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  1. Sear's in Fayetteville and Ft. Smith will join the do do birds and the sabre tooth tigers in Extinctville
  2. Makes sense connecting capital to capital and Southwest not having a BWI flight from LIT. Won't be cheap for non gov't passengers though.
  3. Ok, I'm missing something here. Branson Landing and Joplin are getting H&M but still no NWA? WTF!
  4. I thought they were closing g the Store in the Fayetteville mall and keeping the Pinnacle Hills one.
  5. Watching the idiots turn into the new Sam's off of 412 where it was not designed for that and then watching the idiots turn left on to 412 there as well seems to call for removing the center turn lane on 412 there.
  6. It's not Little Rock bUT it is about as close as you can get without actually landing at LIT. Nonstop TATL 2 hrs away? I've mentioned them before and he yet again eludes to Memphis. Edinburgh/Memphishttp://www.scotsman.com/news/transport/norwegian-to-launch-cheap-flights-from-edinburgh-to-los-angeles-and-san-francisco-1-4477392 Quote That would be when they get A321LRs from Airbus.
  7. I have yet to see anything on frequency, I'm betting 3 to 4 times weekly. This could provide an easily backdoor connection to cheap TATL flights out of Denver now that Norwegian is setting up shop with London and Paris flights. The downside is that it will pressure Southwest )if they are successful) with increased competition on connections in the west via LAS and Dallas now that Phoenix is going away. Maybe they kinda knew this was coming and that's why Phoenix got shut down just before this starts. The Las Vegas flight will be pressured with Frontier's Memphis nonstop to Vegas and now connections via Denver.
  8. Frontier once served Drake Field, kinda the same route they are starting to do again. KC- Stop at Drake-Dallas. Did it with a 737-100 or 200, either way about a 100 seater. Anywho, another reason to fly from Tulsa, Norwegian has announce Paris flights too.
  9. UA with it's Hub seems safe. I wonder about Southwest's Denver flights. They were already cheap as well as the UA fares. If Frontier draws from Southwest would they reduce frequency? He's a sidenote, Denver now has Norweigian providing low cost TATL. You may be able to use the Frontier service from TUL and LIT to catch those flights. I'll have to wait to see the flight schedule. Eventually, they'll start code sharing with someone on this end. Frontier?
  10. To add insult to injury, Frontier just announced Tulsa and Little Rock Tulsa gets Denver (boy that's crowded now) Orlando and San Diego Little Rock got Denver. Hell Knoxville TN got a Orlando flight Interestingly enough, Memphis didn't get any with this announcement. Of they think Tulsa can do San Diego, surely Memphis can.
  11. It's called gate squating. Northwest and then Delta did it at Memphis. And when someone did try anyway, they'd then undercut them to run them off. AirTran, when they moved in seemed to not care. They were betting on Delta dehubbing and that's what happened. Southwest was happy to have Memphians drive to Nashville or Little Rock till the Air Tran purchase. Southwest is happy to have us drive to Tulsa, LR and to some extent KC and OKC. If AA is gate squating it's time to revamp the other side and added a coupLe more. Let AA either rent them or someone finally get them. If AA is doing that at XNA, they find it to be a highly profitable station. I'm sure XNA likes having the DCA slot and would hate xto lose a hub connection but this is a growing market so it would foolish to get retalitory on the airline's part.
  12. A Landry's chain other than the self named seafood expanding into Arkansas. Wish they would drop Memphis a line and redevelop Mud Island into a mix of Kemah and Galveston Pleasure Pier. I wonder when the Pappaduex/Pappacito brand makes it's way into Arkansas
  13. Hell, if I know. Why is Allegiant so stagnant on new routes? My Niece is starting at Purdue in the fall. They have done comparision pricing and flying out of Tulsa to Indy or Chicago seems to be their preferred way of transit over XNA pricing.
  14. For years Southwest picked off Memphis O&D via Little Rock, Nashville, and Jackson. There's that old story you'll hear about Southwest looking into the West Memphis airport but was shot down by Little Rock. Remember a little more than a decade ago Memphis, not Nashville was the big dog city in Tennesee. It was American's pull out of Nashville that opened it up for Southwest and now look at BNA. Southwest's growth help fuel and benefitted Nashville's growth. You talk down about Memphis growth but look outside to NEA and North Miss which is firmly now in MEM's catchment area. With the Phoenix loss, LIT is down to Dallas, St. Louis and Las Vegas. I can see it shirking to two. Southwest is Clearly sends folks to Memphis for Florida destinations with sometimes up to three dailies to Orlando in peak times and Tampa. I can certainly see them adding Ft. Lauderdale once the new international terminal for Southwest is done for all the new Caribbean routes and O&D just to South Fla. As for Memphis, that place just has the feeling it'seems about to boom. St. Jude with it's plans for the Pinch and what's happening around the South Bluff. If Memphis got off it's butt and redeveloped Mud Island as a weekend getaway type destination with an Aquarium, a small number of rides, revamp of the River Museum and Amp. Ti go along with that damn fine Zoo. They'd be cooking with Cisco. The obvious thing, yet most expensive and less likely, is to build a right sized Liberty Bowl replacement with a retractable roof stadium (50,000ish) along Beale and Union as part of a new convention complex. The Commercial Appeal is selling off down there now. It would offer a venue to host major acts as part of Memphis in May Beale Street Music Fest like NO does with the Fairgrounds. I just hope with Southwest down to three destinations they don'the pull the plug entirely. Let's face it, only LAS can be seen as more of a destination as opposed to just a feeder route to their focus hubs like Dallas and StL.
