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  1. I agree, and I like his work and really appreciate his commitment to making Charlotte a more livable urban center, but I just wish his designs were less obviously his, if that makes sense. Every rendering we get from Furman screams his name, and, to me, each new rendering just gets a bit less interesting because of that. Also, I see we are all in a serious mood tonight. Tried to poke fun at our favorite snake oil salesman and remind everyone that beige is Charlotte’s official color, but now I’m just the David Furman hater. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ P.S. - I would be THRILLED if this gets built here.
  2. We’re nothing in the QC if not consistent. Levine never builds ANYTHING, Furman recycles ALL of his designs, and EVERYONE else makes the bold choice of going with a lovely shade of Charlotte beige.
  3. Just waiting for the CA article written by Ted who knows that Jeni’s will “kill it” here. The P-M location will be extra “Instagrammable”, so he, of course, will be “bullish”.
  4. Are they doing anything with the sidewalk along Church? The pedestrian experience on Church between 5th and 3rd is arguably one of the worst in Uptown. Narrow, uneven sidewalks with multiple garage entrances on every block.
  5. I guess I just don’t have the food budget y’all do. I take my lunch to work and cook almost every night. I could eat well for a week on $35.
  6. $35 for a chicken sandwich, fancy toast and a salad?? No, thanks. Pass.
  7. Y’all... it’s Stanly County, without the “e”. Stanley, NC is a town in Gaston County.
  8. While I also don’t want to get too excited until an official announcement is made, there’s no way DL allows CLT to release a rendering with a SkyClub unless they’re committed to building one. Also, DL already had 6 gates, so I’d expect them to add at least 1-2 more given current gate constraints; however, I doubt they’ll take all 10 since there are realistically only a few destinations they would consider adding (Seattle, Boston, Austin?) that they don’t already serve unless they plan to significantly increase frequencies on exiting routes. And, like LKN704 said, the current A-North is already essentially at capacity. Also, continuing the lounge speculation, here is an email I received today from the Director of Strategic Network Development at the largest independent (Priority Pass or pay-per-use) lounge network in the US, which is rapidly adding new locations. As I mentioned previously, I think the same location on the current A-North is a perfect location for The Club CLT.
  9. Will you open one in Uptown too? It’s ridiculous that the most urban zip code in NC with a population of 30,000+ still doesn’t have a liquor store. I have to walk 2 miles or get in my car, which gets driven 1-2 times a month. Also, please don’t close on Sundays. It’s the one day of the week I most often find myself needing to restock.
  10. Thanks. Getting my bank branches in prime retail locations mixed up.
  11. The old Dean & DeLuca on Tryon?
  12. I know a Charlotte MLS team would/will probably be named Carolina United (which actually makes sense), but I still prefer American-style team names, and I don’t care that soccer fans judge me for it. Carolina Cougars for the win!
  13. Haha. The things urban millennials spend their money on these days. Growing up on farmland in Stanly County, I would pay someone $49 for them to drive a tractor for me. Hearing one crank up when we were kids meant that playtime was over and that it was time to start working.
  14. I’ve always wondered about that space too. Would be a total waste if most/some of it wasn’t designed for retail or an airline lounge. The open area with the rocking chairs and airport model facing the ramp and runway between A and A-North seems wasted to me too. That could have easily been retail/restaurant and would be a good, very visible spot for a pop-up lounge. In addition to a SkyClub on the A-North expansion where Delta will move once complete and an additional Admirals Club on E, I think the current A-North would perfect for a Priority Pass lounge like The Club for travelers without status or an AmEx Platinum card. https://shop.theclubairportlounges.com/
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