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  1. leondecollao

    Zoi House Orlando/ New Tallest [Proposed]

  2. leondecollao

    Vertical Medical City | 40-Story Medical High Rise [Proposed]

    Ponte Health is hosting a Healthcare symposium in Lake Nona today so they are clearly doing “stuff”. At least they seem dedicated.
  3. leondecollao

    The Brightline

    This is what I have been thinking the whole time reading this discussion. Automated cars will soon start to change the whole dynamic. They are coming and coming fast. Rail might not make that much sense long term. Automated cars have the potential to fix our sprawl and transportation issues and they will not need dedicated lanes or any major infrastructure above and beyond what we currently have.
  4. leondecollao

    The Brightline

    It is disappointing but these are the only viable options now. The trains are catering to tourists and how many of them will want to take a train to downtown Orlando? I am more interested in seeing this train succeed. Anything that increases the viability of rail long-term in this state is a huge win.
  5. leondecollao

    Metro Orlando Airport News

    The growth of Frontier, Southwest, and Spirit is definitely a huge positive factor for MCO. Just a few years back it appeared we would never justify hub status but all the Latin America flights for the low cost airlines are changing that equation and fast. Spirit and Frontier seem determined to be our #1.
  6. leondecollao

    Creative Village

    I mean, it looks like a quad and follows the same aesthetic as the Memory mall at UCF. Memory mall has turned out to be a great meeting place for events, tailgating etc. I would suspect UCF and Valencia played an important part in the design process. I am pleased that at least the CV version of a quad seems to have a little more shade than the main campus version.
  7. I’ve never heard the words amazing and Volusia County Council in the same sentence. Volusia and Daytona has been mis-managed and badly represented for decades. There has been a serious lack of talent running the show and it’s shown. The current council members are trying to get some semblance of growth going. If I were in that council, I would probably have to approve anything reasonable in front of me - Daytona needs it. That’s just reality imo. Being able to show some spine is a luxury Volusia doesn’t have.
  8. This is a fascinating snippet of info. Seems about right to me - winter park includes lakemont to Semoran, east of Semoran, and west of Park - that brings down their average quite a bit. College Park, Baldwin and Thornton don’t have any areas lowering their averages. They do all seem a bit higher that I might expect though.
  9. leondecollao

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    If you hit the right combination of good food / value for what you get / atmosphere / service you are pretty likely to have a long run. Can’t recall any failed restaurant that was even close to successful at hitting the right formula, imo. Revolving door, sure, but you can see the closings coming a mile away usually.
  10. Idk i think most on here are also interested in development news even if it’s not technically urban. Plus, in the case of Daytona Beach, it’s tremendous news after decades of plight.
  11. leondecollao

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    If you are a developer and try to build a mall in this retail climate, you need to check your sanity. All tourists I come across seem pretty impressed with our outlet malls. They can’t believe such discounts are even a thing. In Latin America you still mostly buy everything at full price.
  12. leondecollao

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    In my opinion, absolutely yes. The demand is still clearly there with occupancies still at 95% or so. It doesn’t even matter what they charge, it all rents. With that said, one of these buildings will end up being one too many. Which? Who knows.
  13. leondecollao

    Orlando Mayoral Race

    Bill Nelson is 75. He’s probably not hiding, just napping.
  14. leondecollao

    Union West at CV| Creative Village | 15 Stories

    It’s also crazy nice for dorms. Can’t recall ever seen a swankier dorm building around.