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  1. Sparty97

    Subway (as in transportation) Fantasy Map

    Had to find this old thread to post this article. Chicago is getting a "free" Boring Company tunnel with an express line from O'hare to "Block 37" (somewhere in the Loop). "The Boring Company will have to finance the entire build itself and operate and maintain the express line after it's completed." I'm now having tunnel envy. It almost certainly will be a long while before we could talk The Boring Company into building one for Grand Rapids but maybe someday... Chicago selects Elon Musk’s Boring Company to build express line from O‘Hare
  2. Sparty97

    Lakeshore Projects

    I get your point on "potential" but any lake still listed as an Area Of Concern by the EPA ("Worst of the worst") still has a way to go before projects like this will take off. Beneficial Use Impairments - Beach closings - Removed 2015 - Restrictions on fish and wildlife consumption - Eutrophication or undesirable algae - Restrictions on drinking water consumption, or taste and odor - Degradation of fish and wildlife populations - Degradation of aesthetics - Degradation of benthos - Restrictions on dredging activities - Loss of fish and wildlife habitat
  3. Sparty97

    Village of Ada - Complete Makeover

    For those that missed it, Gravel Bottom is re-opening on May 11th in their new location. They will have 20 beers on tap that day.
  4. Sparty97

    Suburban Projects

    Speaking of restaurants near that corner, another restaurant is planned for this fall. Bonchon Chicken (Bonchon is an international chain known for its Korean fried chicken and wings.)[email protected]&utm_content=2732%3A%20GRBJ%20Daily%3A%20Holding%20company%20shutting%20down%20fu&utm_campaign=GRBJ%20Daily%3A%20Holding%20company%20shutting%20down%20furniture%20brand
  5. Sparty97

    Suburban Projects

    RE: Knapp's corner - That makes a few empty restaurants on that corner with Bagger Dave's and Menchie's closing recently. I'll be curious to see if Potbelly and Freshii make it much longer. They never seem busy when I am over there. Is the "Building D", where Bar Louie is slated to go, being built right now? Can't tell what all is being constructed over there...
  6. Sparty97


    I will be interested in seeing the plans and the specific location (on the property). Could be a really nice setting. That property borders the White Pine Trail but it seems like it is set on a pretty steep hill. Might be able to attract a lot of the runners, cyclists, etc. that are on the trail if it is close enough. Might be able to work with some organizations like LLS Team in Training or JDRF Ride to Cure to do some of their team rides/runs starting there.
  7. Sparty97

    Suburban Projects

    I'm trying to imagine what that might look like. There would be little need to do something that goes East/West with 96 running so far North of town. I would assume it would just be the Beltline made into a freeway, extended up and cutting over to 131 around Post Drive or so. I think we are more likely to see the East Beltline add a couple of lanes or maybe even eventually turn into something like Lakeshore drive in Chicago (quasi-freeway) to help speed people North to Rockford/Cedar Springs after working in Ada, Kentwood, Lansing, Caledonia, etc..
  8. Sparty97

    East Beltline Developments

    The difference is that the HopCat crack fries have a cult following in GR. Crack Fries are something that everyone knows about and people will go there just to try it at least once. I know people like my dad have never been to the downtown location (and probably never will) but I can see taking him there when he is visiting us on the NE side. I've never been to the other locations (tried to get into the East Lansing location once but the line was 2 hours...) and I'll be curious how it compares. Next, they need to bring a Stella's to us somewhere in the burbs (or maybe bring The Queso Jalapeno burger to the new HopCat). :-)
  9. Sparty97

    East Beltline Developments

    This will be extremely busy. We will be frequenting this location often. Can't wait.
  10. Sparty97


    Parking is not obvious. For people that just Google the address and then try to find parking after they are there, it can be very confusing. I've been there 3-4 times and never thought to park in Lot 7 or 8. I've always circled the next few blocks (West and North) (& complained to everyone in my truck) until I found something on the street.
  11. I'm trying to understand the parking details. Maybe I missed some of the initial details but there does seem to be a significant change from what has been initially reported. Right now the City of Grand Rapids has Arena Lot 4 and Arena Lot 5 with a total of 595 spots. All of these will be gone during the construction (we knew this) and now we're hearing that the City will only have a lease for around 300 spots after the construction (reduction of 295 spots). The city has always insinuated that they would have more spots and not less after construction. They even still have something to this effect on their website. Has anyone heard anything on how will the other 610 spots (of the 910 total) be managed? Is there some other arrangement for public parking that makes up for the almost 300 lost spots? Specifically, regarding the monthly parking passes for people working downtown. I'm assuming that some of these 610 spaces will go to the new residents living in the apartments/condos on the property and then some others will be for the businesses going into this development (Loeks employees, etc.).
  12. I'm rooting for them to come through in their datacenter buildout. I think the impact to Grand Rapids can be significant. I'm just pointing out the stark difference between what we were told in the sales cycle and what has actually happened. When we visited in the fall of 2016, they told us that they would be full in the pyramid by December 2016 (State of Michigan was already in there) and would have availability in their new SuperNap by summer of 2017... They also said that Grand Rapids was the site for the entire East Coast, but now I see Atlanta. We saw a lot of red flags (they had some obvious engineering challenges with building out all the datacenters in the Pyramid) and went in a different direction.
  13. A year ago they promised one of their larger Tier 5 colocations would be built by summer of 2017. They still haven't broken ground on that. The fact that they are only 54% full in the pyramid may be is a sign of slowing sales or maybe a lack of commitment to Grand Rapids (I noticed that they are building another location in Atlanta).
  14. Sparty97


    It does sound like it is just about a done deal though. "Michels said he’s about “90-percent sure” ". Also found this interesting in the MIBIZ article,-production-facility : The drive to open a satellite brewery outside of Ada came as Michiels started doing the math for expanding production within the village and realized it didn’t make financial sense — or fit the character of the walkable, retail-driven area — to build a larger manufacturing facility there. According to Michiels, rents in Ada fell in the $23-per-square-foot range, while the new satellite location gets the company closer to the $6-per-square-foot range needed to keep overhead low to make distributing beer economically feasible. It's hard to argue with costs at only 26% of the new rates in Ada.
  15. Sparty97

    Village of Ada - Complete Makeover

    I stopped in this morning to grab some coffee from Rowsters. It has some of the same feel as the Plainfield store but a lot more light and open space. Decent beer selection (like Plainfield) and they had the same wall of bulk food (like Plainfield). I didn't check out Fish Lads or Carver's.