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  1. I'm from nearby Hartsville - it's awesome to see everything happening in downtown Flo, and at such a brisk pace as well. Also, vicupstate, the old post office you mentioned has already been preserved and repurposed for offices (before downtown started taking off), and at one time housed a local law firm. However, I think they may have moved. Not entirely sure, but it's not going anywhere
  2. General site plan on the D/DRC agenda this Thursday! https://columbiasc.gov/depts/planning-boards-commissions/ddrc/agendas/20141211/devine_612_eval_bb_public.pdf
  3. http://www.quackenbusharchitects.com/projects/usc-student-health-center/ This pales in comparison to the original site plan, which was to be designed in partnership with Perkins + Will. I attended the first student & faculty input meeting (turned out to be the only one ever held), back in 2013, and the plan, design, etc of the new health center at that time was spectacular. Not to mention, the old, brutalist era health center was to be demolished in the original plan.
  4. etwas


    Well, at first, I also believed something more productive was happening at this location. But quickly changed my mind; it makes sense that this vacant area would be used for a temporary staging area for 650 Lincoln, when you consider: - when the first phase of construction began on the holder apartments, the moore school remained uncompleted. So the staging area for the business school, directly behind it (and consequently, the area of phase 2 of holder development) was still in use. & with two separate developers and contractors, two staging areas would be needed. - the second ph
  5. etwas


    SouthernBorn, not trying to stir up things or pick a bone with you - just letting you know what I know - the lot next to the public health building is a staging area..which includes mounds of sand and earth. Not sure which of the photos you are referring to, 015 or 017? I do know that 015 is a photograph of the construction staging area next to the Arnold that I've been mentioning. Not sure where or from which angle photo 017 was taken, but I commented in order to address your comment: "Don't quite know what this is. I've heard rumors of student housing and a look alike public health b
  6. etwas


    I'm sorry Southernborn, but you have mistaken the geography of my my comment entirely. The fenced off lot I am addressing, across Assembly from Wells Fargo & beside the school of public health, is not the site slated for the second phase of the student apartments. The holder apartments are not even remotely diagonal to the state house, and I'm sure you will notice that if you closely examine the link you have shared. Student housing will not be going onto the lot I am referencing. It is indeed a staging area for the holder projects; all one has to do, is simply walk by, and survey the scen
  7. etwas


    The fenced off lot directly next to the school of public health is the construction staging area for the student housing project (650 Lincoln). No current plans for development there.
  8. etwas


    I walked by yesterday, and I must say it appears much work remains to be done in order to achieve "substantial" completion by months end. Although most of the work that remains appears internal, much remains to be done outside as well. For example, the main entrance is still uncompleted; and siding is missing on all facades, esecially the side facing Koger. Also, sitework/landscaping/concrete for sidewalks/plaza needs to be completed. Though I am no construction expert, that timeline seems a tad over ambitious. Side note - when I walked by, around 6:45pm, the site was deserted. I thought the
  9. etwas


    Carolinagarnet - I believe I'm the only USC student actually happy that big a$$ surface lot will close for good Saturday! Now let's hope they start as quickly on that new office building on the Horizon site!
  10. W You guys should persuade Hughes to replicate this beauty in his redevelopment of the Windstream building site! Such a wonderful building, travesty it was lost to "progress".
  11. I saw this as well, and wondered about possible scenarios. I'd love to see ST updated in the same style Patterson was renovated, and they'd remain "sisters". But the article was indeed vague & the broad use of "renovations" could mean anything from updated bathrooms or replacing the roof, to a comprehensive renovation.
  12. etwas


    I do agree with you, the office building will complement the existing garage and first horizon building well. I also like how a footprint will remain for future development, as well as an internal courtyard. The meeting last night had to be cancelled, but hopefully they can reschedule it within a week or two.
  13. Historic rehab (into office) for the warehouse at 522 Lady on tonight's DDRC agenda: http://columbiasc.gov/depts/planning-boards-commissions/ddrc/agendas/20140213/pds_ddrc_2014_february_agenda_hyperlinked.pdf It's the building behind Trustus & to the left of Coal Powered Film. The modern design features work well with the historic brick, imo.
  14. etwas


    Tonight's DDRC meeting: http://columbiasc.gov/depts/planning-boards-commissions/ddrc/agendas/20140213/pds_ddrc_2014_february_agenda_hyperlinked.pdf Two big developments for Innovista: (follow link above to see developments, photos, etc.) 1- Private dorms behind the Coliseum & business school 2-Office building on Horizon II site Pretty positive these will be passed easy peasy. I really like the private dorms, but the office building seems a bit.... been there, done that. Isn't bold enough for that corner, imo.
  15. Came across this photo today during some historic preservation research, and thought I'd share it with you all: http://www.nationalregister.sc.gov/greenville/S10817723999/images/S10817723999.jpg Such a travesty it was lost, but at least a quality development has ended up in that spot.
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