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  1. I mean, he has a point. Have you seen the baseball games the last few days? NO ONE is in the stadium watching these ingrates. (I'm joking, btw)
  2. It has to be a Transformer.
  3. I was watching MLS last night and they were showing the plans for Columbus new stadium. It looks so much like ours! For a minute I thought it was.
  4. Curious as to why Knoxville, with its proximity to I-75, didn't explode. When I see all the growth and development along I40 & 840 with the distribution centers and warehouses... Knoxville would be perfect for that. Maybe it's too close to Atlanta? Maybe the landscape is too "hilly" for real industrial growth?
  5. 100% agree. If you don't like it, don't go down there. When I worked downtown I would walk during lunch and would see all types of people. Young party-goers, families, visitin fans, seniors who are there for the history of country music... its an incredible melting pot. And it's a huge reason why Nashville is growing strong like it is now. Personally, I don't go downtown much now. Definitely not for partying or drinking. But those that do absolutely have a great time. And people from out of state I talk to comment on how much fun Nashville is.
  6. Agreed. I wish something could be done with the large surface lot behind the Baptist Church. And also the Preds doing a little better of a job on that parking structure.
  7. From what I've read, China will be distributing vaccines out in the next few months. So, assuming we have transparency from them (we won't) it will be interesting to see how that plays out. As much as this kills me to say out loud, I just don't see how there will be ANYTHING happening until Jan/Feb when vaccinations are readily available in the US. On-site school, ANY sports, large events (concerts, conventions), workers returning to offices, life without masks... let's just rip off the band-aid and accept more of "today" for the next 5 months. Write off 2020 now.
  8. I don't mind getting the vaccine. I am just nervous about being one of the first ones since these are being rushed through. Unless, of course, some kind of mutation happens that guarantees me some kind of super-hero powers.
  9. Page Middle School is getting a huge update too. I live right next to The Grove. It's insane how fast things are growing. McDaniel Farm/Estates, Arrington Estates, Falls Grove, The Grove... and a new community across 840 from Arrington Vineywards. Lots of property for sale too. This area is exploding. Soon we will have TWO amphitheaters off 840 between I-65 and 41A.
  10. I bet Nash SC won't be the only one. I'm not sure how the NHL and NBA will be able to finish. One team has to drop because of COVID... then perhaps another. Then another... Big Ten will do "conference games only" in the Fall. The sporting "house of cards" is starting to tumble.
  11. I drive by this daily. It's totally moving at a snail's pace. Even the principal laughed a how there seems to be about only 3 people working on this project. The roads and everything are a complete and total mess on Arno. They need to pick up the pace.
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