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  1. Just mute the video and sing the Family Matters theme.
  2. This was off the Stewart Creek Greenway near Wesley Village. Around the center of this screenshot.
  3. I remember when this was the official design. The atrium was a hot topic. Back then it was going to have a city-funded thousand-room hotel with water slides too.
  4. I apologize for my grammatical errors. Obviously my reply is completely invalid. I'm devistatingly embarrassed and I promise never to submit a quickly-typed phone reply again without going through my editors. If you really don't understand how this sentence incenuates that atheists are not "normal, hard working" people, and are more like "criminals" or "the indolent", then there is nothing even this illiterate can tell you. Since my first reply to this quote, I have never referenced anything outside this sentence, so your extraction of my opinions and inferring that I care if one group or another is considered "fringe" up north, down south, or wherever, absolutely shows that you misunderstood what I was talking about.
  5. Your not getting it... If I began an argument with something like: "We shouldn't give so much attention to rapists, perverts, and Christians..." Thats my issue. I couldnt care less who anyone considers "fringe".
  6. Thank you. Also, my post was before your earlier post had appeared, but I appreciated that first paragraph. I understand people have different perspectives and religions (or lack of...), but when someone's baseline assumes x-group are the same thing as bad people because of their take on the afterlife, it's hard not to say anything.
  7. The incenuation that atheist (and other fringe groups) are listed with criminals and the indolent definitely shows your mind state. I guess there is no way we can "save" you.
  8. Yes. The liberty to not have access to the same goods and services because of your skin color, your gender, what you do in your bedroom, or what you believe in.
  9. As someone who follows this team probably a little too closely, really is hilarious how Cam does 2 press conferences a week from preseason through the playoffs, and out of 30-60 minutes of content, it's always that one click-baity quote that gets talked about by the same people... every week. If there is one thing we all can honestly agree on, Cam is not always great at dictating his responses, and often uses words incorrectly. Honestly, after the zoo that is Media Day and all the traps laid for him, it's actually suprising that anyone has to reach this much just to say something negative. He's damn good at his job and makes the game more entertaining to watch as the multi-billion dollar traveling show it is. Rice, Peterson, Hardy, Plaxico, Hernandez, Henry, Pac-Man, Carruth... Yeah, but Cam celebrates first downs?!?!? Josh Gordon and Johnny Football also don't take the heat this guy does from the national media.
  10. Just a note: the schedules aren't "picked" by anyone. Every year our non-divisional NFC opponents are 4 teams from 1 other division (rotating) and 1 team from both of the remaining divisions who finished where we did in the NFC South. We've been playing Seattle every year because we keep winning our respective divisions, the same reason we will play the NFC West, Minnesota and Washington next year.
  11. About a month late... But this was from the Atlanta game.
  12. That sounds like everything I was hoping for! Thank you for the new info. I can't wait to see this thing for myself.
  13. I assume right next to the aptly named Falcons failgate party.
  14. Not to rehash the Cam convo, but Cam's actually 6th overall, not just QBs. I'd imagine he's top 3 in QB votes. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article44297862.html
  15. If Cam Newton completed 75% of his passes in this offense, he still may not be in the top 5 in the league. Shula runs a ball control offense designed to keep our defense rested for the end of the game. Cams first year in the league with Chud as our OC, Cam's numbers were awesome, but we were also getting destroyed late in games. Football isn't about how many yards you can throw for in a game, and MVP doesn't mean player with the best stats. I honestly feel like anyone who watches should be able to see these things. I don't know about any of you, but I like our system and it will never produce monster passing numbers over any span of games. Thankfully the people who make that decision don't just look at a stat sheet or fantasy numbers to determine player worth. Even pointing out his three interceptions as a stat to discredit him doesn't make sense. The first "interception" was a perfect pass that Ted Ginn had ripped from his arms on the way to the ground and if I'm not mistaken, another was popped up in the air off of Corey Brown's hands on a crossing route. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-videos/0ap3000000561174/Burleson-Cam-Newton-showing-maturity-at-quarterback
  16. How many other mediocre quarterbacks are being discussed as an MVP candidate 7 weeks into the season?
  17. This is a dream world away from Charlotte right now, but...
  18. Baby RDF should be strategically placed in your future building and skyline renderings as an identifier. No need to ever use a watermark.
  19. FACT: The Charlotte 49ers have the highest winning percentage of any FBS team in the nation. I have at least a week to brag about this to friends and coworkers. EDIT: Best all time*
  20. I think the point is not to justify the action, but be proactive in execution. It's not smart to hop the fence, but it begins to seem like the better choice when you're in your 20s and can avoid walking a mile to get to a location 30 feet away.
  21. It would be nice if these city free-rent days at BofA would be priced to fill the stadium and get as many people into uptown as possible. I know, sorry wrong thread.
  22. I visited a younger friend of mine a couple weeks ago who just moved into University House. The kids that live there don't care what the outside looks like.
  23. "So now illegals are welcomed on this boondoggle." - Every Top Commenter, Charlotte Observer.
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