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  1. I am optimistic (but certainly not holding my breath) that this growing need will lead to the renovation of either the Village Inn or the other motel adjacent to FedEx. Those are great candidates for a mid-century modern makeover. The Economy Inn and the adjacent shopping center need to be razed, but just bring back the Skillet.
  2. I just don't see it being feasible to realign the intersection. I do agree that as downtown becomes more developed, which it seems to be finally gaining momentum, those areas east of downtown should garner more attention. The Main St. Challenge should help out with the east side of downtown, and with the Catholic church being built in addition to the competition, maybe we can hope the city can reignite interest in a road diet, bike lanes, and streetscaping project for the section of Main St. between Converse and Pine. My take is that this section of downtown, basically between Converse St.
  3. My enthusiasm has been tempered after driving by the Economy Inn a few minutes ago. There is a sign which says "closed for remodeling," and they have dumpsters outside. Make what you will of that, but at least on the surface, it appears we may have jumped to conclusions thinking it has been permanently closed. I believe that new visitors, especially those coming from more advanced cities, will not take Spartanburg seriously until the downtown area improves and this gateway to downtown is improved along with it. Yes, I am very happy that the city is working hard on development for downtown,
  4. WHATTTT!? Where did you hear that? That is fantastic news! Cheers to the city for working to improve this area, and as you said, let's hope the other three go away with it! I have been ranting for the past three years, since my wife and I moved here, that the Main St./Pine St. intersection is the gateway to the city for most traveling from 85, and yet it has to be one of the nastiest intersections in the whole city. Imagine it with no motels, streetscaping, bike lanes, improved landscaping and "Welcome to Spartanburg" signage. It would be such an improved first impression for anyone visiti
  5. Anyone hunting for a 1917 fixer-upper house deal in Converse Heights? A house on our street, Lucas Ct., just went up for sale. Here is the link: http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/488-Lucas-Ct-Spartanburg-SC-29302/11822908_zpid/ I am on a mission to help continue the revitalization of our street and would be elated if someone purchased this house and converted it to owner-occupied. My wife and I bought our house on Lucas exactly a year ago. If you are from Spartanburg and know Converse Heights, you may view Lucas Ct. as the redheaded stepchild of the neighborhood. Contrary to popular be
  6. This is fantastic news; my wife and I walk our dogs downtown often and have remarked many times how that building would make an incredible pizza & beer joint. Makes me happy to see the C&S building revived as my great grandfather was a C&S employee for a long time.
  7. Funny, I was thinking just two days ago how SCC won't necessarily help Renato's, but that I could see some quick/fun/innovative/inexpensive eateries popping up along Kennedy St. to serve the SCC crowd and increased traffic/visibility. Great to see an established restaurant moving downtown! We have not been to Renato's, but will after the move. What used to be in the drive-thru further east on Kennedy, just past the shopping center with Farmer's Table? I agree, that would be a bit lame if those places will just become parking. At least make it parking + a small coffee shop, smoothie sho
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