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  1. Incredibly important development for downtown Orlando but man oh man, I think Central Station might have been a more interesting project to track....at least we could complain about the wood construction with Central Station. This thing is basically just a Maitland office park.
  2. Agreed. We are lucky that part of town was undeveloped for so many years. We got a part of town with actual character out of it.
  3. I gotta say, I feel like the grime is def part of the charm with Mills 50. Not every development or busy part of town needs to be shiny and new. Mills 50 reminds of a time when not everything needed to be spic and span and I think it’s refreshing. I think it has the perfect amount of grime
  4. A soccer team needs multiple full size fields in a practice facility so they need far more space than available next to the stadium. I do recall the team had announced plans to turn the lot next to the stadium into a park and a pre-game festivities area. I know they ran into remediation issues when they first started excavating but haven’t heard anything for a couple of years. Guess they must have abandoned those plans.
  5. I’m sure you can take shots that make the Orlando downtown library look ok too.
  6. I didn’t even know there were startups working on supersonic flight. I just lost my last thirty minutes reading about the space and companies in it....thanks for sharing the link.
  7. Completely agree with your point that opening now would be disastrous but no one is talking about opening now. It’s going to be a while before this thing opens and we will hopefully have mass immunity by then.
  8. Strongly disagree. People from all over metro Orlando have no issue driving to Disney Springs, restaurant row, I-drive, Mills 50, etc. For some of the brands mentioned, friends of mine regularly drive 30 minutes or so to places like susuru, Tori Tori, yellow dog eats, Domu, etc. I know people from NYC that will make sure to stop at Seito in Baldwin Park when they are here on conferences because of the quality of the place. Many of those same people trek out to Park Ave. and most of them end up at Prato. The brands and reputations do matter. We also have large minority groups in to
  9. Agreed, very strong get. Project would be well on its way to sustainable success imo if it gets support from our local Asian restaurants and chains - Hawker’s, Bento’s, vietnomz, Sus-hi, Seito’s, Kobe.....we’ve quietly built a pretty nice niche of strong Asian concepts in town.
  10. ?? There’s a ton of construction going on in the city and central Florida.
  11. The building boom is certainly over. Lenders are essentially frozen and people will wait for some level of certainty before they invest in any new projects.
  12. With the economy tanking as we speak, value engineering might be the only way this actually happens. All projects that haven’t yet started are now at risk of never happening, imo.
  13. Reminds me of what just happened to all the new grocers that jumped into the market all at once. Besides these large gyms, a lot of boutique fitness and yoga places have popped up all over the place. It’s gonna get ugly for some of them, unfortunately. I’d assume half of them will fail within the next year or two.
  14. After years on this board and not having lived through the process of getting the plaza built, I had always taken it for granted that the buildings that were demolished must have been of some tremendous historical significance but after seeing these pics......that’s what some of you guys are upset about? I don’t get it. There are buildings close to identical to those standing in downtown today and no one would be upset to see those go either....
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