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  1. what was this. I drive by all the time but never noticed until a few weeks ago when i pulled over onto Richards st to re adjust something in my trunk that was making noise. ive actually been meaning to ask on here since then.
  2. Line 1: proof of concept. Trinity lane and Gallatin Pike to Music City Central area via Gallatin Pike, Main St, James Robertson Pky. via easy to swallow referendum. tax on something that doesnt affect the average resident, like a hotel tax. Line 1A: constructed simultaneously. Airport to Sobro via Murfreesboro Pike. I believe last year this may have been secretly in the works with funds from the Airport authority and the convention center. Leave them disconnected. this eliminates the costly tunnel. BUT people will see the need for an eventual tunnel. 1st extension: from music city central to 51st Via James Robertson Pkwy and Charlotte Pike. going around the capital again saves tunnel money. from there, maybe more referendums for more taxes. with west end, murfreesboro pike, nolensville pike, can all be built. and of course, eventually the downtown tunnel. too bad we can get federal funding like existed in the 70s.
  3. this is totally facinating. i always wondered how it was hung from the top.
  4. It's been gone for 12 years. So maybe "like new"
  5. @Rookzie will be able to answer this better. But from memory I believe what happened was this: By the late 60s nearly every railroad was losing money in passenger service. And they all wanted out of that business. The government had mandated certain routes to be maintained for decades even with declining ridership. So, in what was supposed to be the final hurah for intercity passenger services in the US, congress created Amtrak. Supposedly even the sponsors of the bill thought it would be dead in a decade. The railroads turned over their passenger cars and gave Amtrak permission to use their rails. In exchange, they could concentrate on freight,and freight would get priority. I believe there was even a clause that new routs could not be created, only routes that existed at the creation of Amtrak could be used. Amtrak currently only owns their own tracks in a few areas, mostly in the extremely popular northeast corridor.
  6. Sigh. The Tennessean apparently couldn't read a simple map. 1. They say the only current stop in Tennessee is in Memphis. This is not true. There is one in Newbern. 2. They say "establish new service from Memphis to Chicago". The only current Amtrak service in Tennessee is from New Orleans to Chicago via Memphis and Newbern. This proposal seems to indicate additional service from Memphis to Chicago. There is also a station in Fulton KY that is only about 2 miles north of the state line on the same route.
  7. krystal is better than chick fil a any day
  8. weird, on the top edge of the "film" you can see the type, Kodak Portra 800. which is a color film. but the banner implies that it is black and white.
  9. Most media now use 81-96. basically, graduated high school between 2000 (me) and 2014. but yes this is geared toward people 19 to early 30s. i dont know any women my age that this would appeal to at all.
  10. millennial women would not be college ladies. the youngest millenials are now old enough to have..... ahem graduate degrees. teh oldest millenials are almost 40.
  11. from how i met your mother. DOWISETREPLA Down Wind of the Sewage Treatment Plant
  12. oh, i thought it was going to be saturday during the preds game and was not going to make it. i will try to remember and come by.
  13. no. literally the 3 guys on the left of the picture, it is them. i asked one. he said that race ended up getting cancelled and he has still never been to a car race.
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