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  1. I thought this is going to be closer in height to Hearst/Truist?
  2. I think it should be placed permanently on concrete blocks catty corner from Firebird as an avant-garde “urban installation” that represents the struggle of exurban commuters. KJ could stop by occasionally to pose inside with a box of KKs as a uniquely-Charlotte form of “performance art”.
  3. IDK... Once all our new neighbors from the 305 hear that they (and me) can get chop-chop from a Chicken Kitchen knockoff, there may be a line out the door. Cuban style but with yellow rice and curry mustard, please. I lived on this food (plus Pizza Rustica around the corner from Twist on South Beach at 5 am) in college.
  4. Just had one at the Gilde Rathskeller in Hanover. The staff didn’t speak much English, so I didn’t ask about this (not that they would have any idea). Their flagship is a decent hoppy Pilsner, but Hanover is the only city in Germany I’ve ever seen it.
  5. The only redeeming quality EpiCentre has left is the pharmacy staff at CVS. I remember seeing the old convention center coming down and EpiCentre being built in its place. As a 20-something kid, I was super excited. Now, I wish they’d tear the whole place down and start over. However, I think the real problem is spillover from the transit center.
  6. Gives me a post-apocalyptic vibe, so I’m going with “Charnoybl”.
  7. Traffic flow is exponentially better. Also, seems like AA is adding frequency on existing routes vs. adding new destinations. Hopefully as existing RJ routes are upgauged, new routes to smaller and/or previously unserved cities will be added. There is a decent amount of domestic dot connecting AA can still do from CLT. However, I can’t wait for the 321XLR to arrive. That will be a game changer for CLT international service.
  8. Yep. I no longer cut through Fourth Ward Park or Settler’s Cemetery, even during the day. And I got cursed out by an aggressive homeless man walking home from work along 6th Street not 30 minutes ago. I bought pepper spray to carry to and from work (I often work very late) and, as much as I never wanted to own a gun, I am seriously considering getting one to keep in my ground floor condo.
  9. That was still moving forward within the last three weeks? Wow! I can barely remember that plan from what has to be at least three years ago. I assumed a long time ago that CJ’s project was dead.
  10. Be optimistic, lancer! They just need a little CA love. Jayvee - Does Ted write 50-word fluff pieces with millennial buzz words and Instagram references about non-chain restaurants that aren’t located in South End?
  11. I agree, and I like his work and really appreciate his commitment to making Charlotte a more livable urban center, but I just wish his designs were less obviously his, if that makes sense. Every rendering we get from Furman screams his name, and, to me, each new rendering just gets a bit less interesting because of that. Also, I see we are all in a serious mood tonight. Tried to poke fun at our favorite snake oil salesman and remind everyone that beige is Charlotte’s official color, but now I’m just the David Furman hater. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ P.S. - I would be THRILLED if this gets built here.
  12. We’re nothing in the QC if not consistent. Levine never builds ANYTHING, Furman recycles ALL of his designs, and EVERYONE else makes the bold choice of going with a lovely shade of Charlotte beige.
  13. Just waiting for the CA article written by Ted who knows that Jeni’s will “kill it” here. The P-M location will be extra “Instagrammable”, so he, of course, will be “bullish”.
  14. Are they doing anything with the sidewalk along Church? The pedestrian experience on Church between 5th and 3rd is arguably one of the worst in Uptown. Narrow, uneven sidewalks with multiple garage entrances on every block.
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