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  1. My father (who was in radio and knew the Reflections engineers) told me that Reflections would use the abandoned church at Hawthorne and Central for recording sessions because the acoustics were incredible (and that REM did record in the church as well as Reflection Studios).
  2. Uploaded PDF to fix broken link. Thanks for the heads-up.
  3. Update on 2245 Mecklenburg according to Next Door: Red Cedar sold the option on the land to Classica Home Builders, who plan to continue with the 6-home project. Info they sent to neighbors is attached. The neigborhood association and noculdesac.org organizers are planning a town hall meeting with the Mayor and neighbors and inviting Classica. Supposed to happen this month. 2245Meck_-_Classica.pdf
  4. I think (hope) I've got this right- there's a beer shop going into Central Crossing next to TipToe Nails. I think he's selling bottles and serving beer (and coffee). Not sure of the opening date.
  5. I heard from a neighbor that the developers behind the 6-home subdivision at 2245 Mecklenburg have backed out of the project. Has anyone else heard anything about it?
  6. Updated Cramer Estate development plans were just posted on NextDoor.
  7. I was just there this morning and snapped this shot.
  8. Oh wow... last I heard from Billy and Brooks, the plan was to try to make the pool happen again after the waiting period. I think the PM Facebook page might actually implode over this.
  9. I think the concern is mostly aesthetic, but there are definite traffic concerns, and it feels like this development is a tipping point after the Mattie Rose development by the park and myriad apartments and stress over having to navigate the Harris Teeter parking lot. Perhaps the cul-de-sac fight made for an easier rallying cry than "responsible development in Midwood, please, as our infrastructure and tiny Teeter can't support much more." And I think the hope was the city council would step in or ruckus would discourage the developer (there was a secondary offer on the house for a single owner who planned to move in as-is and keep the lot / home intact). It's provided interesting fodder for our PM facebook page (not that it needed it). I posted this awhile ago when the "why all the hate for culs-de-sac? We live on one in PM" or "we were raised in one" came up, adding that PM wasn't welcoming to new neighbors. Culs-de-sac are indeed discouraged by the city because the city feels they squelch connectivity. It’s clear that some people like them and others don’t based on our personal experience and some very neighborly cul-de-sacs already in the 'hood. My gut is this movement is about more than just culs-de-sac. I can only speak for myself - my concern about the development isn’t rooted in a fear of change or newcomers. My mom and dad built the third house in Country Club Parc in 1997 (near a cul-de-sac, natch!) and I remember how it made them feel to be judged by PM folks who told them their home “ruined the neighborhood.” That brand-new (awesome) home was what brought me to Midwood 16 years ago, and it taught me a valuable lesson that new homes in Midwood are and can be a good thing. My worry about the development is rooted in how it affects traffic, city/county systems (etc). We don’t yet know what taking that one home off of Mecklenburg and replacing it with asphalt and six over 3,000 SF rooftops will do to the groundwater / runoff, the surrounding natural environment, etc. I remember the issue that the new development at Mattie Rose caused in Midwood Park (flooding). Was the flooding the fault of the new residents? Of course not. Am I happy to have new neighbors? Absolutely. Do I wish we could have prevented the environmental issues before they occurred? Yep. I think you can be concerned about new development and also be welcoming to new neighbors at the same time. For me, it's more about ensuring that we're measured and deliberate about how the neighborhood develops and the effect on our environment and infrastructure. Either way, I'm hoping to make more land use meetings to keep on top of what's happening. And thanks for bearing with my lengthy posts. It's much safer to discuss this here thank on Facebook or NextDoor!
  10. The 2245 Meck developer met with neighbors at last week's land use meeting. Here's a comprehensive update as posted on NextDoor: Sorry for the delay in posting this.... There is a lot of news this weekend about our petition -- so look for further posts. Here are some notes on the Land Use Meeting when the Developers of 2245 Mecklenburg attended. I've attached a picture of the plans that they had on display. Developer Info: -The developer is Red Cedar -They focus in Charlotte and Atlanta -Their website is www.redcedarco.com -Local projects include: 1114 Woodside, 3400 Oakwood, and 2729 Clemson Project Information: -Called Cedar Village -Not fully designed the houses yet -Front doors will face the cul-de-sac -Houses are orthogonally oriented (meaning that they face the street whenever possible). -3,000 sq ft average - prices will be in the upper 700s -8,000 sq ft lots (like Truman 50 x 150') to 10,000 sq ft (includes green space) -Each house will have an auto court that most likely will be gated (individual gates instead of gated community) -They will work the grade by adding some cutting on the left and the back houses will be 1.5 stories (the basement will act as a retaining wall) -Will have a 6-home home association (that will be responsible for the "tree save" area) -Providing a 40' "tree save" buffer instead of a 35' (required with the creek) -The project is not closed yet but they want to start development in the summer and build in the winter -Want to have a dog fountain or bench in front of the subdivision for public interaction. -Developer indicated that attention would be paid to managing run-off and explained various strategies which exceeded City Requirements. These included dry creek bed and pervious pavement or similar. -Developer indicated that emergency numbers for stormwater event could be provided during construction phase activity. Feedback: -People were most concerned about the subdivision's cul-de-sac and the set back from Mecklenburg. -Developer asked what an acceptable setback might be. Neighbors indicated desired setback would be equal to adjacent properties, but that if designed properly, a 60 foot setback (from right of way) could be acceptable. -Neighbors expressed that large subdivision entry monuments were not in keeping with the historic neighborhood character. -Neighbors indicated a desire to have a lower impact access road installed in lieu of full street cul de sac and intersection. -Neighbors said, "Mecklenburg is our Queen's Road." The street is wider, the houses are set back and bigger, and many people walk along it. -Suggestion #1 (from a neighbor): Build 3 nicer houses instead of 6. The developer said, "I am not the guy to build $1 million homes. That's not what I want to do." -Suggestion #2: Rezone the property for a multifamily structure so that they could have more than one family in the first building and reduce the overall number of buildings. The developer didn't like that due to the timeframe that it takes for rezoning. -Suggestion #3: Build a duplex in front onto a private drive and then fewer structures. The developer was willing to research it but wouldn't offer any opinion about it. He was concerned that it takes 16,000 sq ft for a duplex.
  11. Anyone have any info on what, if anything, is happening at 1212 Central? Drove by today and saw this construction sign for CW Construction, which looks to be an affiliate of Campus Works. Maybe it's a temporary upfit for to serve as CW's leasing office for their apartment complex?
  12. Juicy J at Legion might be my new favorite beer. Love it and the building. I used to work in the tiny house that was in Legion's parking lot, so there are a lot of memories there. And Grodney, I love that pint glass so much I bought one for my husband for Christmas. If anyone is looking for them, check them out at Moxie, my favorite new gift shop that opened just down from Legion in the old Bridal Originals house.
  13. How did I miss that? Thanks for the heads up! Menu looks great. I'm a little worried about the glass block on the front of the building, but I'll let it slide for good pozole.
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