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  1. Hall is opening today. Was over there last night, its uuuuhhhhh interesting.
  2. Downtown party girls are going to need to find some new sugar daddies. These dudes have always been gross, now they can also be felons. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/os-ne-joel-greenberg-keith-ingersoll-james-adamczyk-indicted-20211115-q45is5ob3rbjpcmpyezo5dmlka-story.html
  3. Would like to see all the street parking gone on Orange, its becoming very dangerous. Add protected bike lanes instead. Add more density and another parking garage to the area and we have a really vibrant neighborhood.
  4. Yeah Shores seems prime to re-development. You could fit 100s of apts in that area plus more retail.
  5. Be interesting to see how this changes the game in Orlando. The high-end Lake House apartment development near downtown Orlando has traded hands for a record-breaking price per unit, according to Orange County records. The 252-unit property at 295 NE Ivanhoe Blvd.in the trendy Ivanhoe Village neighborhood near downtown Orlando sold on Oct. 27 for $132.5 million, or more than $525,793 per unit, according to county records. It was sold by 111 Lake House JV LLC, an entity related to Winter Park-based OneEleven Residential LLC, to MQMF Lake House Orlando LLC, which is related to Dallas-based Lincoln Property Co. John A. Zeledon was listed as a manager of 111 Lake House JV LLC.
  6. There isn't an interesting use there that wouldn't require a parking garage on the end of the property on the current tiny parking lot.
  7. Oh absolutely. I've eaten at some incredible places that just were Bib or whatever. It will definitely help any that get in the book. Be curious when it will come out and when they plan to hire people to be the reviewers. That is an incredible job.
  8. Uhhh none. That is a level that nothing operates in here. V&A when they re-open could maybe get to 2 but I'd expect a handful of 1 stars and Bib Gourmand.
  9. I was so excited to try Spook Hill. Its the dumbest thing I've ever seen. At least Bok Tower was worth the trip.
  10. Honestly not sure. I thought last discussion on this someone mentioned the next Yard phase will take this down. I do know they have bought even more parcels along Virginia to keep building more apts so if not this phase it probably comes down eventually. Sucks because could be an amazing little condo/apt building.
  11. I mean that club won't exist in the not too distant future. They have so few members as it is and they will all be dead soon.
  12. One of the biggest gatekeepers in the city bemoaning that he and his ilk didn't lease spaces to things he liked is such a hilariously useless take.
  13. 99% sure its being demoed for apartments.
  14. You are supposed to ride the standup ones on sidewalks. I think they just put those on all their new ones no matter what city they end up in.
  15. Finally got to check out The Monroe last night. As expected it was fantastic. Space is beautiful, service really well done, food was delicious. Felt the pricing was very fair as well. Already can't wait to go back.
  16. All I can find is this passage in new ordinance passed this summer. Can't find the actual amount anywhere. Did this ever get designated? The removal of a historic or specimen tree without a permit is deemed to be an irreparable and irreversible violation. A fine of up to fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000.00) may be imposed for the removal of a historic or specimen tree without a permit. The following factors shall be considered in determining the amount of the fine: 1. The gravity of the violation; 2. Any actions taken by the violator to correct the violation; and 3. Any previous violations committed by the violator.
  17. I really want to know what a fine is for that. $1000? That won't do anything.
  18. Great corner but no hood allowed there so the food you can put out is very limited. If they do late night they might be ok there but still competing with the street meat vendors.
  19. Menu will have to be much different. They can't do burgers there. They pretty much can only do the sausage menu there. They have failed in all 3 spots they've tried it so far so I don't have hopes of it lasting as long as Eden's.
  20. Anyone know how long Rosalind will be down to 1 lane? City road closure site doesn't give any info on this.
  21. Eden's has closed. Sausage Shack is replacing it.
  22. Oh thats funny that got picked up. Been so much hurry up and wait I am not sure I'm ready for everything we're biting off in the next 6 months but should be a fun ride.
  23. I mean cool idea but still not buying it til I see it actually under construction.
  24. With materials being at insane prices right now good luck to any new place opening. Its absolutely brutal right now.
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