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  1. As you may know, on Monday March 18, the Gonzales City Council voted against progress and prosperity. Emerson, a fellow chamber member, has been trying to locate its regional headquarters in Gonzales at the new Edenborne TND next to River Parishes Community College (RPCC). The Chamber has stood behind this initiative for several reasons. First, Emerson is offering to bring several hundred well-paying jobs to Gonzales. They are offering to partner with RPCC and the Ascension Parish School Board to provide an enhanced learning experience in the technical fields. Emerson is a Fortune 500 company that will bring a great deal to Gonzales and Ascension Parish. Although the vote did not go well for Emerson on Monday, IT IS NOT OVER. We are told that if one of the three councilmen who voted against Emerson will re-consider their vote by Friday, the issue can be brought up again at the Council meeting on Monday March 25. IT IS TIME TO TAKE A STAND. The three councilmen who voted against this proposal were: Councilman Gary Lacombe Councilman Terrance Irvin Councilman Tim Vessel We are asking that you take a few minutes out of your day to do two things: 1. Please cut and paste the attached letter into an email and send it to each councilman. Their email addresses are: Gary Lacombe - [email protected] Terrance Irvin - [email protected] Tim Vessel - [email protected] Make certain to change the name on each email and place your electronic signature at the bottom. 2. Please place a call to each councilman and tell them you support Emerson and Edenborne and ask them to re-consider their vote. Their phone numbers are: Gary Lacombe - mobile 225-456-6288, home 225-644-5495, work 225-201-6500 Terrance Irvin - mobile 225-955-0415, home 225-647-7441 Tim Vessel - mobile 225-368-6369, home 225-644-1231 We are asking that you make your voice heard. Together there is a chance we can change this, but we need EVERYONE. Please let these gentlemen know that the voices of a few should not govern, and that the so-called silent majority is not that silent. Thank you, LETTER TO CITY COUNCILMAN http://library.constantcontact.com/download/get/file/1102708876080-529/March+2013Letter+to+Emerson.pdf
  2. From what I understand both locations are being looked at for the store, nothing is final yet.
  3. Just spoke to one of the Realtor's working for Walmart and he confirmed they are looking at purchasing Bruno's and surrounding lots at Hwy 42 & 44 to build a Neighborhood Walmart.
  4. A new luxury apartment complex, currently named Manchac Crossing, will be located approximately 3100’ north of Perkins Road on Airline Highway. A link to source here http://www.thecreole.com/?p=4617.
  5. One of the rumored locations was near the intersection of hwy 44 & hwy 42 for a Walmart, im guessing it would be a Neighborhood Market not much land in the area for much bigger...but that's only rumor. Im hoping for a Fresh Market or something like a Whole foods myself. Proposed parkway between Livingston and Ascension moving forward. Link to more info here
  6. Emerson Process Management has found a new potential location for its regional headquarters, and plans include making it larger than previously announced. Marlin Wilson, Emerson’s general manager in Ascension Parish and the expansion project leader, confirmed that Emerson is seeking to locate its headquarters in the Edenborne development at the intersection of Interstate 10 and La. 44 in Gonzales. Source: http://theadvocate.com/news/5167537-123/emerson-looks-at-larger-location
  7. Copied from : http://www.thecreole.com/?p=4097
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