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  1. Anyone have a skyline mockup of what this will look like when completed? I cant picture how much height or density it will add in comparison to the rest of the skyline.
  2. Will be nothing like Corkscrew. Much more like Maverick at CP. And this will be the 2nd most popular coaster, maybe 1st next year.
  3. All of those named except Seattle are domes, so you really can't enjoy from inside the stadium.
  4. How am I digging a hole? Am I in some kind of trouble? That's ridiculous. Technically I did not start this. I simply asked a question about the doom and gloom comment about a tower not getting built because the economy may collapse. My experience since the 2016 election has been very positive, regarding the economy, my personal coffers, outlook on my job and company. My mistake was even mentioning the current POTUS on a board that's frequented by a bunch of liberals. I don't have anything personal against liberals, I'm a registered Independent and my voting record reflects such. I have voted left in the past, but will be hard to do in the future with the Socialist movement. I know I'm in the minority here, and that's okay but I think it's laughable that the left is so angry, hateful, divisive (see Maxine Waters and most if Hollywood) and unwilling go give the current administration a chance. Above you call out Trump for calling his voters uneducated....I'm sure if said, it was taken out of context like most things he says and MSNBC and CNN report on. If he said and meant it, then it's no worse than be called a deplorable by HRC. I dont frequent the coffee house, and only came here because of your comments about me digging a hole. I'll close with this....no need to worry about me, as I'm safe. I'm not in a hole, I'm sitting out back by my pool enjoying a nice cold Dos Equis, thankful for a great job, great family, great Country, a promising president who has in less than 2 years fulfilled most of his campaign promises and first and foremost a great God! Happy Independence Day. We wouldn't be able to do what we do without all those Patriots who were willing to fight for our rights!
  5. I'll say new tallest for Charlotte, but unfortunately not as tall as Atlanta's BOA tower. 903'.
  6. Just because you challenged me: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.marketwatch.com/amp/story/guid/818B284E-C465-11E7-BFE9-BAAC967E0E54
  7. You're right....wasn't fare. I'll keep checking my 401k, and bank accounts every day and laughing my ass off at all you far leftist who can't stand the success. I dont need to google or research all these left wing articles that are written to support a false narrative. Thank you Donald Trump for MAGA! Now back to that tower. It will get built, and the Charlotte economy will not slow in the near future thus hindering progress!
  8. Wasn't saying your comment was propaganda. Was saying all the negative stuff is propaganda.
  9. Not to derail this thread, but the DOW and the entire market skyrocketed when Trump was elected. Obama had 8 years of very slow growth, GDP always around 2%. Tax cuts have done nothing but put more money in the middle class pockets and dont even get me started on all the regulations he has eliminated. I know Duke Energy might not fall into this category, but FPL and many other utility companies have returned money to the consumers with the tax cuts that were put into place. My electric bill is about $40 a month lower than same time frame last year. Propaganda
  10. Do you see the economy tanking before this is announced or started? Hearing GDP may hit 5%, no signs of it tanking anytime soon. I know some are worried about a trade war, but many have been worried since POTUS was elected, and he has done nothing but improve the economy.
  11. I don't.....what did he do? Significance of 1,024' is what?
  12. Was there an official rendering (final version) ever made public?
  13. No, you're flying through the right ATL. It's much less confining than CLT. Just a lot more passengers, makes it look as narrow as CLT.
  14. Think he means the 3rd one is not an AA Hub. He stated we have two of them. So could be ATL.
  15. I apologize if this was mentioned earlier, but did anyone here that Michael Jordan sent a letter to the CEO of Amazon supporting the idea of Charlotte being home to the new HQ? Heard this on local radio station yesterday .
  16. If they only have 40 employees in London, how much expansion could we realistically expect in Charlotte?
  17. PTC was federally mandated. That should be The first clue that it's not cost effective. The Class 1 railroads knew of this technology years before the mandate. The cost to develop, install, train and implement did not justify the means. Additionally PTC is a safety overlap system that helps prevent human error. It is not an autonomous system, meaning that you still need a human to operate the train. There are autonomous systems out there, however our federal government is doing it's best to regulate/mandate trains have at least one person/employee on them.
  18. Age doesn't matter with Delta. They've bought a lot of older Air Tran planes and upgraded them. I'm sure this contributes to the avg. age of their planes. Regardless, I would much rather fly Delta than American. A lot of that has to do with their fleet.
  19. I agree, ATL T, A-F concourses all much better than CLT. Delta in general is much better than American too. Love my hometown, but the airport is outdated.
  20. I believe there are 4 others: Arizona Cardinals, Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots, Tennessee Titans.
  21. Albany just punished their kids by canceling a trip to Durham in the fall to play Duke, supposedly due to this law. This is probably the only chance those kids had to play a powerhouse on national TV, not to mention robbing them from a trip to an historic arena. Once in a lifetime opportunity for those kids gone, not because of the law but because of a bunch of political pandering.
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