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  1. Seems strange to us, but that’s a pretty common way to pay for online purchases in Mexico, which is much more reliant on cash. There is an OXXO (a convenience store) on almost every corner across the country. Also, I’ve flown Volaris and VivaAerobus around Mexico quite a bit and wouldn’t hesitate to fly either again. Sure, they’re the Spirit and Frontier of Mexican airlines where everything beyond your seat is extra, but they have new Airbus planes, friendly crews, and good on-time performance. I wish Volaris would add a flight to MEX in addition to the current service to GDL from CLT.
  2. I’m partial to the University of New Jersey at Durham.
  3. Finally found the permit for the new The Club CLT lounge on A North. $2.38MM to build a 5,729 SF lounge with the rendered bar, food prep area, and restrooms (presumably single-occupancy). For comparison, the Admirals Club on B is approximately 4,500 SF and the Centurion Lounge is approximately 13,000 SF. Definitely a nice addition, especially when flying a non-AA carrier, but I imagine this lounge will be at capacity often since will be accessible with Priority Pass and LoungeKey (the developer, Airport Dimensions, is owned by the same parent company). https://webpermit.mecklenburgcou
  4. This was the rendering released for Marcus Smith’s failed MLS franchise bid a few years ago. Sure, this is sexy, but it was never going to happen. I am perfectly happy with a reconstruction of the original stadium (reusing stone and recreating period architecture) for community and minor league/smaller major league sports use. It’s not fancy, but it’s a great amenity that’s appropriately scaled for the neighborhood.
  5. AA has apparently been looking for space for another (much needed!) Admirals Club, and I would guess the upstairs level of the atrium that is/was occupied by airport offices moving offsite would be a more likely location for that lounge. Not the same big windows and columns in the renderings up there. Also, I assume “full-service” in this case just means food and drinks, not hot entrees. I’ve been to just about every The Club location at least once, and they’re all essentially the same. The adjective-filled press release for one of the newest locations at MSY said to expect “unique New
  6. It’s not a huge area for sure, but neither is the rendered space. The Club Lounges don’t require full kitchens like Centurion Lounges (they have a small selection of sandwiches/wraps, a heated pre-made soup or two and some basic snacks vs. a full hot food selection), so I think this fits. Restrooms would just be outside the lounge in the hall behind the bar or there could possibly be two single-occupancy restrooms where the two doors are in the back left corner of the rendering (also common for The Club lounges). I have no direct knowledge and could be totally wrong, but I can’t think of any
  7. Rocking chairs removed because that area is being turned into The Club CLT? Obvious spot for a lounge (although I assume restrooms would be outside), and the rendering of the exterior wall matches.
  8. The renderings for the new The Club lounges at CLT and SFO are very different from the other locations (much nicer, IMO), so I wonder if we are getting one here? I reached out to both CLT the lounge developer/operator a few weeks ago to see where and when the The Club would be opening. The former said they couldn’t comment, and I never heard back from the later.
  9. August 13, 2019: Thank you for visiting The Club CHS. We hope you enjoyed your stay. CLT, your home airport, is certainly a location where we hope to open a Club in the future. We appreciate your interest and your feedback.
  10. Me too! My phone actually did overheat yesterday while leading a conference call from my sunny condo courtyard. Was using it as a WiFi hotspot too, so double whammy.
  11. Because the writer, Ted Reed, is a former Observer columnist who still lives here and was probably just as excited as us to see a Qatar 77W at CLT.
  12. Yes, it opened (briefly) in late February, and I had a chance to visit a few days later. Amex just announced that they will be slowly reopening lounges starting in early October, but a reopening date hasn’t been set for CLT.
  13. Thanks for the unintended 90s Erykah Badu flashback, tarhoosier!
  14. AA is also adding FSD (Sioux Falls, SD) 1x daily on a PSA CRJ-700 starting 11/4. A seasonal RAP (Rapid City, SD) flight has been around for a couple years, but I don’t remember any previous CLT-FSD flights. https://www.routesonline.com/news/38/airlineroute/293451/american-airlines-w20-north-america-network-additions-as-of-30aug20/
  15. Nice to get this route back seasonally! I just returned from a 30-day working vacation in Mexico, including a long weekend stay in Puerto Vallarta and neighboring Sayulita on the Riveria Nayarit. Pro Tip: If you’re on the west coast of Mexico, don’t let the US Department if State’s Do Not Travel warning scare you away from Mazatlan (in Sinaloa) or Acapulco. Both are beautiful, and I couldn’t have felt more safe, even after dark. Plus everything is cheaper, the food is better, and you actually feel like you’re in Mexico.
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