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  1. I may have mentioned this before but when my dad and I had Pred's season tickets it was located in the upper bowl and the seats around us were single-game tickets. So we got the pleasure to talk to visiting fans. One thing that stuck out a lot were people that sat next to us that were there on a convention. Something like a farm machinery convention and these group of guys/gals would walk around downtown, grab drinks and say, "hey, a hockey game. why not?" You would absolutely lose that type of Broadway foot traffic if you put the stadium out in the burbs. I really hope it's a location near Nissan stadium so the convention visitors take a stroll and catch a few innings of MLB.
  2. Agreed. Generally these new build-outs for large IT firms aren't massive towers. There is nothing appealing for companies like these with massive towers where your employee base is scattered among dozens of floors. As an employee, a beautiful campus (like this one ) with a freakin' river running through it is far more appealing because I like to take breaks and enjoy the outdoors during work. Look at Apple and the Google HQ. All "wide and short". Don't get me wrong though... lets see a 700' residential or hotel tower!
  3. Was wondering if someone could help me out. I have a co-worker from St Louis coming to Nashville soon with friends to have a little vacation in an Air-BNB. She's been to Memphis before and pointed out a place called Railgarten (link below) and wondered if there was something similar in the Nashville area? Looks pretty sweet. Thank you! https://railgarten.com/
  4. Yeah I just had lunch today with an Asurion friend and they're being told December to move in to the new digs. Also, he's going in next week to clear out his belongings from the Ragland building. So, for all intents and purposes, the Ragland building is done unless Asurion wants to put other departments in that building. But I am guessing not.
  5. Williamson County opened it up to 16+ (all adults) as of yesterday. I am going in and getting mine on Sunday. LEROY JENKINS!!!
  6. Yeah makes sense. I would think some conventions would still be ok. Like boat, car, camping and gardening shows that are open to the public. It's a great way to show new product. But when it comes to "business-specific" conventions where vendors show off new medical equipment, etc... that can totally be virtual (maybe?). Obviously I want the world to return back to pre-pandemic but I would be a fool to think it will. I just hope the MCC will find a way to be packed and profitable. As far as the hotels... they will do just fine with tourists.
  7. The comic conventions have taken a serious hit. One in Indy is combining with others and doing a hybrid in-person/virtual convention. One in Knoxville pushed to the end of October and doing an in-person but is assuming everything will be good by then. One of the biggest (Dragon Con) in Atlanta will be announcing a hybrid for Labor Day but with no congregating, no gaming, virtual vendors only, etc. Dragon Con pulls over 80k attendees in Atlanta and if they cannot have some type of convention this year, they will cease to exist.
  8. A while back someone pointed out the Batman building in the Roku screensaver. I had to do some research and found out the artist is Kyle Jones. And guess where Kyle is from? Yep, Nashville! There are a TON of hidden easter eggs in the screensaver. More than just buildings. Anyways, check him out. http://justkyle.com/
  9. It is new. When you look at the community/builder website its an option. Westhaven has a few cool designs like this as well.
  10. You're absolutely right. I would say that some of these newer projects are becoming quite sexy. But for so long its been glass boxes. Many of us on this site are architecture geeks and nerds and are just praying for that day when someone thinks of Nashville's skyline and it's more than a building with ears.
  11. Do developers not take Nashville seriously when it comes to exterior design? I feel like anything built in places like Chicago and New York gets the special "touch" for exterior design. It's more a developer 'look what I can do' but Nashville is kind of like the "cheap wine". Nashville: where developers can put their product in a booming city for super cheap because all that matters here is having presence and making money. I am incredibly underwhelmed. Take River North as an example. Sure, I am very happy that this property is being developed. But it looks as plain as Capital View but along the river. I was hoping for more of a "wow" factor. Edit: I feel like the exception is our own local developer, Tony G. I love what he's doing for Nashville.
  12. From what I've heard, the office staff at Ragland is not planning to return to the building on 2nd avenue unless it's approved/critical. So everyone is hanging around WFH until this new building is finished. I think they said it will be Q4 for a move-in to the new digs.
  13. I always thought that if Tennessee ever legalized casino gambling, Nashville would turn into the "Vegas of the Southeast". I could see deep-pocket casinos buying the PSC land and setting up a "Vegas strip" on the east bank in some form or fashion. Country music, honky tonks, casinos... it would be insane.
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