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  1. allthingsplanes

    509 South Tryon | Possible Duke Energy Tower

    Nice way to NOT directly answer the question.
  2. allthingsplanes

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    Probably the same one who climbed the tower crane at the HAWC (now known as the URec). Got in big trouble on campus for that...
  3. allthingsplanes

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    ^ I agree with you. The whole light structure there is weird. The ones located on the Lynx bridge look like they were taken off existing poles and don't really look right.
  4. allthingsplanes

    University City Projects/News

    I had understood that the movie theater was going to be in a complex across Tryon from the U City parking deck. It's cool that it's by TopGolf though to have that real entertainment district. One thing that seems weird is that the large existing building looks like it's somewhat industrial - is it active? The reason I ask is that all of the parking for the movie theater and TopGolf are going to be around it. And that will stick out in a weird way from the TopGolf front doors. Also, what is Parks Chevrolet going to do with all of their cars that are currently parked in that large lot?
  5. allthingsplanes

    Charlotte area "ring cities"

    Farmington was already supposed to be under construction, but there's nothing. Any insights as to why it hasn't started, and when it will?
  6. allthingsplanes


    I for one am really disappointed. This seems small compared to the hype and what we've gotten used to. Oh well, at least they continue to invest in both new rides and old venues.
  7. allthingsplanes

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    It looks like the story has been updated / corrected.
  8. allthingsplanes

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    While I appreciate the new flights, I'm worried that could make Lufthansa move out.
  9. allthingsplanes

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    For one thing ground traffic flow. Getting to / from E around the end of D is a nightmare.
  10. allthingsplanes

    UNC-Charlotte Construction

    Moore will be demoed beginning January 2019. Students are only living there this fall and then will be reassigned for the spring to other locations on campus. Demo should take anywhere from 3-5 months, depending on the contractor and the method used. New construction will start immediately thereafter. Sanford will stay up through construction and potentially even the following year after construction ends. I wouldn't say cheaper per say but for almost the same amount of money it will be a brand new building with higher ceilings, slightly larger bedrooms, and appropriate sized bathrooms. Scott Hall was more expensive than originally projected because of issues on the exterior and didn't get new HVAC. Residential growth has been in line with total enrollment growth. Total occupancy this year will be about 6,300.
  11. allthingsplanes

    Republican National Convention in Charlotte

    In fact, the NYT numbers were updated as of August 2017. The Politico numbers were as of December 2016. So actually, it looks like the response was correct and he didn't get the majority of votes in NC either. Wikipedia agrees:,_2016
  12. allthingsplanes

    Republican National Convention in Charlotte

    I believe that is referring to the fact that he did not receive over 50% of the total votes in any of those states. Not that he didn't win the plurality of votes. With other candidates, he ended up only at 47 or 48% of the vote in those...
  13. allthingsplanes

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    This is a really awesome graphic. Thanks for posting! I tend to fall slightly between. I am in favor of the express lanes over doing NOTHING. And I am a big advocate of the argument that you don't have to use the express lanes and can just stick to what you have now. That said, there are a few things the state did that made this a much harder argument: Not adding ANY new free lanes Similarly - adding 2 toll lanes versus one toll and one free (Atlanta just has the one express lane) Bumping up the FREE HOV to 3 people versus 2 Partnering with an international company I understand that it was due to these that they got the cost they needed, but it has made this sell that much harder.
  14. allthingsplanes

    UNC-Charlotte Construction

    Wow - great post. I'm sorry your second year was so tough... Again - I will reiterate that the new building will still be traditional doubles. There will be over 700 beds in that building. Scott is still going to be all double rooms with community baths, and Holshouser is a hybrid. So there will be over 1400 traditional, double beds on campus still.
  15. allthingsplanes

    UNC-Charlotte Construction

    This is one of those debates that housing professionals have had over the past many years. Almost all housing personnel believe that the traditional "dorm" style hall is the best way to build community and that residents tend to feel more connected living there. If this belief and cost were the only factors in the decision then that's all that would be built. That said, these do no good if students won't live in them. Schools that do not have a live-on requirement and are not the most prestigious in the country have to build the style buildings that students are asking for (not what they probably need). With all of the new apartment complexes built around campuses that have private bedrooms, private bathrooms, fitness centers, swimming pools, etc., usually at a lower cost (because of construction standards) than what's built on campus, college housing offices have to build the buildings that can compete for the business. That's the only way to get students to live on campus in many cases. However, as I stated before, the new building at UNCC will be built as a replacement for Sanford and Moore. It will include only traditional double bedrooms and community-style bathrooms, and be at a lower price point than many of the suite and apartment buildings on campus. It will maintain the community feel that those buildings had but will have slightly larger bedrooms, more light, higher ceilings, better bathroom layouts, more community space, etc.