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  1. they should ad a comparison to the original score board!
  2. had a great time tonight. and I cant believe Ron dropped that bomb. cant wait till next meet so everyone else can hear.
  3. Nashville Arena > Gaylord Entertainment Center > Nashville Arena > Sommet Center > Nashville Arena > Bridgestone Arena there was a gap in sponsorship between Gaylord and Somet, and again after that ended abruptly. I would be willing to bet though that with current popularity of Nashville and the primary tenant, if bridgestone were to end the contract, a new sponsor would be announced quickly. and it would not revert to nashville arena.
  4. Ron, the spot you have marked is a parking lot for the park across the street. connected by a tunnel under the street. the other spot is a temporary gravel lot that was being used for construction. I drove by on sunday.
  5. I was thinking it was going here. the original description a few months ago said it was where construction vehicles were currently parking during the expansion of The Heritage.
  6. They were working on the overpass over I-65 at 12:30 am Saturday morning. It was very loud and woke me up several times.
  7. Former cvs, dry cleaners, and other things demo began. From this morning. Oops, sorry I didn't see your post Paul.
  8. So did one of the other restaurants close? Or did they use unused space?
  9. First 100 people on line that also stay all night get free food for a year.
  10. My friend at postmates confirms marks info. He wouldn't add anymore. Just confirmed it is correct.
  11. 30 year lease ready, just needs to be approved.and signed. Highlights: Ending city subsidies. Increasing facilities fee on tickets. Preds free to renovate. First plan is to add 1,200 new seats, and add an actual press box. I'd say some of those seats will come from the current press area. Looks like additional club area as well on the short end. I'm sure Mark will have ALL the details.
  12. Totally intended to be there this month, but I was given free tickets to the Kentucky Derby yesterday so... I'll be enjoying a mint julep or 3. See yall next month
  13. Retrofit DOME on the existing but renovated stadium. , AND 30k seat open air baseball stadium
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