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  1. The new treatment of the stairwell and additional balconies on the side street definitely help elevate this from pseudo suburban to a much more urban look. Great work by the architectural review board.
  2. Too many people ignore the fact that the majority of developments in Norfolk are really just a Hobson's choice for the city. Same applies to what is currently going up on SPQ. In reality, this is the best the city can be right now. This development, regardless of the merits of the architecture, moves the city forward by removing vacant plots downtown and adding more to the tax base. It's these small infills that will hopefully drive up demand and future property values - the two things you need for the kind of developments we all wish for.
  3. They need to carve it up and restore the grid. All malls are dying. McArthur served its purpose to bring people downtown, but it's not longer useful. This is the new waterside IMO, and that's not a good thing.
  4. Short of the surface parking, this actually looks like a very attractive and urban apartment to me. Infill designs in Norfolk seem to be getting better. No need to get hung up on height. Many great cities are low rise, dense, and beautiful. No reason Norfolk can't be that one day. Walkability and connectivity is more important than height. Edit: Looking at the orientation, the surface parking lot is facing the bus terminal. It won't interact with the walkable streets in the area. That's more than acceptable.
  5. Are there any full renderings for the block 20 development or do we only have a site plan?
  6. I don't understand the hate for this proposal. Every SPQ proposal had a green space that looks essentially like this. Even in the images SPQ is gridded up nicely. If you want high rise buildings, you need to limit developable land to the point it makes sense to build up. This takes up a huge chunk of land with a beautiful green space. This vision has a ton of advantages.
  7. This will be one hell of a festival of it works out. Thank you Pharell. Wow!
  8. When Young Terrace is being bulldozed we can talk about monuments to public housing. Until then Norfolk will have plenty left once Tidewater Gardens is gone.
  9. The problem with all of this is that ODU is becoming less selective to drive up their enrollment. As a result, community colleges like TCC and Thomas Nelson are struggling and there isn't necessarily a net benefit for the students.
  10. This is a great development. It is expanding past st Paul's already with a nice urban look. Having the parking lot front May Ave is fine. The orientation of the complex works. I think they'll have a hard time selling the apartments giving the area around it, but it is a worthy addition to Norfolk.
  11. Lets hope Norfolk at least forces them to change the design. This one is pretty bad for a proposal.
  12. This is all mainly lower income / affordable housing. It was always going to be a budget development. It's coming out nice and adds a nice bit of urbanity for what it is. I think with some nice landscaping, this will be a nice addition. The city did it right when they required them to move the buildings flush with the street and moved the parking within the complex.
  13. Restoring the grid and building a significant green space is wonderful. I'm content with townhouses, apartments, and offices. My only gripe is the idea of single family homes. Nix that and we have a great redevelopment ok our hands.
  14. Eh, architecture is subjective. What some find bland, others consider homely and contextual. This building brings density, which is what Norfolk needs. Expanded base? Bring it on. I'm more concerned about the restaurants and retail, if any, that come with this bulding. This building was never a significant enough design that I cared if it was tall. We haven't had a modern design significant enough to care since Granby Tower.
  15. Looks like it engages with the corner really well. Pushes the parking to the interior, so it won't be very visible (other than the parking already between the towers that currently exist). I imagine in time there will be garage built in the middle and larger redevelopment will take place.
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