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  1. Hopefully this one turns out like the renderings and adds some of the texture and foliage to the facade. Details like these would go a long way to help elevate it from its cost-saving roots.
  2. I certainly admire the effort put into activating this plaza and making it an inviting place to hang out, but it just really clashes stylistically with the building that it was placed in front of. This setup could work for me in front of an apartment building or something, but it doesn't really feel right at that location.
  3. Not to mention that all of the money being thrown at this lawsuit could be used for, oh I don't know, probably a thousand more productive and meaningful things than what essentially amounts to preserving the view from your downtown condo. I don't know how those backing this aren't just horribly embarrassed to continually fund and boost a tantrum like this.
  4. I really love how this one has turned out, it seems like more parking garages should try to embrace their wall space with art like this rather than attempting to create some sort of cheaply patterned facade that usually just ends up being an eyesore.
  5. I haven't managed to get a pic, but the exterior is now (finally) complete on this one, and it looks really great! Textured and provides a subtle pop of color in the skyline.
  6. We seemingly did not get it, Central region was just announced and Nashville was not among them. Winners included- Kansas City Atlanta Dallas Houston Monterrey Mexico City
  7. I think that the new stadium will be central to us receiving a bid, and I think it's possibly one of the reasons that Titans ownership has shifted in that direction. In short, yes, I do think we're in.
  8. This would be incredible and SoFi is an amazing-looking venue, but it's also the most expensive NFL Stadium by a few billion dollars. With Adams-Strunk reportedly liquidating assets in order to make this work at all, I wouldn't expect something like this.
  9. Driving by last night, it looks like signage has appeared at the 4th & Lynsley Blvd split site for this project- https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/mixed-use-building-eyed-for-fairgrounds-area-site/article_e742225c-a0fc-54f9-9d79-a6dfb9567fd7.html
  10. I certainly agree that this would be a bad turn of events that would reflect really poorly on Titans' leadership, but this is also a bit of a far conclusion to leap to based on one quote from an article. Something to keep an eye on for sure, but probably not the time for pitchforks yet either.
  11. I really tend to agree. Whenever I try to imagine an alternate timeline where Signature Tower was built at the originally-planned height, I just have to imagine that our downtown would look super different and likely less dense than it does now. It would have been a beauty, but I don't know if many cities could have realistically supported that development during and even after the recession.
  12. Great memory! Not only was it featured in the opening hype video, but I also remember there was an image of the tower wrapped on one of the tall columns inside of the bowl, showing the full design in all of its glory from top-to-bottom. It was dramatic in a cool way, and it reflected how Signature Tower was the talk of the town for a while. It's hard to imagine marketing for a building like that today for a lot of reasons, but it was super exciting.
  13. Tough to totally judge just from a diagram, but as far as the typical parking pedestal midrise hotel design goes, this looks like one of the nicer ones in my opinion. The materials look more visually interesting than stucco or paneling, which is what usually drags these sort of developments down in the end. Is it a bit underwhelming for downtown's first Marriott? Perhaps, but I don't think this project deserves some of the scrutiny and "suburban" complaints that its gotten in this thread. If the diagrams translate to reality, than this will be very high quality infill where a parking lot once stood.
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