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  1. This is such a great idea. Always weird to me that pop up retail, etc has just never been a starter before in Orlando.
  2. This is a fun one. Disappointing to see Crump get involved in this but guess he thinks since the owner of the building also owns the Suns and some other high profile property it might work. So in general according to the legal filings Dovecote is almost a million in the hole to the landlord in unpaid rent and loans. I'm honestly unsure why the landlord isn't just evicting them completely. Guess they don't want to risk losing office leases over it. In 2018 they fell over 100k behind in rent and defaulted on a 250k loan. Plus another loan from an outside party. Their ownership structure is very confusing. To the main point basically Dovecote is throwing large, nightclub like events in the courtyard and common areas. All of the expressly called out as against the terms of the lease in the lease. They claim they have had to clean blood from the elevator because of a fight, property destruction, the music is shaking other tenant windows and they have had complaints, they advertise events with smoking and allow it when the building is smoke free, they have had patrons pull guns on each other, extreme breaking of Covid policies, and just in general they are making a mess of a Class A building. Oh they also don't have active insurance. The legal point is this, landlords basically always can do whatever they want and they went on and documented many cases of them violating the actual terms so even if they didn't have sole discretion clause it would be taken away. Its a shame, Dovecote used to be good.
  3. Actually curious about this. The 18 goes to Kissimmee it says, looks like the 11 goes to MCO.
  4. You really, really need a media diet. Take a look over the scorecard here made by the very conservative NAPO to see which party actually supports the police. Honestly for me its disappointing to continue to see the Dems trying to increase police budgets but that is what happens when we have a far right party and a center/center right party as our choices. https://www.napo.org/files/5716/1005/5505/NAPO_116th_Congress_Legislative_Scorecard.pdf
  5. Yes we're in the center building. Quick timeline June 2019 - We begin lease discussions Feb 2020 - Lease signed (Great timing!) March 2021 - Space is turned over to us, still not complete I've done this enough to know you just don't know when you will open. The city has a notoriously bad and slow permitting office so to make any plans to open before you are into full on construction is crazy. You will miss that deadline 100%. Ideally this puts us around Nov/Dec but permits/hurricanes/labor issues all factor into this and its just not possible to know at this point. Its why the food hall saying they are 2 weeks out is insane because they are very clearly not. Foxtail told the landlord they won't open before the food hall so that will sit completely ready til then. I still think we're much closer to Labor Day weekend than July for that to be ready.
  6. They asked us to tour it to take a spot. They are asking $7500 a month for 200 sqft which is insane so we passed. I do think the buildout will look great when finished if they do what they showed us during the walk through but I just don't buy that 16 concepts are going to succeed at that rate. We're going into a food hall in Dallas that is way cheaper.
  7. That name and logo upset me. Selling so many of those with that branding is impressive.
  8. Wow just read the reviews mentioned about Russell's and yeah Pinery gonna finish them off. Some restaurant 101 stuff they are just blowing.
  9. God bless the aide that had to turn that map into very precise location instructions over 78 pages.
  10. Sorry didn't realize you had changed restaurants there. Pinery.
  11. Food Hall claiming July 22 to open. I would put the odds of that at 0%.
  12. Friend who puts up with just about anything at a restaurant had to send his food back. Think his issue was undercooked though. Guessing they are understaffed and also undertrained there. They have the money to poach talent from all over and they probably should. Not going to check it out for a month or so to see how its going once the opening jitters work out. Yeah Arden. Hopefully Nov-ish we can open but who knows.
  13. That article is so poor. It just introduces someone named Wilder with no context about who that person is. Patty has been pretty much completely absent in the district the last 5 years so her being the resident crank on the board has worn out its welcome. Present a solution if you don't like where they are being left. Lime/Wheels, Bird (which is now a local franchise so not sure how that will work), and Spin seem most likely to stay. Scooters are awesome. Ordering my personal one soon.
  14. Yeah that is way better. Being rich looks fun.
  15. Agreed. Don't buy an historic home then gut it down to make it look like brand new spec home construction. What a shame they did that. No taste at all.
  16. Another shot from jury duty. They were working like crazy over there.
  17. Topeka making our kids look lazy. https://twitter.com/blaise_mesa/status/1404967853317570560
  18. Market hall with condos/offices upstairs.
  19. Oh come on! Like does no one even google at the Orlando Sentinel? Green is currently facing 7!!! different breach of contract/fraud lawsuits, 1 domestic violence charge, another felony for criminal mischief while harassing the same woman, and 2 operating without a permit violations.
  20. No its a way bigger project in the middle of everything.
  21. The Pinery vs Russels thing is going to be interesting. They are definitely going for the same clientele and Pinery I think looks better and has way better outside dining options, plus the parking garage. Its actually causing us to re-design our space because what we planned 2 years ago is being copied already too much so we're switching it up.
  22. There is a big project in planning now at OH that I assume will be announced soon that should make everyone happy.
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