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  1. I get the hate. I really do. I have to look at it every day from my building. But this parking garage is nothing compared to the incredible eye-sore that is the Westin. You can see that hotel, with all those curtains, for miles. The parking garage is mostly hidden until you come up to it. Our city is not short of eye sores but this garage doesn't take the cake.
  2. Is this the big economic breaking news coming from the governor as fortold by Channel 4 news 12 hours ago on FB? Sorry I'm slow to this one. Doesn't really sound significant
  3. This is seriously one of my favorite views of downtown. Not a fan of the over-used one from the river with the side-shot of the AT&T building. Makes our downtown look tiny. I get that it's colorful from the buildings on 1st Ave, but still.
  4. Here's the Ramsay HQ footprint. What an incredible waste of land. A parking garage should be in the plans like at Franklin Park off McEwen.
  5. In the event a baseball team is forced to "move", what cities are in line to swoop one up? I am in no way suggesting it would be Nashville. But curious since Nashville is getting a lot of sports media attention as of late.
  6. Those are beautiful renderings. I am a bit skeptical on what ours would look like. I don't know why...
  7. Yes, because the crappy "christmas light" string that have on the top now at night is embarrassing.
  8. I don't think so. I drove through town Saturday night and they were not on.
  9. I absolutely love the crown on this building.
  10. A shot of four projects in one photo.
  11. Beautiful skyline. Over 20 buildings above the 400' mark too.
  12. There was a discussion on another thread (can't remember which) about Nashville having so many "boxes" and "why should it matter as long as we fill surface lots". While I agree that not every building can be something other than rectangular, what I feel like we are missing are some gorgeous and creative designs to these buildings. Look at 222, the new buildings in the Gulch, 505 to some extent, Bridgestone, 5th and broad, future Lifeway site... all boxy with not a ton of character IMO. Coming across CNN I saw a background and drooled over these three buildings. So much contemporary character. I would love to see this in Nashville. I understand it's costly and whatnot but having building and skyline "character" is really what I think a lot of us would like to see. When someone drives from the midwest over to the coast... or from the North down to the gulf, they see our beautiful skyline. A few buildings like these would be sexy. Where are these buildings? (One last note... this isn't a political post. I know the lady in the picture is in politics)
  13. In my opinion, it's not the fact that the building is square but that all the tops are flat. Look at the new buildings in and around the gulch, BStone, 222, 505... not a lot of creativity as far as a crown goes. Everyone on here would give up a first born for the original Signature building. Yes, from the ground up it's square but you hit the higher floors and crown... WOW.
  14. Channel 2 coverage was horrible. Did anyone watch it on TV? One view had the fireworks in a slight slow mo which took the music out of sync. Another had most of the fireworks hidden behind the AT&T building. Then they panned the crowd and zoomed way in at times. It's just my opinion... not fact. I just don't think they did a good job on coverage. The fireworks and music themselves (from what Channel 2 would let me see) was AMAZING!!
  15. Look at all the land to the left. So much room for activities!!