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  1. With that amount of land, I'd go for something similar but in phases over a longer period of time and maximize every acre. I'd love to see a five to six story office building targeting tech start ups.
  2. If it is anything on the scale of the Dallas project on twice the land, good gracious is all I'm going to say but the NIMBYS will howl but you just don't say no to that.
  3. Expressly needed for the film fest. I keep saying the UARK on Dickson should have been renovated into an Imax screen with educational stuff by day and features by night.
  4. This isn't XNA related unless it happens and someone starts a XNA/MEM flight but the CEO of Norweigian Air dropped Memphis, along with New Orleans as potential places for 787 transatlantic flights. This has to be tied to the entrance of Viking River Cruises on the Mississippi River and even ocean cruise out of New Orleans http://www.cnbc.com/2016/04/18/reuters-america-interview-update-1-norwegian-air-eyes-more-boeing-dreamliners-for-new-transatlantic-flights.html
  5. Yep, looks like 9:13am and 5:15pm departures. Lined up nicely with the American flight times to the same airport while United has its Jersey flight. Five total nonstops daily, I would hope one of those would go mainline instead of regional.
  6. Lower the prices like they have been and demand will pick up, period. We'll use XNA for sure in the next couple of years for NYC flights either to fly in early to take advantage of cheaper transatlantic flights or for vacation. The rumor is that Delta is about to order some C Series from Bombardier for mainline use. There only a handful of 717s Delta can still buy used and they seem to love the 100 to 120 seater these days. A CSERIES would be 3x2 seating with 18 and a half inch wide seats and the middle seat of the 3 side being 19 inches. Room for every seat to have a normal sized carry on as well in the overheads.
  7. If you could take the old bank, the tworld AQ properties and the used car dealership and create one parcel out of it it might be worth someone's effort to overcome the flood plain issues but I'm just looking for a basic remodel whatever it is.
  8. So, Hancocks at the Promenade will be vacant soon.
  9. Sorry the term "nonsensical" got every lone's panties in a wad. Guess, I should have said "least likely' considering the amount of housing going up in the immediate area. I had always figured they are like many companies and had an outfit that did all their building for them and they seem to move in and build a wave of storefronts at once. I had figured this was the case here. Due to the road construction on 16 going on, many of us in this area thought they were waiting it out and, in turn the Porter Rd. Location and when the road work wrapped up, they'd send in their crew and construct both. So far that's not happened and the "explanations" that I have heard are the ones I posted. It was brought up to me by someone that knew the folks that owned that plot of land on Porter Rd. and said they lost out on over a 1 million dollars on the land sale. I had no reason to doubt him on it. I also figured they knew any sign issues considering they presence in the city already. In the end, it's just a convince store and nothing shattering other than the fact they were much nicer than the EasyMarts we have in the area.
  10. Well that's kinda nonsensical considering the amount of housing going up out Porter Rd. and it's offshoots in terms of daily traffic. Also, this wasn't there first rodeo and they have been opting for monument signs for all their other locations. And I agree with WMR on the overlay. In fact, I'd do away with all pole signs and have nothing but monument signs but I would increase the size allowed for certain business by a couple of feet in height and width. The reason I say that is that some things should be larger in scale. When I was concourse ting my adding a water park to the drive a larger monument type sign would complete mentioned the whole vibe better as opposed the tiny pole sign they use. There's too much concrete and inflexibility in most codes these days. The sign in my Drive and Dive In Concept is more Theming and selling the concept as whole than use wanting a big sign. Which is better? Examples: Or Another Fayetteville note. Advanced Auto Parts on S. School bit the dust some time back.
  11. The city council voted to ok their design so that's not it. They have had similar issues with ingress and egress at over locations(MLH/Hill). Even Casey's got a location built on Weddington where there was traffic flow issues. Now, on a different subject is that MLK is going to need another light. With the explosion of the Fast Food outlets, it's very hard to even turn right out of a business and damn near impossible to turn left without breaking a traffic law. They are going to have to put on up at MLK and Lewis/Beechwood to create some gaps to get in and out.
