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  1. yes. its way back in this thread and i couldnt find it. but its a new strip of stores. much closer to the street with parking in the rear instead of in front if i remember correctly.
  2. I wasnt able to get a picture because I was driving. but the 3 buildings at the corner of 8th and Hillview Heights have been leveled. the captain Ds, Little Caesars and small strip that included a discount cigarette store and Boltons hot chicken and fish.
  3. it was at the previous tenant of that location from what I uderstand.
  4. i also have heard this. and the room with the view facing downtown ie the best view, doesnt even have a price, it just goes to the highest bidder.
  5. my company is going remote on monday, with the exceptions of accounting and customer service, which both have to report on monday to work out a schedule. we will be working from home but alternating days in the office since we have some duties that cant be performed outside. well thats what they say. I personally could get by with about 4 hours per week in the office.
  6. I have tickets to a play in NYC on the 28th. I plan on flying up there to attend. at this point I am looking forward to being in a (relatively) empty new york. However, i have already told my grand parents that i will not be visiting them for several weeks after i get back. because even though i could get a mild case, I do not want to pass it to them.
  7. I didn't even see a branch down in Melrose all the way down to Brentwood. We slept through the whole thing. When I woke up I had no idea why I had so many messages from friends asking if I was OK. And since I didn't have my CO tacts in, I got UK to fix my TV sound and read in the screen "100s evacuated in Nashville. And they were showing the auto parts store in Germantown. Since I had no context yet. I thought it might be a gas explosion. It took me several minutes to figure out what was going on. Im very glad everyone on here seems to be OK.
  8. The next home game is the 21st at 1. There is a preds home game at 7. I bet a lot of preds fans that went to the soccer game on Saturday will be at both on the 21st! I saw preds gear everywhere. We plan to be. I still have a lot of questions about how the game is played but we had a great time on Saturday. The wife asked about season tickets 10 minutes into the game. We will definitely be back to several this year. Starting with the 21st!
  9. they have now opened up the first 3 rows in the remaining sections. it looks like several hundred have sold from the picture i posted earlier.
  10. I can only say of one cancellation i have direct knowledge. My parents were supposed to fly from here next tuesday. they were going to a convention in Nuremburg, via the BA flight to London. the convention has been canceled. so. on a local level. he has canceled his flight. and 2 hotel nights, one monday and one for his return in 2 weeks. he would have spent money on broadway for diner and drinks on monday night and even some on tuesday before his flight. obviously, this is just 2 people. but amplify it by thousands. and that is just people traveling through here to get to another destination.
  11. this is what they did with the opposite upper level. they first sold the rows closest to the field in the middle, kind of in a triangle, (yellow) with more rows available towards the center. then opened up the rows behind that (blue) , leaving the seats further from center field not even for sale, (red) as they continue to sell they open more up. i watched all last week as the opposite side kept creeping towards the top. now this side is doing it. as for myself. i have never been to a soccer game in my life. not even a kids game. but i will be there tomorrow! i bought club level (in case of bad weather) a few weeks ago. sold my preds tickets for the night. I'm really looking forward to it. I just hope whomever is sitting next to me doesnt mind answering a bunch of stupid questions from both myself and my wife.
  12. Funny. I literally replied to her tweet of this story with a gif of a woman stirring a pot.
  13. In Williamson, Centennial was the first new high school since Brentwood opened in the early 80s. Centennial opened my freshman year in 1996, I was in the first class to attend 4 years. both Ravenwood and Independence opened while I was in college. I moved here in 92. and attended the new trinity Elementary, which was only 1 year old at the time. i dont know how many, but they built quite a few identical elementary schools in the early 90s. many more since. I went to Page Middle, and while there, several new middle schools opened.
  14. https://www.newschannel5.com/news/save-our-fairgrounds-to-file-injunction-to-stop-mls-stadium-deal What is their major malfunction?
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