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  1. nickels

    The Grove

    Getting out/in to that complex is going to be just like getting in and out of the Woodlands/Cottages by LSU.
  2. Are there plans for widening it or is that just wishful thinking? doesn't make much sense if to widen just that area
  3. http://demographics.coopercenter.org/DotMap/index.html interesting map. Check out Baton Rouge
  4. There are two lots being leveled right now at Burbank and Bluebonnet. I know one lot is for a walmart (great...) but does anyone have any idea what the other is for?
  5. Thank god. The last thing we needed was a waffle cone in downtown New Orleans.
  6. I think that tower is quite possibly the ugliest thing I've ever seen. I'm all for getting the area back up and running but that "landmark" is atrocious.
  7. I think just regular lights under the I10 bridge would be nice, they don't have to change colors.
  8. Was thinking today that BTR should do something around the lakes like Houston did with Buffalo Bayou. I think adding some lights along the path and some colored flood lights under the interstate overpass would go a long way at making the area seem more inviting. If we're gonna keep the golf course we might as well make the pedestrian parts nicer. http://www.buffalobayou.org/BB_Phase2.pdf.pdf
  9. I remembered an article saying they would have it done for the 2013 season, and I meant done. It was a typo. EDIT: it was a reveille article. Don't know how reliable it is though. http://www.lsureveille.com/news/article_ffd602f0-3ce8-11e2-a5d0-001a4bcf6878.html
  10. are they really going to have all of this down in a month?
  11. Interesting angle of our skyline from a bike ride a few days ago.
  12. So, here comes a two parter. 1) Could the fate of Baton Rouge be that of Detroit's? I know that the majority of the city of Detroit had residents move to the suburbs thus destroying Detroit's tax base. ALso the automotive industry being outsourced. 2) Why doesn't BTR annex the surrounding subrubs? My guess is school systems. If the public school system was better I feel more areas would be inclined to stay part of BTR instead of creating their own municipality.
  13. I would personally love if you were closer. Considering I'm moving a walking distance from there in a about a month.
  14. You got me richy. Is that a rendering of the IBM building or something entirely unrelated?
  15. After this new renderings I have a different opinion of the building. It looks like they put more consideration into the buildings program that I initially thought.
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