  12. So, what ever happened to the two Kum and Gos that were supposed to be built? First the Porter Rd. one and then the old Tyson plant at Huntsville Road. I had heard after getting the Porter Rd.location approved they simply backed out of the land deal and on what Tyson plant location, Fayetteville wants them to pay for the road that would run behind the location and they said no way. That is what I have heard. Anyone else hear the same or different?
  13. Sears needed to evolve, maybe they still could. Ditch softlines for the most part Go back the Sears Roebuck and Co. Signage Reduce skus of of non Kenmore branded appliances. We know there's no real Kenmore brand, it's just other manufacturers' products rebranded, slightly tweeked and licensed to Sears. Somewhere in the 90's Sears went gung ho on having tons of skus of every appliance and electronic manufacturer. Effectively competing against themselves and sometimes overwhelming consumers with choices that they would walk to think on it. Which would let them get another store and eventually just get it over with. Another thing it led to is that there was no way to stock all those floor models and only have limited numbers of the ones they did stock. Martinez, the CEO back then had a logistics background in the military, and he was ate up with just getting it shipped to the stores and carrying no inventory. Sears was considered a logistics juggernaut back then. My Brother, who got his start in the Memphis DC, can attest that being a high up at a Sears DC got other doors opened for you. I sold electronics there back in college I can tell you how many times we'd lose sales because we had no inventory particularly higher end stuff and that was with limited competition back then. I lost big Sony tv sales simply cause Dillard's ,yes Dillard's, had it in stock. All Sears was concerned with was pushing maintenance agreements. You could be their top sales per hour person and if you weren't meeting the add on MA numbers, they'd take away top selling hours from you and make you go to mundane meetings. It was ridiculous. Anyway focus on "Sears" brands and offer a limited supply of the other top brands but not 5 Whirlpool dishwashers exactly alike except for some little button here or there. They should have expanded sporting goods, they relegated it to a small corner and over loaded it with exercise equipment and Christmas ticket items like fuseball and air hockey tables. They ditched ball bats , gloves, footballs and so on. They ditched their guns and ammo way back, which was stupid stupid stupid. How many regular folk had a JC Higgins on the wall back in the day. They vastly overreacted to the end of catalog gun sales. When stores like Sears and Montgomery Ward's ceded this stuff to walmart, the rise of the Academies, Dick's and others was all but inevitable. Anyway, I digress, I'd just like to see prototype Sears, Roebuck & Co. storefront that was tools, appliances with the heavy emphasis on Kenmore, sporting goods, which the Land's End line should have been a big part of for some soft line offerings and accessories like luggage ( think Sephora with JC Penny) electronics and a few other things. I get they tried these Sears home stores and stuff but they still basically act like catalog stores. They have got to get having it "on hand" as a way of life and they need a major brand makeover. Putting craftsman stuff in Kmart was horrible, horrible, horrible. People used to place value on having Craftsman tools and they went and Harbor Frieght-ed it.
  14. It's little stuff like this. http://www.ozarksfirst.com/news/bransons-ballparks-of-america-project-moving-forward I thought for sure that was pie in the sky when first announced but there seems to some will find a way. I do know that SDC is looking to build two huge coasters between now and 2020. They'll announce one this summer. I know they are actively thinking about adding a resort element to the parks as well. They want to be THE PARK between the Rockies and the Mississippi. All of that plays well to an airline and bread abd bitter being leisure travel. A little league team from Atlanta or Minny with parents and such are plane fillers plus the baggage, oh the baggage.
  15. Add REI to the list. I think H&M would be best suited for Fayetteville and it's proximity to the U of A. The one in Memphis area opened up at the outlet center in Southhaven. Newer and remodeled Toys R US include play areas and themed areas like for Wonka branded candies. What's to become of Sears? They just closed a store in Memphis and it's reality arm is redeveloping it into a new shopping center with Nordstrom Rack being the first announced tenent. Other redevelopments of old Sears include a smaller scaled down Sears and a mix of other retailers like REI and the Fresh Market. They are even wanting to lease out half of the Wolfchase Store Memphis. That would make it one story. They are axing the car centers as well it seems. Would they divide the NWA Mall location? A Fresh Market and another larger retailer that doesn't fit into typical mall stores on one side with a smaller Sears on the other?
