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  1. That's cool. Maybe that will drive down the prices at the NLR Athletic Club. But if an LA Fitness is going in that location, then I'm not sure where you could put a Hotel.
  2. A Vitamin Shoppe? I can get vitamins at Kroger. Disappointing. Hopefully the other side of the new retail plaza features something more interesting.
  3. I'm trying to imagine a hotel going there. Is there room? That would be cool...
  4. Well my wife will be pleased to hear about an Ulta. As for Taste of India, I am very surprised a mexican restaurant would come considering Santo Coyote, On the Border, and now a rumored Chuy's are all in town. We need something other than mexican! Also, where would a new Hotel go? Question: What is going in to the newly built buildings by Chik fi let?
  5. In other news, there is a new sign up on the Old Saturn Dealership. Says a new "national sit down restaurant is coming soon." I heard a rumor it is going to be a Chuy's. Fingers crossed.
  6. I would be a happy man if somehow NLR could score a Chiplotle or Chuy's. We need something new...
  7. My guess would be the old Lakewood 8 movie theater. I had heard, when it closed down, that a gym was going in. That was a long time ago, so, it's possible that this has been in the works for a while. On another note, Pei Wei is not considering putting a location in North Little Rock as of right now, according to the manager.
  8. Here's some news: http://www.arkansasbusiness.com/article/94035/hastings-family-plans-to-makeover-north-hills-shopping-center-in-sherwood?page=1
  9. Courtyard by Marriot is almost finished. On the Border is making significant progress. Still no word on the old Saturn Dealership. I would love to see a Chuy's or something like a Bob Evans Restaurant go in to that place. They are building something near Chick Fil A, but my guess is that it's a new gas station. I also heard a rumor a while back that a Starbucks and a Pei Wei were going to go near the mall. I would love to see that happen.
  10. Yes, which-wich is now open. Haven't been yet. I'm assuming the dirt work going on next to Academy Sports is in fact for On The Border. I also heard a rumor that the local police are looking into purchasing the old car dealership that's for sale next to whole hog for their headquarters. That's only a rumor though. Well, that's all I know about NLR. Any new news would be greatly appreciated.
  11. It's literally next door to the pier 1. Which wich will be housed in the old quizno's. Any one find out what construction is going on near the mall? And does anyone know what hotel chain is being built on warden road?
  12. Too bad on the border is mediocre, but hey, at least we're getting something new in the area. I also noticed that property is available right met to buffalo wild wings. Maybe they'll put something good there.
  13. I highly doubt on the border is moving to the old car dealership next to Whole Hog. That location is in North Little Rock, not Sherwood. But I do hope a legitmate restaurant moves in to that location soon. As for the construction going on near the mall, I'm not sure what it is. I'm not sure they are actually building anything substantial there. Also, there is some prime time real estate where the old bowling alley used to be. I would love to see some new shops/restaurants go in/around that area.
  14. Here's what's going down with NLR: 1. Yes, a Church's Chicken is going into Backyard Burgers. Very disappointed by this news. Would've been a great spot for Frostop. 2. A sandwich chain called which-wich is going in to the old Quizno's by the pier 1. 3. Lakewood 8 is now closed and rumors have it that it will be torn down and turned into a gym. Not sure if this actually true or not. 4. The Pei Wei manager said they are planning a NLR location to open in the next year or two and that it will be near the mall, whatever that means. 5. The old car dealership next to Interstate An
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