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  1. I wonder if having that concert hall booked often will provide a significant revenue stream? I dont know what the capacity is.. but does it fill that sweet spot for outdoor that Starwood provided? Ascend too small, Nissan too big...
  2. I just feel like there isn't much MLS hype. So much advertisement seems to be blended with the USL team (are they staying or going?). The stadium has no real progress other than new "meh' pics. The logo is not super desirable and I am not seeing any outreach to the local clubs or anything right now. I get that not everything will be done in the amazing way the Preds do things. But I am a bit disappointed in the MLS effort right now. I am all "take my money!!"
  3. They're across the street from me. We've been through them. "Meh"
  4. Right? I mean, what could go wrong having thousands of people with very different and polarizing views of today's world in one spot?
  5. This is what I was referring to. https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/article/21079007/appeals-court-sends-fairgrounds-suit-back-to-lower-court
  6. I thought a court put a hold on the demolition until answers could be provided about parking concerns, or whatever. Happened within the last few weeks?
  7. Is this truly the last straw? I feel like it’s been on the last straw for a while. Between the council and the courts...
  8. Yeah. Totally agree. That's what I told her too. But she was adamant that she was told Apple would not keep both stores and that the Cool Springs lease was up in 2-3 years. While I agree it doesn't make sense, I rank Apple up there with IKEA on "head scratching moments".
  9. I spoke with someone at the Cool Springs Apple store last weekend and they (of course) have heard nothing about any Apple Store officially opening downtown. But what she could tell me, with great certainty, is that the Cool Spring Apple store will shut down when their lease is up if they open a store downtown. I don't know why Apple would do that. The Cool Springs store is always VERY busy and I just don't see a lot of people wanting to go downtown to buy a phone case or take some of those Apple classes. Maybe that's just me.
  10. I agree. None of us on this board are the target demographic for the Margaritaville hotel. Just take a walk down Broadway and you'll see who they're targeting and I promise you... none of them give two-shakes as to the exterior of that building.
  11. Apple stores have become VERY minimalist. Went to the one in Chicago near the river and its practically nothing. Almost too “trendy”
  12. The corrals are great places to have them setup in the morning. But, when people are done with them... they’re left all over. The bike lanes in Chicago and Atlanta seem very useful. That would be ideal.
  13. This means that soon there will be dozens of companies renting various off-road devices. You’ll see. Just like Vegas and Pigeon Forge.
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