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  1. Not sure. Google shows as permanently closed. I went back and reread the FB post and it says: "We appreciate the tremendous amount of love and support. As of 10/31/20 Kimchi will be closed until further notice. Again thank you all very much it was a wonderful experience and we are very grateful for the chance to spread the love of Korean cuisine."
  2. Kimchi Korean Restaurant closed a little while back and the family sited Covid-19. There was a slight hint at hoping to reopen but seems very doubtful.
  3. That project is already a disaster. Screwed up the last of the free rivermarket parking and took away the sledding hill. It is a mess.
  4. I saw an equipment auction for Copeland's coming up Aug 20 so that doesn't sound temporary. I just saw they said they were closed for reorganizing then announced it was closed permanently. I am sure Covid-19 didn't help even if it wasn't the cause.
  5. Newk's NLR Old Chicago NLR Old Chicago Conway Panera Conway Zaffino's Sherwood Copeland's Little Rock
  6. Not my photos (taken by VCC/Alley family) but it looks nice:
  7. That was fast: La Madeline location to become a second location of Lulu's by the Chi family. https://www.aymag.com/new-restaurant-slated-to-fill-la-madeleine-vacancy/
  8. Target said no from what I remember. That change snowballed into the rest of the development being kind of blah.
  9. From what I recall, the NW building was a hotel site. It was not built with the rest of the apartment buildings (which were all supposed to be first floor retail instead of just one). Even after it was built, it was repainted so there must have been a change in plans at some point. The developers also wanted the Target as two story but they said no so their footprint is massive.
  10. There are actually two Taziki's in Tulsa and at least two in NWA. Not an overwhelming presence but they are in the markets.
  11. Lush will enter the market and take one of the empty storefronts though I am not sure which.
  12. This was originally supposed to be a $40 million renovation. They said they were not choosing a new location because they would not be building a new building. Their past building projects and expansions have had their issues. Hence why it's being torn down. The newest section of the building was built in 2000 and it is the section that is gone in the top picture. We will see if they are in over their heads.
  13. Conway is doing something right. There are restaurants popping up all over. 2 new apartment complexes about ready to open. Downtown is looking great. UCA has 4 or 5 construction projects going on. No wonder they are attracting new companies/jobs. It's so much different than when I was in school 15 years ago.
  14. Did they split the larger space into two slots? I wonder what will go next door?
  15. I am hoping this food hall has a vibe similar to Mother Road Market in Tulsa. That place is a great spot to hang out and eat with friends.
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