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  1. " beyond what is "classy" for a certain demographic... if that makes sense. " Yes! This does make sense. My wife and I experience this quite often in SouthEnd. We would walk into say OMB, TripleC, Owens, Tyber and especially Sycamore and would be greeted with blank stares. Almost as if, why are you two here? It would be different if people looked and gave a warm smile, but this has not been the case. We are somewhat used to it now and still return to those places because while the establishment its self-has been warm and welcoming to us, sometimes the patrons are not. However, to ot
  2. Thank you so much for posting this. As an African American, I don't find many places in SouthEnd that has a really diverse group of people eating, drinking and enjoying the day like I did at CM. My wife (Chinese), and I love hanging out at breweries and soaking up everything SouthEnd has to offer. At one point we went to Owens Bagels every Saturday for breakfast then head to Craft for some day drinking. Typically, most of the places in SouthEnd are predominately White and my wife and I would be the only minorities there. This was not the case at CM as there was always a diverse group of
  3. Is there anybody on this thread with kids that lived away from SouthEnd and then moved to SouthEnd? My wife and I lived in SouthEnd for two years and absolutley love that area. We Currently live in the FortMill area but visit SouthEnd almost every weekend. We were renting in Silos SouthEnd previously but wanted more space for less. We have a beautiful 2800sqft home in the FortMill area and pay less in mortgage than we did for rent at Silos. We realize if we move back to SouthEnd we would get a lot less space and pay more for motgage but the livelyness and active lifestyle of SouthEnd we
  4. wow.................. That would of been very nice. We just moved out of Silos and loved living there. SouthEnd really doesn't have much to purchase along the light rail. Tonsssssssssssssssss of rentals but not much to purchase. More options to purchase would of been really great.
  5. Silos originally was supposed to be condos instead of rental apartments?
  6. So that's what that white house was. Do you happen to know what that other white house is used for, the one behind Saucemans? On the corner of stryon/west blvd. I noticed there was always a group of guys in the driveway. Now I see that area has been cleaned up and there are no trespassing signs. However before the signs, there would be 5-6guys there hanging early in the morning by a fire.
  7. That sounds just right. Lease is up in October.
  8. Just moved to this area about 3mos ago and love it. We really don't want to leave, but don't want to rent after our lease is up. Are there any good areas to purchase instead of renting? I think the only option I saw was Southborough.
  9. I've noticed the same. In fact, I even walk by there on Saturday and Sunday nights sometimes. The apartment next door has guys working all week long. They work late Saturday night and even on Sunday night. Each time I've walked by Publix to check on the progress, nobody is there, but the apartment next door always has guys working. It's really odd.
  10. So the situation there isn't a dire as those few residents make it out to be?
  11. I agree with "Whistle-Stop". The parking situation is pretty stupid. The novelty of a beer only place will wear off quickly for southend residents since it's readily available. Their primary crowd will be those that can't get it to so easily and would need adequate parking.
  12. just did a quick google for "The Fountains and car breakins". Found them on apartmentratings.com. It seems the car breakins are true. The Fountains removed the back gate, which allows access to anybody. Guests do no have parking on site. Somebody was robbed a gun point. The biggest thing that stood out to me is residents having their cars towed by the front office. Each post other residents have commented as well. Seems like theres a HUGE mess at The Fountains. http://www.apartmentratings.com/rate/NC-Charlotte-Fountains-Southend.html
  13. wow. I was planning to move into The Fountains but choose Silos instead. Really really loving Silos a lot. Where did you hear about the car breakins? That sounds horrible.
  14. yes they are permanent and they change colors randomly as well. yep that sure is a bocce ball court. waiting for them to actually open up the pool area. it is still closed for now.
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