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  1. They have to. The Bombardier C Series is not a regional jet. It will seat anywhere between 110 to 120 depending on Delta's configuration. This is the same size of plane as the 717s but better on fuel and ergonomics. Google Swiss Air CS100, as it has entered service about two weeks ago.
  2. Delta recently placed an order for Bombardier's new CS100, this will grow the low end of Delta's mainline service as used 717s are increasing in scarcity. The CS100s for passengers will be great. 3x2 searing with 19 in in th3 middle of the 3. Room for a carryon for every seat and so on.
  3. We going to discuss the Library renderings that were released?
  4. The rendering of that strip mall where the car wash was is mighty disappointing, I meant to take a pic but forgot of a new little strip mall of about 6 store fronts that really nailed it looking like 6 distinct buildlings in an old downtown design. Next time in Memphis I'll get one
  5. That needs to happen all of the east side of Leverett from the University to North.
  6. That needs to happen all of the east side of Leverett from the University to North.
  7. Stuggling as in load factors or just on time/performance issues?
  8. They already do. American has started competing with them at both. Seems, all three majors are offering some sort of basic, stripped down features at lower prices on common routes with the LCCs.
  9. If Spirit found it's way to XNA, I'd like to see Fort Lauderdale/Miami and Dallas just for their Latin American connections. I would love to see Orlando just because it flys into MCO and not Stanford. That plane mirrors the 717 in terms of capacity, so you'll see it used in the smaller markets he used them at Air Tran. This guy will target Allegiant's bread and butter.
  10. My hunch about Spirit continues. In this Bloomberg article, the new CEO (former AirTran CEO) sez be he looking at the Bombardier C Series. That is the closest thing there is to the B 717s that Air Tran used. 100 to 120 seater but now with an incredible layout, range, and full savings to boot. These bad boys can be Transcontinental and darn near Trans Atlantic. It all fits right in with the CEO wanting to go into smaller markets. I hope that XNA lands Spirit even if he goes by his old playbook and services Branson (BKG) too. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-06-20/spirit-ceo-wants-to-end-airline-s-poor-reputation-for-being-late
  11. I am still seeing United nonstops to NYC/Newark come up on Kayak for mid December.
  12. I think he meant the Mill District in Fayetteville, the intersection of S. School and MLK/6th.
  13. If I'm reading correctly one of the charter airlines that's been servicing Branson since Southwest and Frontier pulled out has actually gained it's scheduled carrier permitting as full fledged commercial airline and going daily out of Branson to United hubs: http://www.explorebranson.com/news/new-nationwide-air-service-coming-branson#sthash.cNhht3Za.dpuf
  14. While I'm pulling for XNA, I fear the CEO will land at BKG,and split the difference between XNA and SGF along with Branson traffic just as he did with AirTran: http://aviationblog.dallasnews.com/2016/04/why-spirit-airlines-wants-to-fly-to-smaller-cities.html/ Yet as the Florida-based carrier grows from its fleet of 83 aircraft to 148 by 2022, it will need medium and small cities with leisure travelers—or potential leisure travelers, if the price is right to spur them to take a trip. That could mean service to places with a leisure-travel focus and airfares that can be high, cities such as Springfield-Branson, Mo.; Reno, Nev.; Colorado Springs; and Monterey, Calif.
  15. Well, there you go. I wonder if the lease rates were more favorable as well. It's odd to see a old school mall beat the new school open airs. The two outdoor lifestyle center stores in the Memphis area got axed over the indoor Wolf Chase as well. The Fayette ue mall landing an H&M would be quite the feather in the cap considering the loss of the Gap branded stores, I figure that would be the location if it happened there. That whole thing on Wedington may change the whole dynamic of retail in the area though.
  16. As posters know, I favored an Imax tied in with WAC but this is totally acceptable and doable thanks to the parking requirements being tweaked.and all the added density in the area. The rooftop ounds similar to the Malco project in the South Main district in Memphis, they plan on a courtyard screen for outdoor movies, a drive in with out the cars so to say. Heck they are supposedly putting I Mezzanine seating for some indoor screens that will feature upgraded service lime food with the lower level, regular seating. A mix of dine in with normal. Now, let's get UARK Bowl back to a boutique bowling alley.
  17. Interesting that the NWA Mall location was the one not closed.
  18. The Delta Queen used to make the Ft. Smith run from time to time. If you look at these cruise line's Inteneraries, there's usually a theme to them, like a StL to Louisville journey that makes stops along the Ohio and they tour Bourbon distilleries and so on. Off the top of my head, Little Rock with the Clinton Museum and other stuff, Ozark with it's nearby cottage wine industry, and Ft. Smith/Van Buren and it's future US Marshall's Museum and the lore of the Hanging Judge would make nice stops. Add in a connecting rail trip via the excursion train to Northwest Arkansas with all it has like Crystal Bridges and you have a great terminususing XNA. You could help support a small operation like GLO and allow them to offer direct flights to Memphis and New Orleans where the trip would have began. NWA/Ft. Smith can also be a point of departure for a trip back to those two major ports .
  19. It's exploded in Europe over the past decade. And... here as well. Here's the latest entrant: https://www.frenchamericaline.com/tours Check out their chronological tour schedule and ask why there's not a single trip up the Arkansas. It's apparent on the other line operators as well. This is a failure of our state tourism dept.
  20. Kaboom: http://m.nwaonline.com/news/2016/apr/27/mercy-announces-247-million-expansion-northwest-ar/
  21. Marketplace Express has been gone for over a month. It has been weird seeing the food court shrink to a size comparable to what it was before the expansion in the Mid 90s. The only constant....... Chick-fil-A. It's gone thru a Sonic, Arby's, Quiznos, Boars Nest, The Steak Escape and another Philly sandwich place, a Flying Burrito, a Greek Gyro place, Fruitta place?
  22. Common Grounds on Dickson replaced by... Taco Bell Cantina with booze? Story in Fayetteville Flyer http://www.fayettevilleflyer.com/2016/04/26/new-owners-take-over-common-grounds-building-is-taco-bell-moving-in/
  23. You have something against the Mississippi? River cruising is booming. Viking has announced plans for 6 vessels at 300 cap each to cruise the Mississippi starting in 2018. Some town s have put extensive worknintontheir river fronts. Although on the Ohio check out what Owensboro KY has done
  24. Stadium expansion http://arkansasrazorbacks.com/dwrrs/
  25. This is the senior living element to the Preston Hollow development. All I can say is yes please.
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