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  1. Sparty97

    Population Growth

    People in Ionia County are both. I grew up in Portland (Eastern Ionia County) and many families have people working in both Grand Rapids and Lansing. My dad is a good example. He worked in Lansing for around 20 years and then spent the next 25+ working in Grand Rapids. As a kid, we watched WOOD TV8 and got most of our news from there. People who grew up in Western Ionia County (Lowell, Saranac, Ionia, Lake Odessa, etc.) all probably consider themselves West Michigan. They are closer to GR and the shopping/employment options dwarf that of Lansing.
  2. Sparty97

    Village of Ada - Complete Makeover

    Apparently, the Forest Hills Foods nugget wasn't a huge secret (I just found it a few minutes ago..). Their Facebook page has been up for a couple of days. Here is a drawing of the layout.
  3. Sparty97

    Village of Ada - Complete Makeover

    The rumor has been Forest Hills Foods.
  4. Sparty97

    People talking about Grand Rapids

    As a Gen X'er, I've got a while until I retire but I can already see the draw of spending the winters down in Florida. I've noodled with the idea of buying a condo down there near a beach, using it for vacations and then renting it out until we are ready (15-20 years from now). The biggest fear is the real estate bubble bursting or betting on an area of the state that becomes less appealing in 20 years.
  5. IGNORE: Answered my own question..
  6. Sparty97

    People talking about Grand Rapids

    The average home list price is $280k? I don't work in the industry, but that seems higher than I expected.
  7. Sounds like Millenium Park is not a done deal. The latest story on WoodTV is that it is just one of many locations they are considering. Even went as far to say they think this will happen "if they find the right site". They want it as close to downtown as possible (which would support the Millenium location...).
  8. Sparty97

    Village of Ada - Complete Makeover

    Well, that didn't last long. Kingmas, Fish Lads, Rowsters, etc. in Ada are closing.
  9. Sparty97

    Predictions for the coming year

    Just to pile on. If you put the IKEA out by the airport or 28th Street, I think it would be a slam dunk. You could then also include MSU/Lansing in those numbers. East Lansing to the Canton IKEA is around 1 hour and 20 minutes. East Lansing to Kentwood would be a little over an hour. Lansing is even a bit closer than EL. Add in all the towns between Lansing and Grand Rapids, and I think the IKEA would get enough traffic.
  10. Sparty97

    Life Expectancy: East Grand Rapids v Eastown

    Not sure I follow your logic. People dying in a Senior Living Facility would push the average age at death higher not lower (not too many teenagers dying in a Senior Living Facility). Additionally, if it is based upon where the death certificate is written, then most people dying under the age of 60 would be at a hospital (exception would be people declared dead on the scene of an accident, etc.). That would give neighborhoods with hospitals as having a substantially lower age at death than surrounding areas. Note: if this is how the census tracks these numbers, then it is flawed.
  11. Sparty97


    I do love Stella's stuffed burgers ( the Queso Jalapeno burger is the best burger on the planet..). I wouldn't complain if there was another location not in downtown GR. Not sure if the style fits the burbs but maybe someplace like East Town or East Grand Rapids, etc.
  12. Sparty97


    I wonder if this is part of a bigger strategy of expanding Hop Cat or even possibly selling it to another group. At one point in time, I had heard that they were growing Hop Cat with the plan of selling the franchise. Then they would focus on franchising Stella's. By the way, the Hop Cat at Knapp's Corner is still crazy busy. The last 3 times we have tried to eat there (midweek evenings), the wait was too long (45-60 minutes for a table) and we have gone to other restaurants instead. They fill up their entire parking lot and then half of the old Chili's parking lot. The Hop Cat name brand is very strong in West Michigan.
  13. Sparty97

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    It looks like the table shows calendar years. So part of the decline is due to a partial year (2018) vs. a whole year (2017). Maybe there will be a holiday rush that gets it closer to 2017?
  14. I guess it makes sense that 8 of the 9 theaters are rather small (45 to 85 seats). They probably need to balance having variety with a smaller population of moviegoers.
  15. Sparty97

    MSU Biomedical Research Campus - Phase II

    The perfect scenario would also include a Sparrow (Lansing's version of Spectrum) and Spectrum merger. MSU already has strong partnerships with both hospital systems. A MSU/Spectrum/Sparrow rebrand as Michigan State University Health System would be a powerful entity.