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  1. Those numbers do surprise me. It seems lately many mass transit companies have been reporting more growth every year. It also seems I see more bikers these years than when I was a kid. Maybe the numbers are due to high suburban growth, I guess.
  2. Their wages have never been something to brag about but I am sure they are not going up. Back years ago I went to Wally world (Walmart) for better pay though I cannot brag them up neither. Meijer has made a lot of changes from old school. They use to carry a lot of name brands. Now it is one, at best two name brands along side their own brand. I love their sale prices because a third of them are their normal price. In saying all of that though, Meijer does still have the competition beat over all relating to price, though some weeks Family fare do give them a bit of competition with their sales. I am sometimes surprised by Walgreens sales of late. Any how, despite my dislikes, for full priced grocery retail, I still pick Meijer, and for those wishing for a Kroger, you ain't missing nothing, and the north store of Plumbs is not exactly whipping on the competitors either. The few local chains just cannot hold the prices though a couple of the west side stores can have surprising sales. Love them or hate them, I sure would not want to be without them. At least they are helping many neighborhoods/communities outside of just store management. I still wish the land they offered for the new zoo in Kent county would of been voted in favor of, but what has been done is done, and besides, now we have the train thing going up the hill in John Ball.
  3. Thanks John for letting me know. I hope they stay with those plans. It certainly gives me a true hope for the future of the market and area.
  4. Very cool thread of the vintage markets indeed. Also very cool pictures. Does anyone know when the inside market will open and if the hours will be better. Being open only three days a week with a day closed in between each day I found to be quite disappointing. I was really hoping for more consistency with the hours to not only make the structure a grand market but to establish it comparable to other major markets as to draw a consistent crowd and tourist. Will, it is a good start anyway.
  5. or feel a new gold mine has just been built. However, most likely there will be a strong dose of police to try helping those of such to find another block. In time though, yes, I believe it will be more common place to see, as like any attraction close to a homeless sector, in any given city.
  6. Thanks for the info John. I am very glad to hear it.
  7. Some things about this seems great, but how will this effect other bus routes. For instance, the #1 Division bus runs to the 54th st Miejer but not the silver line. From 36th st to downtown the #1 bus runs a good portion of the day every 15 minutes. So how will this work? Less frequent service (20-30 minutes) and a hard time reaching the department stores on 54th st. I don't know. Also the limited stops increase walking by up to two thirds from what it is now. Is this servive going to be better for the average user or worse and how will connections to other bus routes be met concerning transfers? Cutlerville could have the biggest benifet to a degree but even with this, will they still be able to get to K mart on 68th st or Craigs Cruisers? I guess a lot of my concerns rest with the fate of route 1 and connecting cross town routes like Burton, 28th and 44th. I guess we shall see.
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