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  1. Can anyone put together a list of all the projects, specifically the new or proposed towers going up in Southend? I think it would be nice for some of us that struggle to keep up with all the developments to have 1 thread dedicated to Southend development. Renderings would be great too. Would love to see a rendering of what the district would look like with everything built out.
  2. So what is this tower going to look like when completed? I don't remember seeing a decent rendering of the project.
  3. That's a really nice looking tower. Wish it could have surpassed 500 ft.
  4. Does anyone have a current rendering? I went back and looked at the 1st few pages of the thread and didn't see one.
  5. Not debating the 407 acres. Read my post again. Some could read your post as the park itself (not total land owned) is 407 acres. I know there is plenty of room to grow, I'm not debating that. My point was the park, inside the gated attractions (which drew over 2m visitors) is nowhere near 407 acres. In fact, it's not even half of that.....and that's not debatable!
  6. That 407 acres is misleading. The park itself is nowhere near that big, or nowhere near as big as some of the other parks in the chain. The land that surrounds the park (outside the gates) that is also owned by Carowinds makes up a big portion of that 407 acres.
  7. I'm an Arsenal fan as well. Hate I couldn't make it up there to see them. Bucket list for me is to see them at the Emirates.
  8. Did anyone make it out to the game yesterday? Curious how big the crowd was?
  9. The problem with The Landing in Jacksonville is that the city planners have no real vision of what that property could become. Most envision another park which would be fine if they would address the homeless in that area. That piece of land has so much potential but I have yet to see any decent proposal.
  10. On the way to Gatlinburg, stopped by the Spartanburg store. Line out the door, Once inside line goes all the way to the back of the restaurant and back up to the register. Never seen anything like this except at Chick Fil A. Drive thru is wrapped around the building.
  11. I like the light package and think the building looks much better at night. Will be curious to see if or how the rest of this block is lit up after completion.
  12. Where/which direction is the expansion occurring? Anyone have an rendering?
  13. Although similarly shaped, I noticed that Atlanta's has a lot more windows/glass than CLTs. To me ATLs version looks better. Any idea why one would have so many more windows?
  14. Trying to get excited about this, but what is it that has everyone so high on its looks? I think it's okay, but I see it just blending in amongst the other buildings nearby. Just curious, what am I missing?
  15. If construction starts this April, surely it will be taller than that by late August 2020. Right?
  16. Sounds like they are focused on medical research, not basketball. I applaud their decision and I'm not generally opposed to Light Rail transit.
  17. Will be 10 teams when the new LA stadium opens and 11 teams when the Raiders move to Vegas. Miami, Tampa, New York, Jacksonville have all hosted Super Bowls in the 21st century.
  18. That puts it within range of Hearst and maybe DEC depending on any decorative top?
  19. Thanks, and sorry for the mini hijacking of the 509 Duke Energy thread.
  20. That sounds great. Is there a thread and rendering for it? I looked back several pages and couldn't find anything.
  21. How tall is the Intercontinental Hotel supposed to be? Seems much taller in your depiction above than i thought it would be.
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