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  1. Look at all the land to the left. So much room for activities!!
  2. I am hoping my company picks one of these developments for their HQ campus. Fingers crossed.
  3. Well, let's see. West End Summit. The massive project on 2nd. The tower in the gulch. Virgin Hotel. Office tower behind the JW Marriott. Gulch Ped Bridge. I am sure I am leaving some out. (Sorry I forgot the specific names) My comment has nothing to do with how accommodating the city is. It's specific to the grand plans that get released and do not happen and/or are taking forever to get started. ...that's what I mean.
  4. Wow great shot. If this really does come to fruition, it's going to feel like two separate core downtowns. Based on the scale, and how hard it is for some people to get anything built in Nashville, I have my doubts. But I really hope this happens.
  5. That's it! LOL
  6. A spot near First American Park would be cool
  7. East bank, Lifeway's old site... time and time again: "Box-Ville, TN"
  8. But no new rendering?
  9. "Nashville Convention Center", eh?
  10. Here's something else as well... Walker Stalker is in Nashville next weekend. It will draw thousands as just about every Walking Dead actor will be here aside from Rick. They even have a zombie pub crawl Saturday night. GOOD LUCK!
  11. Massive 188 acre park for the SE Franklin area. Would be a great addition.
  12. 2020 completion.
  13. I can see a need for another pedestrian bridge on this side of the Gulch one day
  14. The world record is 130 set by the Kansas Jayhawks. If the success continues, I think the Preds will beat it.
  15. You think 100,000 would show? That would be amazing. Being from Detroit they had quite a few at their Cup parades and parties. I wonder what holds more capacity? Riverfront, HoF park or Ascend.