  16. Stores I know we don't have and have never been here: Anthropologie H&M Urban Outfitters Five and below Nordstrom Rack Apple Dick's Sporting Goods (we may be maxed out on the big box sporting good genre) I can see some of those being core tenents in a newer upscale shopping center, stand alone in downtown areas or part of the mix an open air outlet style center along with the usual suspects found there. I'm shocked we haven't seen Toys R Us shift to a more central location. Waiting for Fresh Market to go south and Whole Foods to go north, it will happen. CostCo is missing still. Steinmart is reentering, would Disney? If we got an outlet like center, what do you want to see in it. Nike, converse, underarmour, colombia, polo?
  17. Spirit came first, basic economy is Delta's answer to them. The basic economy fees I've seen do not include seat selection, so there's a good chance a family will be split up. American is offering same type of fares on shared routes with Spirit out of DFW. I have friends that have flown DFW to Tampa to go to Disney. It was cheaper than to MCO and so is the car rental. They even have Spirit sized luggage that CostCo sells. They flew for 240 r/t for 4. It's this retaliatory price matching spurred on by low oil that has Spirit thinking smaller markets to fill those planes at the major markets and take 4h3 fight back to the legacies by eroding their pricing lower at smaller airports. I think it's great the United flys nonstop to San Fran from XNA, but have you priced summer trip of around a week in length, still 450 to 400 bucks for anything, Spirit comes in and offers 1 stops for 250 r/t and watch them react. Spirit moves into Branson they take it to the big boys at two airports. 4he know form their past history that around 70 percent of their traffic is folks going to and from Branson and only 30 percent of the passengers was leaving and coming back to Branson. The Branson Airport, being private, allows them exclusivity on the nonstop destinations they fly. Meaning Delta or any other can't come into that airport and do those routes as a response. Any Branson O&D is gravy and fodder for the fight and thy may figure there's enough potential to pick off from a combined 1,000,000 enplanement market between SGF and XNA. If they see certain demand for markets that would support directs you'll get them as they did with once weeklies to Baltimore and Orlando before Southwest bought out AirTran. The legacies are playing with fire, many will see those fares and not do their due diligence and expect the same service they got previously and get a shock while low cost carrier flyers get that the fee game is played and learn to play it back. Some complain but you can fly so cheap. Question , budget minded people planning a week long Disney trip. Mom Dad, and three kids. You are staying on resort by saving money and renting a timeshare from a DVC owners and got you Disney Wilderness Lodge rooms for under 200 bucks a night instead of rhe sale price via Disney that still averages over 250 a night and the perks of multiple fast passes a day along with it and you 1want to use the Disney provided transportation including any checked luggage being forwarded to your resort from MCO and checking it in at the resort when checking out instead of lugging it to the airport because you have three kids. Would you chose Allegiant, either out of XNA or SGF for about 200 or 250 a person R/T but have to fly into Orlando Sanford and miss out on these cough free cough services and pay for checked bags or would you drive to Branson and fly for the same or lower price but into MCO where all that is availible while still paying for checked bags. I'm going to Branson. It was a sweeter deal with Southwest cause the checked bags were free but it's still a better way to arrive at Orlando without that perk than Sanford. It's a two hr flight, buy a soda after security and take it with you and pack a granola bar or something. As I have said, it's just conjecture based on past actions and recent statements by the guy that did that past action.
  18. IMO, The only thing that keeps from being a no brainer for an outfit like Spirit to fly from there is US 412. If it was near interstate quality all the way to US 65 with a completed bypass of Springdale, making it an easy hour drive to that airport just above the state line, it would really be a sellng point and giving it a major advantage over driving to Tulsa and paying tolls.
