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  1. I have really tried to bring something to this corner that limits the intensity of what a major and intense restaurant and bar will obvioulsy generate. The all brick and steel building with the amount of masonry detail is not an inexpensive gesture for me to be able to make for this location. Residents love the building design but cant make the connection that you can't spend as much on a quality project without an appropriate tenant. Stay tuned everyone for some interesting next steps.
  2. The Arthur Cottages update. http://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/article/20838162/buena-vista-home-sale-sets-record
  3. I thought I would post a status update on these 4 cottages being developed at 1514 A&B and 1516 A&B Arthur Avenue. I went with an engineered construction process on these 4 homes and couldn't be more pleased with that decision. We started construction around the first of September. Look on our FB page for ongoing updates. This picture was taken this morning. Jim
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  5. UPDATE on 1038 A&B Scovel Street - We have been successful with obtaining approval to construct a total of 4 covered parking spaces for these two Row Homes instead of what we had originally thought we could do with only 2 covered and 2 uncovered. That has caused a delay in pricing these homes but hopefully we should be able to move to MLS sometime early September. The view is absolutely stunning from these rooftop terraces! Stay tuned.
  6. Hamlet, each of the 6 units have a garage with a minimum space for two cars. One of the units has a 3 car garage.
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