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  1. After years on this board and not having lived through the process of getting the plaza built, I had always taken it for granted that the buildings that were demolished must have been of some tremendous historical significance but after seeing these pics......that’s what some of you guys are upset about? I don’t get it. There are buildings close to identical to those standing in downtown today and no one would be upset to see those go either....
  2. leondecollao


    You are going to have a really hard time finding anyone willing to save whatever it is that made Daytona Daytona. And I grew up there.
  3. Same thing happened to Memphis. That airport is a now a ghost town and has affected the local economy quite a bit. Go back a bit more and the same thing has happened to many cities Like St. Louis (old TWA hub) and Kansas City. IMO, we clearly benefit from not being a hub city. More competition, better prices, and we don’t have all our eggs in one basket.
  4. leondecollao


    So this makes 5 starbucks (if you want to count Target and Barnes and Nobles) within a mile of each other on Colonial but you have to drive all the way up to winter park village to find one on Mills. Something doesn’t compute.
  5. Bungalower posted a video tour of the project on facebook yesterday.....and what an impressive project it is. Won’t be cheap, we know, but this is premium all the way with a tremendous location, tremendous views and we’ll finally get that food hall we’ve wanted. I was hugely skeptical when such a large project was first proposed for the lot but this one’s a winner.
  6. Idk, makes plenty sense to me. Using the Colonial Target as an example, It was bonkers that particular Target carried pet and cleaning supplies in the most trafficked part of the store. They have logically moved low margin, low volume product to the corners and things that have more sizzle close to the entrances. In the case of the Colonial store, that means trendy makeup and “self-care” products from the likes of Harry’s as one example. Very millennial but it also made plain business sense.
  7. There’s still a lack of hotel rooms in this city away from the tourist corridor. I suspect a hotel in this location would do very well.
  8. I’ve noticed a bunch of work being done last couple of weeks at the site that was supposed to be an orchard supply. Wonder what’s going on....
  9. They are not booking anymore events at the venue after November 3rd so while not official, seems like steps are being made to start on tower 2
  10. Exactly. Imagine the same article written about a road project.
  11. I agree that association fees can get pretty high with condos, especially in downtown areas but I am always amazed by people not realizing you basically have the same costs owing a home - they are just lumpy and not predictable.
  12. The population of Daytona proper is pretty misleading. Daytona is much larger than it seems - the population of the city including port orange, Ormond, holly hill, etc is close to 350,000 these days. Keep in mind Daytona can’t grow north, south or east due to the boundaries with other cities and the sea. The past few years, the most robust population growth has been in Port orange which now sits at about 63k.
  13. Ponte Health is hosting a Healthcare symposium in Lake Nona today so they are clearly doing “stuff”. At least they seem dedicated.
  14. This is what I have been thinking the whole time reading this discussion. Automated cars will soon start to change the whole dynamic. They are coming and coming fast. Rail might not make that much sense long term. Automated cars have the potential to fix our sprawl and transportation issues and they will not need dedicated lanes or any major infrastructure above and beyond what we currently have.
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