  19. Like I said, Southwest ditched the 717s, you went from +/- 100seaters to 150+ seaters. A319s are closer to the 717s in size and I think Spirit has a few of those. That article gives you some clues as well, one being 2009. This airport and it's number projections were all based pre recession. It took XNA years to get back to pre recession numbers. Southwest was using some spin as well in other articles they based ditching Key West, Jackson, and Branson one changing business models. Jackson was clearly done in by Southwest in Memphis along with existing footprint in NO. Branson was just to small. Allegiant's fares for Orlando at XNA have gone up since Southwest's Orlando flight went away, btw. While the prices we once saw are still seen in LR and Tulsa. The airport, while not meeting it projection numbers, was still the fastest growing airport in the 100,000 to 500,000 range. Using the finances as an excuse when they were improving was kinda lame. If Spirit is the airline, and again it was this CEO that had I would hate but understand it. Here's why Last year the majors started to compete on price with Spirit. They had finally got their attention. AA in Dallas is a prime example. AA will offer some Spirit like prices on a few seats on routes Spirit flys. Locals go with hometown AA. Spirit needs to find ways to fill those seats. Spirit's CEO is aware that Around 70 percent of the traffic to the Branson Airport was folks going to and from Branson so you need to only suppliment 30% of traffic originating in Ranson to achieve near 100% load factors. They see the combined enplanements of XNA and SGF of over a thousand. They see see Allegiant's half dozen destination from SGF. They know that those flights are driving SGF's growth and lots of it are the time share folk, vacationers, and retirees shuttling back and forth. They think, why not split the difference and fly to Branson instead of XNA and/or Springfield. AirTran's numbers were growing and Southwest saw Branson Branson as a tick on an elephant's ass and pinched it after they grabbed AirTran's 737s so their growth into a more legacy like carrier could be expedited. If I can save hundreds by flying my family on vacation to DC or New York out of BKG, I will. And that's the problem still facing XNA, as folks are still doing it by going to Tulsa. But I just have this feeling it's Spirit to Branson and that sucks for XNA if it happens. Let's hope it's XNA. This announcement was supposed to have happened already, it hasn't. I ain't arguing it anymore. Just don't rule this out. The history and signs are there for the possibility. I can Atlanta, Chicago and Dallas right off the bat with near daily service and weeklies to Orlando International and others added soon after. It'll be all about Marketing and doing it well in NWA.
  20. Slow down, you are giving a false impression of Southwest not making it. Branson simply didn't met there business model and had no intention to caring it forward once the merger was fully complete. I'm sure AirTran used their 717s at Branson. Southwest is a 737 only outfit. They were better than Ft. Smith. In the first five years the airport was open, Branson Airport (BKG) had 524,465 enplanements with 342,006 of those being visitors to Branson. AirTran steadily increased the amount of flights it had there. The Frontier Denver flight had just been upgraded to daily, year round based on it's performance when it was bought and the new owners gutted it's Denver operation and going more for point to point and away from connecting there. There's something inherently different when flying a "brand" over self branded scheduled charter flights. It would be even more compelling if 412 was a 4 lane divided all.the way to US 65. I live in east Fayetteville, it's 40 minutes to get to XNA. I can make it 5o that airport in under 1:30hrs. If it was 4 lane divided. That 's maybe 1:10 in travel time. Allegiant flies to Sanford., AirTran flew to MCO. Spirit offers the same package deals with cars and hotels as Allegiant plus MCO has the Disney connection when staying on resort. I love being able to check my luggage at the resort when leaving town. The reason I fear it's Spirit is because of that past relationship via AirTran and the the other part of the scuttlebutt is that there would be upwards to 300 possible destinations via connections here's Spirit's route map
  21. I don't like the sound of this from the Hollister MO. Mayor: Ziegenfuss says an upcoming announcement from the Branson Airport will make Hollister connected to the world by commercial aviation in a way that the area has never been before.http://www.hometowndailynews.com/201...ighlights-the-future-of-hollister/ The new CEO of Spirit is the old CEO of AirTran and he was the one that started AirTran flights from Bass Pro International(BKG). That would bad for XNA's prospects for this LCC.
  22. I used FedEx, due to the nature of their business and existing infrasteucrure. In addition to the New Target Online DC in Memphis, their are many more from Mopar parts to Nike to Williams Sonoma to Disney to ATT and on and on. Amazon went out and leased up a bunch of 3rd party planes last Christmas season and did lot of movement on their own, don't think FedEx is not noticing their move to build up their own shipping arm. FedEx can counter by offering a drastically increased same day services via the method I mentioned. They can repeat this at other cargo hubs like Indy and Minny. Hell, they may be the ones to finally pop the Balloon in the metroplex and build their own passenger terminal at Alliance. Southwest pitched this terminal of their own at old Boeing Field in the early 2000s. Alaska and others threw a fit and demanded that if Southwest left SeaTac, all others could open up at Boeing Field as well and the situation became untenable. They clearly saw a Love Field situation. FedEx could pull off with one the mothballed terminals at MEM with a subterranean road that passed under runways to the cargo hub and Alliance in Fort Worth is a no brainer right along side their cargo ship facilities. Look, I'm just spitballin' but it just seems to be begging to be done. They wouldn't have to cram every seat they could into the cans because passenger numbers would be the primary focus, just a shared focus. If a route is package heavy, the passenger fares can be really low and have high feequencies while those cargo light can charge reasonable, competitive fares with less frequencies. It would turn two day shipping into overnight while same day would become the new overnight product.
