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  1. Smith

    Everything Conway

    It's a Western Sizzlin Express whatever that means and I think it has a drive thru. The lawsuit is more about the franchise rights and a little more in depth than just menu items. The WS guy had first applied for a Steak N Shake franchise license in Greenbrier but was denied so then applied for the WS license. He claims he would not have spent the money on WS if he had known a SNS was still coming after he was denied. He is suing for lost profits and to be released from the franchise contract. I can understand his frustrations but WS would not have been my second choice after being denied.
  2. Smith

    Everything Conway

    It's at Dave Ward and Donaghey which has plenty of traffic (I see it everyday) and is directly across from UCA. I'm sure they are betting more on locals than interstate travelers. The one off the beaten path is the one in Greenbrier!
  3. Smith

    Everything Conway

    Steak N Shake on Dave Ward opened a week or two ago. It's been packed everytime I've driven by. They are also clearing land for another strip of stores. I believe it is a phase II of The Plazza next door to Steak N Shake.
  4. I originally said the CalArk site because none of the other land was cleared behind the Outlets so I wasn't sure how much space there was. But it still is a great site. It has interstate frontage and easy in/out access. It's been a bit but what I remember from the automated reply email was basically that my email would be forwarded to the proper team but they don't take public input for site location. I even know a couple of guys that were talking about fronting money for a franchise but all stores are corporate owned so that plan died really quick. If you read there expansion plan from a year or two ago, it is very aggressive. If I recall correctly, they wanted 50 locations by 2020.
  5. LR's new mayor is already pushing for Topgolf. AND for the record...I contacted Topgolf in Fall 2015 when the Outlets were opening and requested them to look into a location around Gateway Town Center specifically at the old CalArk site. Sooo I will need at least some of the credit if they come :)
  6. Smith

    Everything Conway

    The Burge's on Dave Ward is either closed or never opened. Signage is down.
  7. Smith

    West Village

    I went through one of these a few times last summer in SLC. It was nuts. I'm still not sure what I did.
  8. Smith


    Woodland Town Center is coming along nicely. They have been working for a few months now. Will soon house The Salon Professional Academy, Woodland Bakery & Bistro, Healthy U, Crestwood Dry Cleaners, Edward Jones Financial, and Harris & Renshaw Physical Therapy. There is a video but have to log in to Facebook to see it. Across Brockington, There is some new ground work happening in front of the McDonald's. The Humble Crumb bakery has upgraded from a garage to a new building at Kellogg Acres and 107.
  9. Ground has been broken on the Tacos4Life and the Purple Cow. They will be next door to each other in the Dillard's/McCain parking lot facing Warden Rd. Longhorn Steakhouse has their plumbing permit for what I am pretty sure is the closed Sears Auto Center lot.
  10. Purple Cow announced they will also be locating a stand alone shop in the Dillard's Parking lot
  11. Smith

    The River Market

    Gusano's appears to be closing and reopening as The Shack BBQ. That rumor has floated around for awhile that it was returning to LR. Supposedly, Gusano's pizza will still be on the menu.
  12. Probably those stupid little cups. Every two bites you have to get up for a refill.
  13. Not sure how long it has been but Sears Auto Center in front of McCain Mall is now also closed and signage removed.
  14. When Fox & Hound closing was on the news, they said it was a lease issue with the property holder. They are looking for a new location, possibly in LR.
  15. I saw on a Facebook discussion page that Purple Cow and Tacos4Life were looking at NLR locations. How accurate that is, I don't know. Cilantro's Mexican restaurant in Lakewood village is also closed now.