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  1. I don't think a premium outlet center will happen around here. I was at the redone Opry Mills last summer and it was quite the monster with a Bass Pro and two of Landry Corps theme restuarants Aquarium and Rainforest Cafe. Too close to Branson for Rogers though.
  2. So, a new concept completely. That's a big space with the basement where Vanilla Ice once partied at.
  3. Isn't the land the Sam's and NWACC Bentonville. I seem to recall that it is. Owner of the Doe's in Brown and Fay is under contract for the OPO. Don't know if it is going to Does or a new venture. If Does is moving, how bout a Flying Fish on Dickson?
  4. Seems the Marketplace Express in Rogers and Burger Life in Fayetteville are victims of lease renewal disputes between owners of eateries and owners of the buildings. The restaurant owners claim they will reopen at new locations in the future.
  5. The problem I have with it is that there's been one appeal that went through with little fuss. It was for a private residence and was rather large in terms of how much of the development laid within the streamside ordinance boundary. It was for non bankrupt Lindsey son. Here in this case, the developer has made three attempts to make it work. I believe its the same outfit that once had the condo geared for gameday fans approved before the market tanked. They listed it for a while with no takers so they are coming back with this proposal. So... basically, the city took land from them without reimbursement considering they bought the land when they were being held to the same rules as The Crown and the shopping center across the creek from them. the kicker is that the baseball field's use of fertilizer makes most efforts to control pollution for that little stretch of creek near impossible. Look at the algae growth in the retention pond behind center field.
  6. The streamside ordinance was the crown jewel of a person whose sole purpose to serve as a councilman was to provide some environmental achievement and build her bonafides on her resume in her career field. Fayetteville was happy to play a fool and go along with it. From what I've seen, the project improves the creek along side it but it's the arbitrary distance from the creek that's the problem. There is a bit of useless center turn lane on that section of Razorback that should have been tree median. I guess you could lose that and turn the existing right lane going south to 540 into this parallel parking area. It's more than ten spaces but less than twenty. Gameday traffic is my concern.
  7. Was told that proposed condos across from Baum is going to be tabled again. Supposedly, one of the solutions to overcome burdensome and over regulating streamside ordinance is to have parallel parking along Razorback Rd.
  8. Something is afoot at the old Kirby's/Short Smalls in Fayetteville. Noticed the for sale sign seems to be gone and some folks inside again today.
  9. A&M already do excursion trains on the weekends. They leave from Springdale and go to Van Buren. You get off and spend a few hours there and they run a train up to Winslow tunnel and then back to VB where folks load up and go back to Springdale. They could likely figure it out if partnered up the Athletic Dept/Alumni Asso. and it included over night stays. I don't think it would be all that ideal for a "day of " kinda thing. The problem with that is that there's no lodging that's adjacent to the train track and that's why I mentioned it as part of that old hotel proposal that I can dream about. I hate wasted surface parking when it could so much more.
  10. Some why don't they's came to mind while hearing that Hastings has finally succumbed to newer retail models for the core products it peddles. The empty Hanks, screams a Fresh Market. Think they would have to cut off some of the front of the store for additional parking. With Hastings gone, how long will it be before AMC throws in the towel on it's cinema that woefully dated. Wish they would build a modern facility with their Dine In option or Marketplace options with Coke Freestyle machines either on the US 62/MLK corridor or Wedington area. In fact, that Marinoni land screams for something like this along with a Chuy's or other restuarants. Dine In example:
  11. Friend was praising a new place that took over the Wing Stop location over in East Fayetteville called The Taste. Said it was very good but a little pricey. Burgers and such. Let's hope for a better fate than others like Café Delta Blues.
  12. While thinking about the UofA wanting that hotel on campus, the Coody proposed hotel/deck at the parking lot on Dickson came to mind again. Just to expand on that old proposal, Work with the railroad to offer a Game Train from the River Valley on Football weekends. Passenger train rolls in night before an early game or morning before a night game, offers a package with a room at hotel for either the night before or after the game depending on time or make it a two night thing. and have a small load and unloading area for the train. I thought them using the rail as a shuttle between Dickson and Baum during BB&B was a great ideal
  13. http://m.bransontrilakesnews.com/mobile/news_free/article_b8e87984-a3a6-11e2-8ab0-0019bb2963f4.html Article on Southwest out of Branson. Also mentions them adding a daily Frontier flight to Denver. Branson's airport is private and offers exclusivity to routes to cities.
  14. You of A wants an executive hotel and conference center between the business school and the Harmon deck. 125 to 150 rooms is the goal. WMR mentioned this elsewhere over a week ago but it hit the newspaper this morning.
  15. Battlefield Mall in Springfield has both Macy's and Dillard's. That's a similar market. It's just that the days of huge department stores are largely past.
  16. A Dollar General store wants to open on Huntsville Rd where the old Mhoon Meat place used to be across from that gas station that goes in and out of business between the old Mexican Original and the light at Crossover. Wish Fayetteville would hold them to a higher design standard. I know they'll do it cause I've seen better looking structures in other regions than the ones they build here. Some google image examples
  17. I'm shocked we haven't seen more sit down chains along MLK in Fayetteville. There's Rudy Tuesday and Denny's but it is on the west . Considering the business that the mexican place by the Electric Cowboy does I figure a chain bar and grill would have plopped down my now. I'd suggest Chili's relocate there since it seems to be getting lost and not nearly as busy these days with all the growth on the northside of the bypass.
  18. I figure they went with Dillards because it's the dominate hig end dept store in the region and it being Arkansas based. It is interesting in the differences in the Dillards in Fayetteville and the one in the Promenade. They carry different stuff. If Belk wasn't here, I think you would have seen a better chance for a Macy's. Belk is right along the same type of products you find there. It is interesting that folks from Oklahoma are coming to Arkansas during the Christmas season because of the prohibitive laws involving black friday type sales. Also with the kind of stores like Cabelas you are becoming a destination shopping center where folks from places like Ft. Smith, Joplin and Harrison come to shop.
  19. The new coaster at SDC is getting rave reviews. Also this year, the water park at Worlds of Fun in KC is included in your admission to the dry park. Same goes for Magic Springs in Hot Springs. Both are getting new additions I have apprehensions about a city getting into something thats normally been the domain of commercial operations. It's kinda a tweener. incredible for a parks department but basic compared to for profit operations. It's a Whitewater from the mid 80's san the wave pool. Kansas City has two hotels with water parks. Coco Key Holiday Inn by the stadiums and Great Wolf over on the Kansas side by the speedway. And if you haven't seen the Schitterbahn outdoor water park out by the speedway, it's already something else and it's only about half done in their staged plans. I think Rogers didn't want to offer season passes because they fear that the expected crowds may have shut some pass holders out and they eventually want to offer them once they get a feel for crowds and such.
  20. This is a small scale, for profit, water park in Utah. It offers a bit more than Rogers but it gives you somewhat of a price comparision www.cowabungabay.com/park-info/prices/ If I was Springdale, I'd chase a for profit like this to put adjacent to Arvest.
  21. I think this kills any talk of a centerton supercenter for the time being.
  22. Here's a neat idea, a rollercoaster restuarant:
  23. To go along with a relocated Andy's Frozen Custard where the Napa parts store is now. Noticed all the land listed by Terminella for sale. I can not believe the lack of retail/quick food along 16 toward Elkins, the traffic counts seem to increase daily.
  24. I'd like to see a Memphis based Gus' Fried Chicken on Dickson
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