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  1. I tried to approximate the angle as best as I could. It looks like the old track was much larger but the grand stand was in the same location. Also, the expo buildings were in the same footprint as the current ones. I also find this interesting as the no MLS crowd seemed to keep saying that the race track had been there much longer.
  2. If food does that to yall, you shouldn't eat there. Neither of those places does anything to me.
  3. That's a great location for a waffle house! Proximity to the cbd, and the increasing density that we all expect along Charlotte, it will never be not busy.
  4. volsfanwill

    Soccer in Nashville

    and wants to make sure his NO is on record
  5. volsfanwill

    Soccer in Nashville

    someone get this woman a menu. AND my 1000th comment was a snarky joke!
  6. volsfanwill

    Soccer in Nashville

    the channel 5 feed just dropped
  7. volsfanwill

    Soccer in Nashville

    every word swope spoke alternated between yes an no, i have no idea about him now. I bet he reads the room, he wont be the 27th vote, but he will be the 28th, and vice versa if its going the other way
  8. volsfanwill

    Soccer in Nashville

    im screaming at my computer screen
  9. volsfanwill

    Soccer in Nashville

    so uverse 99, blank. metro website for streaming, blank. channel 5 facebook, up and running.... streaming the metro feed
  10. Actually she is in sales for equipment rental. So she knows lots of people.
  11. I discovered Saturday evening that a friend of mine is involved in the local construction industry. We quickly decided that we can enjoy a very mutually beneficial relationship. I can tell her about up coming projects, she can give me info on start dates. Having said that, she said this should start in December. The W will start sooner.
  12. volsfanwill

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    http://Bird Cages: Tactical Urbanists Spray Paint Parking Spaces for Electric Scooters https://99percentinvisible.org/article/bird-cages-tactical-urbanists-spray-paint-parking-spaces-for-electric-scooters/ Interesting article. "bird cages" haha
  13. volsfanwill

    Soccer in Nashville

    Divisional as in the 3 grand divisions of Tennessee. It's actually not open to interpretation at all. Legally Tennessee has 3 grand divisions. Memphis has a fair for all of West TN. Knoxville has one for east TN, the TN Valley fair held in chilhowee Park.