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  1. An entity related to the Secchia family has owned the building since January 2016.
  2. Gotcha. Yeah, I don't think Gilmore has met with anyone. Think maybe he was hoping this would fly under the radar for a while. But that's speculation on my part now, too.
  3. Well that would be silly, since Mangiamo/Paddock Place is pretty clearly in East Hills. Fuller is the border between the two NAs. I know for a fact Greg Gilmore knows that.
  4. This church building is actually on the National Historic Register, so the preservation issues go a lot higher than just with local HPC.
  5. Let's not get ahead of ourselves - here's what the Heritage Herald actually says: 363 State Street development: The micro-unit development is no longer a reality. The owner has been administratively approved by HPC to rehab the current structure (former Clark’s). The windows will be reopened, the modern roof removed, and exterior goose-neck light fixtures windows are all planned. A retail tenant appears to be in the works. (emphasis added by me). So... Dollar General appears to be speculation at this point, unless Morris has some other insider knowledge. EDIT: OOPS - did see Dollar
  6. Agreed. However the customer demographic includes quite a bit more than just those living in the neighborhood. If it just included neighborhood residents, most commercial districts GR would still be lacking for customers. Again, agreed on a lot of these points - especially about the homes along the north side of Wealthy between James and Charles. These properties are in significant need of investment that they likely won't receive; and residential use is no longer the "highest and best" use for these properties. Despite all the good about how we use historic preservation in Grand R
  7. With all due respect, I'm getting kind of tired of this old argument that Grand Rapids can only have one "it" area. Investment continues in Uptown, with plenty still in the pipeline; and demand for commercial lease space in Uptown remains incredibly strong, even as more and more comes on line along Bridge Street and other nearby parts of the Westside. Plus, Uptown and Bridge St. are not even the only potential "it" areas in town (see: Creston, North Monroe, etc.). This isn't two regional malls competing for national chains - for the most part investment in Uptown and Bridge Street
  8. Notwithstanding what's being built south of the city parking lot on Barth SE? Because that's a stretch for "pretty darn cool"...
  9. I wouldn't disagree with you except for the fact that a similar "modern" looking design was handily shot down by HPC and the neighborhood 3 years ago. And TBH, ...the neighborhood opinion here seems to carry more weight than HPC; only say that because I LIVE in the neighborhood (and don't assume I agree with the prevailing neighborhood opinion)....
  10. 234 Charles SE sold as of 3/31/2017 for $269,000, this after selling in mid-2015 for $185,000 Great look, but would never receive HPC or neighborhood (Cherry Hill) approval.
  11. Does anyone know what was decided RE: 733 Wealthy at the HPC meeting last night?
  12. c) Unless something very major has changed in the last few weeks, Cherry Street Capital is still very much involved in this project. Perhaps Triangle is their CM and/or GC? Cherry Street is submitting for the April HPC meeting for approval. There was a committee requested by HPC, led by Cherry Street, made up of neighbors and representatives of EHCN and EHBA that has been (and continues) to meet regularly to guide the redesign process. From what I've heard, the meetings have been productive and based on the new designs shared at the EHCN meeting tonight, the project is much more in the cha
  13. Deed restrictions run with the land, not the owner. A deed restriction can specify certain uses, etc. It's an interesting tool.
  14. Trader Joe's (or any other grocery store) at this site would not be an option. Spartan had all parcels deed restricted when they purchased the D&W site from Benner.
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