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  1. I'll never forget about 10-12 years ago I attended a conference in Boston at the convention center. I was surprised to find I-90 running directly beneath a huge complex, including the convention center, Copley Place mall, the Prudential Center, and several hotels. Reading up on it the air rights are available over much of that highway in order to reconnect parts of the city that were cut off by the highway...
  2. ^ I've said the same thing numerous times. Never gotten a good answer as to why...
  3. RDF21 - please do not stop giving us good info. Same for KJHburg! Even if it's from a slightly different perspective...
  4. Does anyone know the latest on the new TopGolf location? I haven't seen any construction beginning on that yet...
  5. They route all of that traffic through JFK or Chicago. Other traffic goes through LAX. Dallas has it just from volume of flights they have.
  6. 1) Ceiling heights are the exact same 2) The bathroom changes did NOT tighten the hallways - the hallways are essentially untouched in terms of walls. The only thing was moving some doorways for the new bathrooms (Scott). In Holshouser 2 of the hallways were removed to create the new suites. 3) Definitely did NOT remove the second floor Not that I disagree with your sentiments but wanted to make sure the record was straight.
  7. Finally something... So I wonder if after the county approval they'll actually move forward with construction...
  8. No - it looks to me like it's on the northwest side of the interchange there. On google maps there's "Lake City Church Langtree Campus" on that plot. But I could be totally wrong.
  9. Cool. That's a pretty nice temporary solution (though I know "temporary" could be years).
  10. So I saw this when I was at the airport a couple of weeks ago. Is this the new "canopy" that is taking the place of what was in the renderings?
  11. Fair point. And I'm okay with them there (to stop the cheating that happens with people weaving in and out) as long as they're replaced regularly. But I don't understand why they weren't put in right before these open?
  12. Yeah, but look at a) how ugly those posts look in the Katy photo and b) how much more space they have around them separating them from the cars...
  13. I'd love a concrete update as well. I have seen some activity - including what looks like soil samples and coring. And you can clearly see where vehicles continue to go down deep into the woods regularly. But yes, it seemed like more should be happening by now. Along with the development itself I wonder if anyone has updates on the widened interchange there with 485. That work was supposed to have been done by the developer of one of the other neighborhoods in that area, but it seems like they've somehow shed that responsibility.
  14. ^ Wow. I am not surprised about the rapids ride, though it does surprise me a little that they're getting rid of it totally vs. improving it. Makes me think they have something big planned for both plots. The Dinosaurs Alive thing is not a surprise. Honestly, once you've gone through once, there's almost no reason to go through again...
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