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  1. I'll be interested about the list. Just got back from 2 weeks in Italy and did a few Michelin spots.  Had meal of my life at Imago in Rome and it only has 1 star.  We don't have anything on that level currently but I assume a little curve will happen. I think Kadence will get a star. AVA intrigues me as I think they are gunning hard for one. I think a good bit get Bib like some of those new hotel restaurants that have opened and Kabooki. Places like Prato and Osprey might get in just because they are consistently good at what they do.

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  2. Not sure if he is just consulting or what but bar manager from Tori Tori mentioned this place and said something like we're trying to staff it up so not sure if that group is somehow involved or he's just helping the bar program.

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  3. 54 minutes ago, spenser1058 said:

    Who also seems to be in no hurry but since he was mostly proposing dreck I suppose we should be thankful.

    I think he sold off the parcel that is now Society if I am remembering correctly so maybe he will do the same here.

  4. 3 minutes ago, codypet said:

    How did they pull that off?

    Guy claims he had it in auto pilot to park and it just happened to accelerate over the curb by about 10 feet and crush the planter and pole and cut up a pedestrian walking by and then hit the KIA. I would imagine he did that all himself but who knows?

  5. Thank you! The highrise that was planned (and I know it was likely to be value engineered) was probably the best looking building we've had proposed in downtown in forever. People acting like they were trying to put up another Steelhouse or something.

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  6. 22 hours ago, AmIReal said:


    That IG post mentioned in the Bungalower article is from April of last year. Neither Bear and Peacock or WP Distilling have posted anything since, except the distillery had a FB reply that said they ran into delays- that was 8 months ago. I drive by that downtown spot (639 W. Robinson St.)  often and have not seen any permits or construction, so I'm not sure what they have planned.

    Just moving into a warehouse on Robinson myself and go by there all the time. Nothing is happening there. It was only taken off loopnet 2 months ago so maybe deal only finished recently?

  7. Seriously why do we keep doing this OBJ?


    Tim Green goes to trial in 2 weeks for his 2 felonies of burglary and criminal mischief, was recently found guilty of criminal mischief and trespassing (part of separate domestic violence case), the city cited him for operating without license,  just lost a $91k judgement against him, has 2 companies in bankruptcy that last attempted to do real estate deals in Parramore. He has one with a $2 mill foreclosure on it. And there are like 4 more other cases pending against him. He is never going to build anything, lets stop with this insane stuff.

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  8. 17 minutes ago, bqknight said:

    Sounds like the Bear and Peacock will be moving to their Creative Village location in Fall though. 

    Are they even making anything currently? They really need a marketing person to come on board, they use different brands for everything and while a bunch of Fl Distilleries have thrived in recent years these guys are a total afterthought. Its sad, I want a cool local distillery.

  9. 15 hours ago, prahaboheme said:

    Orlando’s biggest issue hosting WC is that Camping World is not on par with other potential host cities that have modern stadiums.

    The funny thing is these new stadiums in Vegas and LA somehow didn't take into account the size of a soccer field and have to build an entire elevated structure in order to host. Its so jank and stupid but obviously they will get to host anyhow.

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  10. 23 minutes ago, bqknight said:

    Wait, the owners of Joysticks, soon to be 1-Up? That's news to me - any more info? As a gay man, if that's the case, I would not visit their establishments in the future. 

    Yeah they outed trans employees to patrons, harassed and assaulted a bunch of people, they are all around garbage. Thought this was super well known, it went everywhere on FB/Twitter/Insta a while back.


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  11. 14 hours ago, AmIReal said:

    A couple downtown F&B items- a group is opening 6 different themed bars on Church St (although half of them are in the same building). "1-Up Orlando, an arcade-themed bar that will open at 25 W. Church St. as early as May; High-T, an Alice in Wonderland-themed bar and tea room that likely will open at 23 W. Church St. in June; GoGo’s Disco, a 70s-style club slated to debut at 27 W. Church St. this summer; Outer Rim Tiki Cabaret, a space-themed bar and lounge set to open at 37 W. Pine St. this summer; Two smaller concepts, tentatively named The Society, a private membership venue, and Red Door, both set to open this summer.

    "All of the concepts are expected to be heavily immersive and include themed drink and food menus."


    also, Team Market Group (TMG) have been putting their imprint on downtown and Milk and about 6 mos ago bought a warehouse in Parramore. I speculated at the time they would be opening a new venue there, and they are now pitching it to the City. 1000 W. Central  may include "an outdoor area, slated for 6,555 square feet of new pavers, would include "local food vendors, live music, art exhibits and community events" 


    I just don't see Church St ever coming back and I think it would be ok to just admit that. Lot of boomers seem to want to talk about bringing it back but its dead and will probably remain that way. Especially with the rep these owners have being super abusive to staff, especially LGBT+ members.

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