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  1. Did they split the larger space into two slots? I wonder what will go next door?
  2. I am hoping this food hall has a vibe similar to Mother Road Market in Tulsa. That place is a great spot to hang out and eat with friends.
  3. Doesn't do much good to be against it after the buildings are already down. Stephens will always win unfortunately.
  4. Midtown should be a better location than the NLR one. The one they are building now is literally next door to Popeye's and across the street from a Chick-fil-a that does $6 million in sales a year.
  5. Ah ok. I've seen the framing start but wasn't sure if that was something else or the Walk-Ons. I am not a big fan of Denny's either. I don't make it over to that Hampton Inn side often enough I guess to know which hotels are new. There is some work going on with the old Village Inn/ Weird Italian restaurant/ Shucked space too.
  6. I forgot to add that John Daly's Steakhouse is also closed. The space has reopened as a place called Local Patio Grill.
  7. Conway Restaurant News: Walk-Ons is getting ready for ground breaking in the Lewis Ranch development on Amity Rd Minute Man of El Dorado is said to be looking at a Conway location Skinny J's is going in the former Draft/Roux's location on Dave Ward Taco Bell has a plumbing permit for what I think is the empty lot next to Steak 'n Shake on Dave Ward The old Exxon at I-40 and Oak Street was razed and now a strip with Panda Express and Sleep Number store that are about ready to open Your Pie on Dave Ward in a strip next to Andy's Frozen Custard is nearing their opening date Non-restaurant: Sissy's Log Cabin is moving into the old Simmons location near Conway Commons
  8. Which one in WLR? Cantrell or Chenal? Kind of a rough time to close with all those kiddos just getting out for summer.
  9. Bulgogi Korean BBQ opens today on Oak Street in Conway
  10. And in the same building, a coffee shop is going in the old art gallery space and Wicked Taco is going in the old Subway space. Sounds like a nice little corner of options.
  11. Why not just leave the bar open and either close the restaurant or make it event rental only?
  12. I'll throw out a what if... What if LR invested in a light rail type system that ran the length of 630 instead of adding a 4th lane like they are doing now. Say from Markham and Chenal to the Airport. I recall an animation of something very similar a few years ago. I know it will never happen but seems like it would be more beneficial than another lane of traffic. Way far in the future they could add branches to Saline county and NLR/Sherwood. A boy can dream right?
  13. It's more Main Street adjacent but Hurts Donut Company opens tomorrow (2/27) at 5am in the old Funny Bone Comedy Club/ On the Rock Club/Little Rock Technology Park Authority space next door to Wasabi and across the street from the Convention Center entrance. I went to a pre-opening event last night and they were still feverishly training new employees. I think I saw they were going to have something like 80 employees. It will be open 24 hours a day and offer delivery within 5 miles of the store.
  14. It's a Western Sizzlin Express whatever that means and I think it has a drive thru. The lawsuit is more about the franchise rights and a little more in depth than just menu items. The WS guy had first applied for a Steak N Shake franchise license in Greenbrier but was denied so then applied for the WS license. He claims he would not have spent the money on WS if he had known a SNS was still coming after he was denied. He is suing for lost profits and to be released from the franchise contract. I can understand his frustrations but WS would not have been my second choice after being denied.
  15. It's at Dave Ward and Donaghey which has plenty of traffic (I see it everyday) and is directly across from UCA. I'm sure they are betting more on locals than interstate travelers. The one off the beaten path is the one in Greenbrier!
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