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  1. I am new myself, although lurking for a long time. Welcome. I hop back on the road playing music soon, but I check out this site to keep informed.
  2. Going back on the road soon, so I won't get to see much for awhile, but wonder what happened to the apartments on McFerrin and Main or 703-705 Woodland?
  3. The state removed all Asbetsos years ago as I recall. Back in the 1980's when I worked along West End, I saw Asbestos removal crews removing it all the time even in buildings newer than the Cordell Hull Building. They used it up until 1973.
  4. Spent a lot of time in the Gulch. In high school I worked for Ted R. Sanders Moving and Storage which was located as I remember close to the north side under the bridge. Those were the days over 35 years ago! I kept one of my drum kits there and practiced before work in the summers.
  5. Spent time in the Cordell Hull and Snodgrass. I remember going to the 29th floor of the Snodgrass when it was the American General Tower. A family friend was CEO at the time. I also remember when the building was built as the National Life and Accident Insurance Company Building. I am getting older!
  6. Thanks, I may consider participating at some point. I first started reading this site years and years ago, but had no real time. I am a musician and not in town much.
  7. I have been in Casablanca many times, although I live on the east side. I have probably seen your group there having coffee. I am not much for meeting people from the internet, but if I ever see the group, I may say hello if appropriate.
  8. That is a very fine project. It will offer stunning views of the city, especially from the upper floors.
  9. I have been to this building, and it is stunning in person. As I recall this is an art college and the piles, or support columns represent either pencils or crayons.
  10. BTW the opposition claimed 70% voted to keep the Fairgrounds as it is, but in reality that is NOT 70% of Davidson County Nashvillians, but 70% of those who voted in the last election, and that is a big difference. We all know voter turnout for local offices and issues is not always a large turn out.
  11. The latest proposal as outlined in today's media is far better than the previous model.
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