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  1. that lot has incredible potential. it could be several nice houses, a small aprtment or condo, mixed used bar with apartments. there will be a light rail stop a block away. tehsoccer stadium down the street. sooooo much could be done!
  2. West End Summit

    HEY! We got a coach!
  3. 505 CST - 545 feet - 45 Floors - U/C

  4. W Hotel, 16 stories, 350 rooms

    Ugly and Short
  5. 505 CST - 545 feet - 45 Floors - U/C

    nice lamp!
  6. Nashville International Airport

    they are fine when people use them correctly, it is a moving sideWALK not a moving sideSTAND. and, yes i get mad at people on escalators also, they you walk up or down stairs, so you should do the same when the stairs move!
  7. MSA South - Williamson & Rutherford Counties

    This picture is way later than the others. Im going to say this is at the oldest 1997. I lived off of General George patton from 1992- 1997. for most of that time the closest Kroger was on highway 96 in franklin. this picture has a kroger in it so it has to be at least 1995 or 6. but my freshman year at Centennial, 1996-1997, Mallory ln dead ended at Jordan road, and I had to go around to Liberty Pike. and Mallory is mostly finished here, so 1997 at the earliest.
  8. "you're going to like the place you live, I guarantee it!"
  9. Cambria Suites Hotel|255 Room|19 Stories|200 feet

    i just cant believe we tore down that beautiful goodyear tire store for a hotel....
  10. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    I dont know why but for some reason I always had in my mind that the tunnel under broadway was closer to 5th than 6th. Clearly I was wrong.
  11. Charlotte Park/Sylvan Park/Bellevue/West Nash./Nations

    did it move somewhere? I always wanted to check it out.
  12. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    I actually have met both English and Australian tourists more than once on Broadway in the last 6 months. always for the music. I actually met some Australians at broadway brewhouse before one of the preds playoff games, they were in town for fanfair. but where shocked by the hockey.
  13. looks like i will miss another one, im headed to knoxville to watch the dumpster fire in Neyland.
  14. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    I like it. I shall make a few observations and answer a few comments: The distance from Lafayette to James Robertson along 5th is 1.27 miles. That is the maximum. The tunnel will not end directly on those streets so it will ace be shorter. Not 2 miles The sudden end on Charlotte is a good start, I would bet that they already anticipate an extension to white Bridge at least. The stub to TSU seems like an addition to make someone happy. As thoroughly discussed on this board. The largest obstacle to surrounding counties is CSX Seattle has a downtown transit tunnel. It started for busses, but was built to accommodate trains. It has had both for a while now. As they increase train service, busses are being phased out of the tunnel. The same could happen here. I have more thoughts but not enough time on my lunch break to type them all.