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  1. They're gone. Newest future addition to the nasty parking crater in that area
  2. The Repertory Theatre on Main Street will be suspending operations due to financial reasons... Read about it here http://m.arkansasonline.com/news/2018/apr/24/arkansas-repertory-theatre-suspends-operations-cit/
  3. The Revolution Restaurant on Cumberland & President Clinton will be closing its doors next month. No reason was given for the upcoming closure. The adjacent music hall will remain open, however. http://m.arkansasonline.com/news/2018/apr/19/revolution-restaurant-little-rocks-river-market-cl/
  4. Oh No! Another historic structure bites the Dust. Any plans for this space or will it become yet another lot?
  5. Anyone know what is being constructed on the 300 block of Main where Mr Cool was?
  6. This building was demolished a couple days ago. I don't know what this was but it's gone now :/ Hopefully something new is built here or we'll have another empty surface parking lot My android camera is broken so I can't take a picture of the demo site.
  7. I'm glad they're doing something with it instead of making another surface lot on Main Also, is there any update on what Stephens is going to do with the surface parking lots on the 100 and 200 blocks of Main?
  8. I wonder how the West side of Broadway looked before all the buildings were destroyed...
  9. Very sad. So much for helping REVITALIZE Main St. The surface parking lots at the 100 block (Capital Hotel parking) and the 200 block (e-Stem parking) are understandable but this one doesn't make sense. What is it for? I was really hoping something was going to be constructed here, even if it was just all one story buildings. Something to increase foot activity on that block and the area in general I hate how every little project out there that would help out the area falls through the floor and they say F it, let's just put up a parking lot. Hard to imagine that Main St used to look li
  10. I noticed some activity recently while driving down past the 400 block of Main, Stephens old 2009 demolition site. Before, this spot was completely flat and empty, but now, there's raised areas of concrete surrounding the outside perimeter of the area and ovals inside the lot. I will take and upload a picture later today when I WALK back past the site to show you what it looks like. It looks like it be becoming yet ANOTHER surface parking lot...Extra parking for the upcoming Mann building tenants/workers maybe? I don't see any other reasons for a parking lot in that location. Does anyone
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