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  1. I think that's just soccer in general. With two kids in travel soccer, we see advertisements at all levels. The Lobos out of Memphis have a Chevy logo on the front. BHam has the Red Diamond (Coffee/Tea) logo. Same with most clubs. And obviously it's common for premier clubs around the globe.
  2. One more clarification piece on the tickets: I just purchased season tickets for "16" games since they sold most of the seats for the ATL game. I did get tickets for the ATL game but they were a different seat than my season ticket seats. Came out to the same price overall...
  3. I just bought season tickets. She said in order for our names to be on the new stadium, we have to be STH for each season leading up to the new stadium. Hope there arent anymore delays!
  4. When I look at tickets online to be a "First Stringer", there are not a lot of seats available but that's probably because they sold a bunch for Atlanta. I wonder if they sold some of the season ticket available seats as "single game" to get a higher count for game 1
  5. Do we know what the season ticket count is? The latest numbers I see are from December and the media was calling it a disappointing 5000 tickets. I plan on buy 4 season tickets today but was curious how the season sales are doing.
  6. I can't imagine this would look for us if/when World Cup comes to the US.
  7. Definitely some truth to that. Asurion stayed downtown because they want to attract that youthful techie population that isn't ready to settle down and move out to neighboring counties. When I left Asurion to go to Accenture (in the Phillips building), many of the younger techie employees would walk or scooter in. It's fun to work downtown. Perhaps some companies seek out places like WillCo but I can't see large tech firms finding the burbs appealing.
  8. I really believe the best spot would be to use Nissan versus the Fairgrounds. Alas we will have REAL parking, walking-distance options for food/drink in the epicenter of the country's most dynamic and exciting downtown... and a pedestrian bridge that could be used for the pre-game "walk". I love soccer. I like the plans for the new stadium. I just don't love the Fairgrounds location.
  9. He doesn't seemed too concerned. At this point my big dream would be for them to announce something on the east bank and change the damn logo. I was more thrilled about getting MLS than I was about the Fairgrounds location.
  10. Titans were in the AFC Championship and they were off. What kind of special event do they need?
  11. Looks like they gave up on their LED strips too. Haven’t seen them lit up in a while.
  12. Anyone watching ‘Messiah’ on Netflix? So much of it was filmed in Nashville. It’s a pretty good show too. They used shots in Nashville to mimic Texas and DC. You can see the McDonalds on Broadway in ep 7 and they also used the War Memorial Plaza. Check it out. I had no idea they filmed here.
  13. I wonder if they're waiting for a big announcement until they can wrap up some kind of deal with a tenant... then they can announce it all at once?
  14. Super cool! Courtesy of the Titans twitter account. Hope they do this often
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