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  1. The Apartment portion went up quickly and easily but this Office building has felt cursed by weird construction flukes like that throughout the build. I wonder if there's any sort of explanation for that.
  2. Some incredible shots by photographer @sumsnet on IG-
  3. The small windows make it feel a little bit claustrophobic, but it's still really nice to me. The public areas look like the best part anyways.
  4. We suddenly feel very well-poised to get an expansion club if that's really the route that the league wants to go in. Would adding more teams be what's really best for the sport? I'm not so sure, but I have to admit that I really am digging the look of these visionary stadium renderings. This ownership group continues to impress me more and more.
  5. It feels like the Swerdling KVB project would serve as a good spot for a potential Ritz Carlton too, but I like the idea of a high-quality luxury building along the roundabout.
  6. The renderings made the coloring look much more subtle and the material much more translucent. I just don't really understand what was so complicated about the installation that made them redo it so many times.
  7. If they operate at late night like normal Taco Bells, then they will absolutely rake in money with the drunk honkey-tonkers
  8. If the whole building was covered in that nice brick, it'd be great infill. It's the siding and stucco that makes it really unfortunate.
  9. That would be super unfortunate if so, and pretty wild considering it would be the second time that an international crisis derailed one of his big projects. It'd feel like the world doesn't want him building any tall skyscrapers downtown. Of course it could be really positive news, so here's to hoping for the best
  10. Some angles really remind me of a taller version of the OG Virgin Hotel design- And I mean that in the best way possible, I really like the look of this one!
  11. It was really cool to see that be created on here before going totally viral on Nashvillian social media. We may have to hit them again with a new version after these new towers finish up.
  12. Exposed and/or distressed wood paneling like this is going to be that design trend of our era that everybody looks back on and wonders what we were thinking. I feel like it already looks dated in most applications.
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