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  1. On 8/16/2022 at 8:42 PM, titanhog said:

    I have a feeling that as this thing comes together, the owners of the park are going to learn they’ll need more and more exciting rides to go with the “learning” portions of the park.  Dollywood didn’t start out with the most exciting of rides…but over the years, has added more and more things to attract wider audiences.  Storyville will hopefully do the same thing.  I think they can keep their original intent AND bring in more people by bridging the gap with exciting rides.

    Agree.  Disney, the king of "learn-tainment",  had to completely scale back the learning that was EPCOT and turn those attractions into something that drew better crowds.  I just don't love the idea of the learning theme.  Maybe that's a way to get sponsors?

    Dollywood is an incredible park IMO.  But she continues to lean a little more on family attractions versus thrill... which is fine.  The video of their new family coaster "Big Bear Mountain" looks *fun* but not "OMG IM GOING TO THROW UP!"  :)

    Edit: I would add the Wild Eagle is one of the best coasters I have experienced.


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  2. Asurion Nashville did have direct impacts to the job loss.  I still have friends that work there and yesterday was a very crapty day at the company.   Asurion expanded quickly with brick and mortar repair business (buying companies) and also a fleet of repair vehicles.  Some speculate those rapid growth decisions were not the best.  I do believe this is more about the economy/recession than preparing to go public.

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  3. 1 minute ago, PaulChinetti said:

    I think anytime you have a huge group of people leaving anywhere it's gonna be a nightmare, not sure there is anyway to alleviate that, is there?

    Not to get off the MLB topic, although maybe it pertains, but the traffic control from law enforcement could be better coordinated.  Flowing the foot and car traffic directly towards Wedgewood is a nightmare.  Coming out of lot E I would like to turn left and head to the 100 Oaks area.  Spread it out.  People walking towards Wedgewood dart out in front of cars and I have seen many come close.  I waited 45 minutes just to park once because the cops and those controlling pedestrian traffic into the close lots were not coordinated.  In any case, there's no question that the parking situation is a major problem for NSC.  I am glad you haven't experienced that.  Can you give up your secret parking spot?  :)  

    But I do understand that large events will have "traffic".  I have been to so many Preds/Titans games and concerts.  I don't mind walking from the MCC to Nissan for games...  But the NSC situation is just different.

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  4. I saw where Oakland's attendance the other night was a little over 3,000.  Wow.  Isn't that one of the teams that want to relocate?  If a team re-locates, could their current ownership possibly work with this ownership to bring baseball to Nashville?  That would be enough monetary resources, right?

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  5. 1 hour ago, MLBrumby said:

    I think the views from the southwest (Gulch side) are the best followed by the views from the northwest (Charlotte One C1ty area). And boy! Hensler needs to get moving on his tower. The Peabody site looks awfully barren right there next to the KVB Bridge. 

    1000% agree.  And what's nice for photogs is the setting sun to the west illuminates the glass towers in a beautiful way.  The "golden hour" and "blue hour" is fantastic from this viewpoint.  

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  6. We had season tickets for a few years for TPACs broadway style shows.  I am sad to see that go but, like everyone is saying, a change to the street activation would be huge in that area.

    Obviously we need a new performance hall.  Would we get better shows/talent for Broadway traveling shows if we had a top tier facility?  I am not sure how that works.  

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  7. 9 hours ago, FrankNash said:

    ^^^Travel teams will love this.  It needs hotels with kitchens and living space for budget minded families to stay for weekend tournaments. 

    Richard Seigel park in M'boro has around 20 soccer fields.  They've been spending a fortune replacing about 10 of them with artificial turf and an indoor soccer arena.  They just held a national youth soccer showcase that brought several hundred college recruits and teams from pretty much every state.  This will be good for M'boro!

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  8. 2 hours ago, satalac said:

    A massive $350 Million sports and entertainment complex was just announced for Murfreesboro. 


    Very interested in this. Great location as well since it's right off of the 840 exit. I would expect traffic lights to be installed however because the median there causes bad traffic issues.

    Very interesting.  Richard Seigel park in M'boro has around 20 soccer fields.  And they've been spending a fortune replacing about 10 of them with artificial turf and an indoor soccer arena.  They just held a national soccer showcase that brought several hundred college recruits and teams from pretty much every state.  Good for M'boro!

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  9. 20 hours ago, Luvemtall said:

    That’s my guess also. I’m with you on the reasoning your saying not Davidson, I think even Williamson might be a long shot. Except I believe that the Developers live in Williamson. My thoughts are anywhere around the SuperSpeedway area of I-840, lots of land, larger interchange, quick drive to both I24 & I-40 . 

    Plus you need "flat" land.  There isn't much of it in Williamson County along the 840 corridor between Franklin and the Rutherford County line.  This just feels like a "Wilson County" thing to me.


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  10. 6 minutes ago, markhollin said:

    The .96 acre lot comprised of 504 4th Ave. south and 319 Peabody St. is now available for sale and an undisclosed asking price. Several nondescript/non-historic 1 story structures are on the lot that include Quiznos, Blue Nile Cafe, and Leaf 'n' Brew.  This has become a hotel district, with no fewer than 11 hotels in operation within 2 blocks, and several more being planned. 

    More behind the Nashville Post paywall here:


    Screen Shot 2021-11-16 at 8.07.19 AM.png

    That's kind of sad.  This spot was a great spot for a quick/cheap lunch.  That place was PACKED with construction workers when these hotels were going up.  But no property is safe to the Nashville growth!

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  11. My kids are 16 and 14 now but back in the day we would go to ASC and lots of other museums like that.  Murfreesboro, Chattanooga, etc... and all the aquariums.  (Chatt, Gatlinburg, Atlanta...) ASC never changed much.  Most other places have those large corporate sponsored "Traveling exhibits".  ASC had lots of open spaces and a need for a paint touch-up here and there.  Certainly not a place to go to frequently unless you just want them to play on the indoor tower-playground.  The astrology side is pretty impressive.   I know it won't happen but moving that to the Bicentennial Mall would be great as long as they can handle buses.  I think having a dedicated historical building at the ASC site would bring in more than we think.  Not just about the battle of Nashville and Fort Negley, but Nashville's history in general during that era.  With Franklin, M'boro and Shiloh in the near area, a Nashville Civil War stop would bring in visitors.

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