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  1. The amenity deck on top of the garage is looking nice! https://oxblue.com/open/SkyHouseApartments
  2. I was back in Charlotte this week, and made a timelapse while at the Knights game.
  3. Not much new info, but breaking ground next month! http://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/blog/real_estate/2015/06/portman-holdings-to-break-ground-on-charlotte.html
  4. It sure looks like they have poured the base for the second crane at Skyhouse II. https://oxblue.com/open/SkyHouseApartments
  5. Not sure if everyone has noticed, but the exterior elevator has been removed from Skyhouse. I'd imagine the internal ones are now functional. Now get started on Skyhouse II.
  6. this reminds me of a place in DC that is about to open named "Prequel". It's designed to house "Pop-Up" resturants, bakery, club, coffee shops, etc. By rotating new entities in the space, the goal is to retain the "Honeymoon phase" of each place and maximize profits. I wonder if we'd be as lucky to get something that innovative here in Charlotte.
  7. Maybe its "Low-Cal", and they're only going to serve Bud Lite and Tofu.
  8. HAHAHA! some local media crew actually think this is real! LOL - http://globalflare.com/donald-trump-break-ground-golden-spire-charlotte/
  9. If you zoom all the way in to the lower right-hand corner of the webcam, you'll notice the temporary trailers have been moved, and there has been some core drilling. To me, this is a good sign (for Publix)! Im ready for this superblock to be fully developed!
  10. Since the name change to the Ascent, I dont recall if anyone has noticed, but Greystar has an Ascent tower in McLean, Va near DC. If its a cookie cutter design, then she will look like this--> http://www.theascenttysons.com/photos
  11. So, Accela has revised plans for "Ascent Uptown". I dont recall seeing this one. Where is it? I did some searching, and its a project by Greystar, a mid-rise with 314 units. http://www.greystar.com/client-services/new-apartments/current-construction.php
  12. Sorry, I know this is a bit off topic, but hopefully it helps someone. I've found the easiest way to use accela is to follow these 3 steps. 1 - open https://aca.accela.com/charlotte/ 2 - click "Land Development" 3 - Enter 28202 as the zipcode (everything else can be blank) and click search. Anything outside 28202 is irrelevant! haha
  13. I don't understand why they didn't just fix up and re-purpose that sweet-ass pool for the Skyhouse complex.
  14. Slowly but surely, the Mint is rising. Here is a timelapse I made today covering about 2 hours of work. http://youtu.be/DBZiEjaSpzs
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