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  1. Did you catch the BBC One story on LHR and the debate about hub vs. o/d airports?
  2. I think that walking from Meredith or NCSU to Glenwood Avenue and Fayetteville Street is a bit of stretch (in the rain, at night, after work?) which is why there was a streetcar line along Hillsborough Street at one time. What Raleigh seems to forget (when it comes to rail transit)) is that development FOLLOWS transit -- look at Charlotte. If you buy the anti-transit/anti-urban argument that you don't have enough density to support rail, you'll be waiting for a long time. The existing rail line running from Raleigh to Cary is perfect for long-distance and inter-city (commuter) rail but ligh
  3. I'd like to revisit the 1997 plan that included putting streetcars back onto Hillsborough and skip all the roundabouts except for the two (traffic circles) originally proposed at Pullen and Hillsborough (NCSU gateway) and at Faircloth/Gorman and Hillsborough (Meredith gateway). The original plans' rerouting of Oberlin (behind Players Retreat) seems to have worked well but wish they had closed off the leg from Groveland to Hillsborough as originally proposed for outdoor cafe seating in front of the PR and what was Darryl's. The streetcar part of the plan was for the rail to go under "Pullen C
  4. AC Hotels in Italy are kind of dumps. Can't say much about the others in Europe. Only know the properties in Italy.
  5. The CO reported today that construction would start in January 2015. Any renderings yet?
  6. Raleigh and TTA treated N/S really badly at a time when N/S was more willing to work with local governments. We had no problems working with them on the Eastrans commuter rail proposal in eastern NC. They own and maintain their facilities and are under no obligation to work with anyone. When communities and transit systems act the railroad works for them, the railroad pushes back -- as it did in the Triangle in the 1990's and early 2000's. The other reality is that rail transport of freight is a rapidly growing, cost effective, and profitable alternative to truck and air transport. The ra
  7. Always thought the parking lot next to the Presbyterian Church on Trade Street would make a great location for a vertical retail "showcase" -- even better, cap the 277 Freeway and use it to bridge Uptown and South End along the Blue Line.
  8. Makes me wonder if, by then, that the national media drop the "NC" after Charlotte, ?
  9. Does anyone think the City of Charlotte will have 1 million inhabitants in, say, the next 15 years?
  10. McPope would attend the opening of an envelope. He showed up for one of these "economic development announcements" in our region and it was 39 new jobs making adult baby wipes.
  11. i hope that both of the new Harris buildings don't have the same tops. Twin domed tops next to each other will definitely conjure up a new image for Southpark.
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