12. Del Taco by UCF was a marvelous crap show after the bars. The let you inside unlike Taco Bell and you'd see all kinds of insanity.
  13. Does this have backing or someone marketing the property?
  14. This story gets worse and worse for OMA every day. It seems so obvious they decided to be a Ripleys over a real art museum and wanted money over you know, art. If that is going to be the direction of things moving forward then fine but lets not pretend they care about art. https://www.orlandoweekly.com/arts/with-an-fbi-art-crime-investigation-now-underway-things-just-keep-looking-worse-for-orlando-museum-of-arts-heroes-and-monsters-exhibit-31764930
  15. Not at all surprised that steakhouses and omakase joints dominated. Really happy for Capa because friend has run the place for the last few years and shes a rock star. Collantes was supposed to do my wedding but Soseki caused him to cancel so good for him, hes a nice guy . The Bib list though is just so bizarre to me. Z Asian is the only restaurant I've had to walk out of in Orlando, just the worst experience. The Strand is excellent to me, prob fav restaurant going.
  16. Agree with this. I honestly don't care where they operate because I'm just never going to drink their beer. There are dozens of better options locally so let the tourists have it and I hope it works for them.
  17. Yeah hadn't been there in ages and even post-reno its a dump. But thankfully those troughs are gone.
  18. Got to check out Deadwords before the show last night and very impressed. Place was slammed and they kept it all moving. Food and beer were all good.
  19. Its such a downgrade. What a joke.
  20. The stretch of Orange in the NQ is finally finished. Still some sidewalk work it appears but all 3 lanes are now open and paved.
  21. Just flew out of Miami and took the train. They have a top notch intermodal hub. All rental cars are there as well as the different trains.
  22. Barnie's has never not been there. Just an update to the space it seems.
  23. All I take away from that is there a bar called Oliv in downtown and I've never heard of it.
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