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  1. avery

    The Edison

    Better rendering, plus a new one at WRAL. http://www.wral.com/news/local/story/3035429/ Click on one of the photos to enlarge. http://wwwcache.wral.com/asset/news/local/...IAL-488x485.jpg http://wwwcache.wral.com/asset/news/local/...all-384x485.jpg
  2. avery

    The Edison

    First off Mr. Sandreuter, thank you for bringing such pleasant news in an economy that has taken a downturn. Secondly, the proposal looks great! I'm not sure how tall this will be, but 39 floors plus, are those 9 floor spires or part of the 39? LEED certified and wow, this thing could eclipse everything in Raleigh. The massing looks great and all of the additional condos and hotel rooms could really change the activity downtown. I forsee much more entertainment and retail opportunities on the horizon if this thing does get built. Can't wait to see a rendering of this superimposed on the downtown money shot.
  3. I found the development site for Crabtree Mall and it has a flyover video. Looks like a 2-story Barnes & Noble is in the works. http://cvmeng.com/pb/wp_7f0e268e/wp_7f0e26...729878121388702
  4. Hard to judge by this rendering, but I think I like it. However, it does look odd sitting adjacent to the much smaller City of Raleigh building. It also looks like it will complement the new Reynolds building.
  5. I think the renovation of Terminal C should buy the Triangle a sufficient amount of time before an additional terminal will be needed at RDU. If the airport authority decides to proceed with renovations/replacement of A, they could always start at one end and reopen it in phases. I personally like the idea of a two terminal system. In my opinion, it makes it easier to travel. Splitting up the traffic count into seperate terminals relieves the congestion. Also, not many travelers will be going from Terminal A over to Terminal C to catch a flight. RDU is not a place where people make connecting flights. Even if this did happen in the future, I would imagine that individual carriers will stay within a single terminal. As far as the layout of RDU goes, there is still plenty of room for expansion. The northern end of the airport would make a good connection for a future terminal to A and C. As long as airfares do not increase too much, I could care less how much the airport authority spends on a new airport. If the demand is there, then the revenue is there to expand.
  6. Not sure if this has been posted, but here is an image of the proposed development. http://cll.bizjournals.com/story_image/85758-400-0.jpg?rev=2
  7. I have to agree with you on this one Transplant. I think everyone on here realizes that this project, if and when it is built, is on a flood plain. It appears that the developers have addressed this issue and have shared this the prospective tenants, including Westin Hotels. I do not understand the negativity encompassing this project. The Crabtree area is what it is and we can poo-poo any new development around here and chalk this area up as a lost cause or we can embrace it and any changes for the better that come down the pipeline. Do we want the Crabtree Valley area to be the next Capital Blvd? I think many of you forget what North Hills was around 5 years ago. It was a dilapidated mall surrounded by chain restaurants, a strip mall, a hotel and some office buildings along a traffic congested area. Hmmm, sounds familiar doesn't it? It appears to me that the management of Crabtree Mall are trying to be as proactive as possible to adapt to the changing market. There is a new development proposed for Kidd Hill. It all has to start someplace and if the Soleil group is willing to invest money here, then I say more power to them. It may not be to the macro-scale of North Hills, but it is rare for a single developer to come in and take on the task of redeveloping an entire area. There is no reason that our city leaders can not adopt an area plan that evokes similarities to North Hills for any future development. At least the Crabtree area is still thriving where as the North Hills of 5 years ago was not.
  8. I found these updated renderings on the interior of RDU's new Terminal C. There are 4 total pics and a Powerpoint presentation. Here are 2 renderings and the link. RDU Renderings
  9. I would be interested in hearing his rationale for the vote.
  10. Once the new addition is complete and assuming they redo the service center similar to the Best Buy, I wouldn't be surprised if the entire mall gets an exterior facelift. I still love Crabtree. It could be that I live only 5 minutes from there, but they usually have everything I need when I go to look. I only venture to Southpointe for Nordstrom.
  11. Maybe increasing traffic count on Western will help bolster support for regional rail.
  12. The 100% park idea is all but dead in my opinion. I just don't see this happening. They should be proud that their lobbying efforts have gotten the amount of dedicated park they are looking at.
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