  15. As of now, it lives. Iike I said, my opinion is that LAS get better fares and the cut of Phoenix is to bolster any loss the LAS flight might have from folks now flying out MEM instead of coming to LIT. There were, and may be still be, 50 dollar one ways on Frontier's new MEM/LAS flights. One could feasibility fly Frontier from Memphis to Las Vegas round trip for what Southwest wants for or less than one way if they are flexible with dates. If and when Southwest gets the old planes parked and the new planes coming in and they possibly add flights out of MEM, if they add DEN for example, United will match, making it more attractive to price United out of Memphis. We see this with United when comparing XNA to Tulsa. It is way cheaper out of Tulsa to Denver than XNA due to Southwest flying it as well. Little Rock's Big 3 flights could be effected by a resurgence of MEM as an O&D focused airport. I have no doubt if Southwest wants to knock Frontier off of Denver and Las Vegas from Memphis, it will be short work. And..It may come at the cost of more LIT service. Southwest dumped Dayton when they decided to move in to CVG. Just food for thought. The good news is that LIT was up 4.5% May 16 to May 17 for Southwest.
  16. Looks like Southwest draws down the Phoenix flight in Jan and it disappears in Feb. I feel this is a reduction to bolster the LAS flights with the potential of any loss the LAS flight might have from the loss of any passengers from Memphis now that Frontier is flying direct to LAS from MEM at low cost prices. Just my opinion. Southwest saw 10,000 more passengers in MEM over just last year yet has not yet offered a direct from there past Texas. It's coming and it'll be Denver, Phoenix or Las Vegas. But... they have to get through the retiring of all the 737-300 classics and get the new737Max in.
  17. Southwest can easily add that flight and 'steal' the Frontier passengers. That Frontier flight to Denver has had one of the best load factors out of Memphis, it's why Frontier put a 220 seater on it, the largest passenger jet servicing Memphis, Southwest could take all that away tommorrow. Simply the power of the brand at play. Most would take a 119 dollar fare on Southwest over any 60 dollar fare on Frontier just on reputation and baggage allowances. Southwest switched to their new booking system today, I expect lots of scheduling tweaks and an increase in less than daily flying. The O&D in Memphis is growing, thales had over 13,000 more enplanements this March over last March. When Southwest adds flights/destinations there, and they will, it will come at LIT's expense. They shut Jackson MS down as New Orleans and Memphis grow. I suspect by 2019 Southwest will be running at least 9 destinations out of Memphis. Any more than that and they start flirting with focus city status. Hell, American has a flight to every hub except LA. Someone is going to join Delta and the token Allegiant nonstops on that. It will lower those fares. Memphis is bidding out the complete redo of B concourse right now. Quarter of a billion dollar project. As leasure travel options grow, you can bet it effects Little Rock as Memphis fares continue to drop.
  18. I'm predicting that LIT's Vegas nonstop via Southwest may be in trouble. I imagine there's still a bit of bleed from Memphis on that flight but this end most of it: http://www.bizjournals.com/memphis/news/2017/05/04/mem-getting-more-nonstop-flights-to-las-vegas.html Frontier is opening a base there and I think this route will be successful and go daily sooner than later. They have had smashing success on their Denver flights from MEM, upgrading to an A321 to service it. Southwest is in a bit of change right now, retiring older planes as new ones comes in, not affording much domestic route growth, just playing with frequencies but that will change and I see them adding MEM/DEN as it looks like low hanging fruit to steal from Frontier. They could easily switch LIT for MEM using the same plane as well even if it is one of their no plane change stops to a larger destination for other passengers.
  19. Just today a new Courtyard across the street was reported to be up for approval. Like I said, in the past year and coming up year the immediate area around Wolfchase is getting or got Dave and Busters, Main Event, and Ikea. Now, the traffic is horrific
  20. Wolfchase is doing fine in Memphis, it got it's Cheesecake a year ago. Malco is about to reopen a completely revamped cinema and Ikea open nearby along with a Dave and Buster's on the way. It has typical 'Memphis' issues and they are instituting the no unaccompanied minors policy that is becoming a trend due to the Flash Mob nonsense. Now, Germantown is approving a new town center that will have a multiple Imax screen cinema, housing and hotels along with office and retail next to Saddle Creek(which recently expanded and remodeled)
  21. Not so fast? http://www.ky3.com/content/news/Gordmans-store-Springfield-stay-open-418010783.html
  22. By putting in a " county that borders two states" clause into the existing law that allowed the LR location to be built using a certain population and navigatable river clause.
  23. Looks like the Dave and Buster's law is being tweeked for a NWA location.
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