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  1. Curious, if the members of this board were the owners of this property, what would you have put in? Obviously another bar is the "easy answer". But this is a prime location and could be something very unique. Other than axe-throwing... pinball... bowling... I am not sure what else could/should go here. Maybe a multi-floor complex with one floor being a "social media" floor with props and stuff? (I know, but that's gaining popularity) If it were family oriented, what could it be?
  2. I hear what you're saying but there's no way TopGolf moves. It's an incredible property for them that draws the visitors to downtown Nashville. I bet PSC sells before TopGolf does. LOL. I am curious about how this new development will address the large amount of light that comes from TopGolf and pointed right in its direction.
  3. Exactly. I checked out the "Bills Mafia" social media. There were TONS here and they took pics all over Nashville. So, without question, they spent serious money in Nashville. When I worked downtown I would always see visiting fans the Thurs/Fri before a home game. At the bars, on pedal taverns, dining all over... it truly is an incredible city to make a game a "mini-vacation". When my daughter travels to cities for travel soccer we always look at what's available and if we want to get there early. (Denver, Chicago, Buffalo and Niagara Falls...) And what's REALLY funny is talking to v
  4. That was my first game in a VERY long time. It was an incredible atmosphere. I don't know if it was official but I heard someone say there were around 22K Buffalo fans there. And they were LOUD! City looked good.
  5. Another incredible contrast is everything south of Broadway up to the I-40 southern loop (including the Gulch). All junk buildings, medium industrial and parking lots. In 15+ years it could totally be filled in with skyscrapers, mixed-used development and parks. I hope I am around to see that all build out.
  6. I love that we are calling this the "YMCA Tower". After seeing the headlines from the Tennessean, totally makes sense.
  7. Looks like some great leg space!
  8. Is there any possibility the MCC adjusts the facade facing the Ritz and KVB? This whole side of the MCC is a little underwhelming.
  9. The park behind the Amphitheater has gotten worse over the years too.
  10. When the next census hits expect the area between the "TN" logo and the "Murfreesboro" lol to be dark blue. The area around 840 is blowing up. And the sprawl from Franklin is coming from Carothers to Long Lane out to Arno. There's farm land all over that area getting re-molded into subdivisions.
  11. Totally agree. Except for the Vegas airport's baggage claim. My wife still can't get over the massive "Thunder from Down Under" billboard they have looking over the people.
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