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  1. The large opening on the base roof... I do not recall what that is supposed to be. Any ideas?
  2. Why do I get the feeling Tony is all, "F*ck it, keep going until I say stop"
  3. It is pretty big. One of RnR biggest. There are maps available for road closures on the local news sites. Would be wise to stay away from downtown if you can.
  4. I dunno... hopefully all those rumors about us looking for 300,000 sq feet is true and we will have to move into a new tower soon.
  5. I drove by this hill on the way home and I expect they will level some of it off, but no matter what this will look massive in Cool Springs. If they don't have a lead tenant, I would like to recommend one.
  6. Oh wow. Didn't see that coming. I bet they finish before Ovation.
  7. DemoPlus on site. They're cleaning out the inside.
  8. If there is a silver-lining, it is I hope that whatever is on ground level is something amazing. Not fond of spending close to $20 for lunch on something like at The Southern or The Diner. Fingers crossed.
  9. GAH! My view.
  10. Still, yet, we have no official renderings?
  11. ^ Ditto. When we moved our IT offices to 2nd and KVB back in October 2012, the Hilton Garden Inn, SoBro, 222, and Bridgestone were all surface lots. Ascend was a dirt field and the Hyatt and Omni still had cranes. The view just in the Holiday Inn area and along KVB in the next 3-4 years will be insane.
  12. As this pushes foot traffic up Broadway, does anyone think this could jump-start the proposed hotel plans for Bridgestone on the opposite side of the street?
  13. Just curious, is there a list of all the proposed and under-development projects with 'height' listed? The subject of some of the threads lists it but not consistently. It would be nice to get a high level view of buildings and how tall they are compared to other projects. (Ex, new hotels in the sobro area compared to the Omni Height) The link is a wiki list of what already exists and some of the projects in progress.
  14. Work being done on the KVB side. Upper level.
  15. Speaking of losing sidewalks (reference to the 5th and Broadway recent discussion), we gain one sidewalk from the SoBro side, they take away the covered sidewalk on the Hines/Hayes side. Oy!