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  1. This project is awesome, especially because I keep forgetting it exists and then get excited about it all over again when I see the renderings. So much great infill is coming to Division, it's hard to keep up with.
  2. That's an interesting timeline, appreciate the insight. Based on his past projects too, it's also pretty possible that this is only the first of many different design iterations for this project.
  3. Jeez, the two sides look like completely different buildings. I still like the curve and the size is a big plus too, but it's definitely weird.
  4. Notably takes a lot of design cues from 1200 Broadway with the dark finishes and patterned garage covering, which makes sense considering they share a developer. I love it, looks sharp and definitely more interesting than previous renderings.
  5. So we should all definitely try and send them an email with some of our thoughts, right? I know we're not going to single-handedly convince them to stick to a downtown site, but we could help demonstrate a strong disdain for suburban stadiums that exists within their potential fanbase. Outside of that, a lot of you guys have genuinely interesting ideas and insights that they may find helpful. Speaking for me personally, my interest in this team basically hinges on the ballpark experience being fun, interesting, and within close distance to the attractions of downtown, so any potential Rutherford or even Williamson County stadium would basically guarantee that I never go to a game. Not to mention, I have no doubt that one of the main things that makes Nashville attractive to the MLB is our tourists, and placing the stadium in a place like Cool Springs or Murfreesboro that is far away from the rest of the action immediately makes a ballgame a much less attractive proposition for them. Sure, die-hard baseball fans will be willing to make the drive to the suburbs to see the game, but that's not who they need to be winning over. They need to win over the casuals (like me) who have never loved baseball before, but want to see the new coolest attraction downtown and be a part of something fun. It's critical that the ownership group realizes that overcoming some of the assumed hurdles like land price and availability within the Nashville core are worth overcoming to make the best product possible.
  6. Yeah it looks like it would be a beautiful place with all of the greenspace and waterscaping, but it's also such a prime example of wasteful land management that makes little-to-no effort to engage with its surroundings (the rest of River North). I know that's sort of how it goes with tech campuses, but I wish it were denser and less self-contained.
  7. That's pretty cool to imagine, I'd love to visit a place like that. Especially if you're willing to put up with a bit more crime...
  8. I don't know if many of us will ever be able to fully get over Signature Tower. I mean, they really just don't build many ornamental buildings like this anymore, not even in NYC or Chicago. That said, Nashville's rapid increase in density and infill has made Signature's impossibility a lot easier to swallow for me. Height will come eventually, and I hope that whoever brings it just takes their role as Nashville's tallest building seriously and gives the city a new icon to be proud of.
  9. All I'll say is that what Cooper refers to is unfortunately very indicative of the superficial priorities within our State legislature. Negative consequences are not out of the realm of possibility whatsoever, especially when observing Georgia right now or North Carolina previously. Will it force a company like Oracle to pull out of Nashville entirely? I doubt it, especially since Oracle isn't a huge public retail brand that needs to concern itself as much with public opinion, but it's a consideration nonetheless.
  10. It's sort of interesting how often things are being value-engineered in skyscrapers now, specifically in the US. You see these extravagant buildings going up across the world and yet it feels like such a struggle to even put a spire on a building in the US now. I know there's a lot of recent financial histroy behind that, but it would be nice to see a resurgence in crowns and other flair.
  11. This is one of my favorite new buildings in the city already. The size and scale, the interesting cladding choices, and well-designed touches like the decor of the base and the angled roof all come together to make a really nice building that actually cares about it's presence within the skyline and on the ground. They clearly didn't cut corners as most new construction does, and it deserves a lot of credit for that.
  12. I mean, I wouldn't mind too much if the rule applied to residential areas, but there's realistically nothing that can be done to allow you to see the night sky in a downtown urban area. It's hard to do that even in the suburbs. That said, it seems sort of vague anyway as to where this would apply- The bill, if passed, would create new requirements for commercial and multi-family construction projects. It would not affect residential homes, existing buildings or buildings on Lower Broadway. "They don't come to look at those stars down there, they're looking at different stars," Allen said with a laugh. I don't know, I could possibly see Lower Broadway being used casually and generously to refer to the CBD.
  13. Credit to this moody skyline shot from last night goes to user u/baconrocket
  14. That was my thought exactly as well. The exterior of our stadium is a lot more low-key in general when comparing to other MLS teams, but the location of ours is also somewhat unique in that it is a bit tucked away within the fairgrounds. Extravagant lighting like this on the exterior would be wasted outside of those walking around right outside of it.
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