  23. That's why someone other than Allegiant, who just flys targeted markets twice and sometimes three times a week is needed. Allegiant has been great for those that want to go to Orlando but that's about it. Now, a Spirit, that offers some point to point but also offers lots of connections on a much more frequent schedule at LCC fares would help in spades. Spirit being in Dallas has American dropping prices to protect market share. Let's take Atlanta. It's cheaper to connect at ATL going to Orlando than actually just flying to Atlanta. Same goes for Dallas and American under the same senario. Here's a link and look at Airlines and destinations and go down to Spirit and look at their's. They have a growing presence there. Now, if Spirit moved into XNA and offered a twice daily to Atlanta and Dallas(two huge domestic and international hubs) and you could connect to those destinations listed for much less than what is being priced by Delta and American. You would see a market response by the two legacies for the destinations that Spirit offers from those two airports. That's why I'm rooting for Spirit to come here given their new CEO's recent comments. That flight in economy from Atlanta to XNA would plummet in price. Even with their baggage fees and other LCC shinanagan's, if one does their homework, you can save big money. Being from Memphis, I always wants FedEx to start a passenger airline. They thought about it once but it would have been based elsewhere because MEM was dominated by then Northwest and their simply wasn't enough gates. That changed when Delta dehubbed it after the merger where it lied and said it would stay open to gained gov't approval. They are just about ready to pull the plug in Cincy as well. Anyway, back to FedEx. I believe the bulk of their volume here is flown in to Tulsa and trucked in. Same for UPS. With Amazon and online retailers pushing for faster and faster deliveries, I believe they could dramatically increase their same day delivery volume if the coupled rieght with passengers using combi planes and smaller planes like this. I'll give an example, Target is putting in a huge online fulfillment center in Memphis. Say I buy a couple of items online on a Sat morning, maybe a new tv, and that could get pulled and taken to MEM and put in the belly of a FedEx passenger plane that's to land at XNA at three, there the passengers get off and the plane taken to the FedEx terminal and then placed on delivery van and they knock on your door by 5. I got to be live there's some reduction of costs availible there for an outfit like FedEx where same day becomes much cheaper and offered much wider than it is now without having to contract thru other airlines services. That would also build up that cargo component that was mentioned at that CoC event. Anyhoo, I think I've ranted on that before. I fly out of XNA on a FedEx plane in the afternoon to Memphis to connect to Knoxville to go to a football game the next day and Walmart can place an online order on that plane and it reach the customer by 7 that night in Jackson MS. They have the infrastructure there, an airports now with dozens on unused gates and likely massive incentives by Tennessee to pull that off.
  24. Saw that number's were down 3% from last Jan. Recent looks at Allegiant prices tell me they are charging more from XNA than they are from other close airports like Little Rock, Springfield and Tulsa. In other new, KFSM was running a story on Core Brewery opening a bar/tasting room at XNA, hope they are successful.
  25. I'll repeat it again, XNA's best bet is Spirit. The new CEO comes from the old AirTran. He has already mentioned growth in small to medium sized markets. He was the guy that put AirTran into the private Branson airport and once flew AirTran into Tunica MS before the 08 meltdown. I'd love to a Dallas flight to connect out west and a Miami flight to connect their internarional Destinations. They would hurt Allegiant and I could see them picking off their Orlando Sanford flights with actual Orlando International ones and Las Vegas as well. May even see a LA nonstop year round and not seasonally like Allegiant. They fly A319s as well so the equipment would be about the same and I consider them the lesset of the two evils when it comes to those LCCs.
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