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  1. Can I just say that I REALLY hate this whole "burg" thing? The hats and t-shirts are especially dumb.
  2. Hmm. Based on what y'all are saying I'd say the market is not quite there if it hasn't happened in this economy. Just my opinion though. But the way Greenville is growing it's just a matter of time.I do agree that fully mixed use is the only way it would work if it includes residential. If there is a high demand for office space then that feels like it would happen in the forseable future. All of that said, I will always believe that a higher volume of mid-rise buildings is way better. I have an on again off again debate with folks in the Spartanburg forum about the height restrictions in downtown, which are loose, but definitely present. I think that until the market is ready to support multiple high rises, I would prefer to not have them. They make for a nice skyline, but anything over about 3-4 floors doesn't have any added effect for the experience on the street.
  3. Gotta be townhomes or maybe a small office building.
  4. Does Greenville have the market to support 20 stories? I realize there is at least one building that tall - but given land prices and availability, I'm betting it's a better ROI to do mid-rise. IMO, that's not a bad thing either. I've said it a million times by now - I'd rather see 100 mid rise buildings than 1 high rise. Skyscrapers are cool, don't get me wrong, but a more evenly spread out density will result in a city that feels larger and more urban.
  5. I thought this was being discussed as an idea for a future project? Or is that just something we've discussed around here? Sometimes these things run together in my mind.
  6. THANKS!! This looks like a well done plan. In the context of this site, virtually none. If the building were going to be right next to single family houses then I would agree with them, but it looks to be what, 1/4 mile away? The tallest buildings are far enough away from the neighborhood that given the scale of the redevelopment that is proposed, it really wouldn't make much difference. In all likelihood they won't even know that one building is there, given all of the other density that is proposed. I think the concern about gentrification is legit, though.
  7. Questions: Is there a site plan for this project? I looked around (admittedly not very hard) and did not find one. I'm intrigued by the last few posts about the 12 vs 20 story height limit, but I unfortunately don't have time to go back and read up on this topic. Can someone please give a quick summary of the discussion? Is the County or City putting a lot of stipulations on the site design, or is this just a market/demand issue? My thoughts on the parking situation: The reason cities of all sizes have so many surface parking lots in downtown is because they tore down much of the historic building stock in the 1960s-1980s. The thought was that it would help "compete" with suburban malls and that sort of thing. Right or wrong, it was devastating to the urban environment in most cities. Greenville was smart about saving most buildings along Main Street - not every city did. So, what's happening in Charlotte, Atlanta, and a ton of other cities that is worthy of emulating is the removal of surface parking in downtown areas. This is done by way of infill projects, of which Greenville has many. The key thing here is that the parking lots get converted in to buildings that wrap or enclose parking structures. The parking still exists, but the building activates the street and encourages people to walk and overall makes the area more pleasant to be in. The dream is that you would someday have a pocket of urban living in Greenville where car ownership isn't required, and parking requirements can be reduced or potentially eliminated for new buildings. I think Greenville is still a long way from this (hell, so are Charlotte and Atlanta), but Greenville has deep enough market to support structure parking, which means more of mid-rise buildings to replace parking lots are sure to be in Greenville's future.
  8. Lol, articles business deals are obnoxious. Thanks for the info though.
  9. Cool! Best of luck to you!
  10. Spartanburg is a small city, in a conservative state and it has to use its limited budget efficiently. If you compare downtown of 10-15 years ago, then there is no denying that the trajectory is headed upwards. All of that is a direct result of one large project (Morgan Square) and multiple small investments over that time. The city's downtown area is rather large relative to its size, so there are many projects that need to be done but I think they've done a good job taking small bites and working with private sector partners to make the area look great. I, for one, am not worried about it. The energy is there, if you doubt it, just go downtown on a Friday or Saturday night. It's very much alive and it gets better every time I go back. The jobs will come, and the city will continue to get better. Personally, I'm interested in seeing when more residential/mixed use projects will arrive in downtown. The Silver Hill townhomes would seem to be the test for the Spartanburg downtown market. My guess is that when those sell, we'll start to see more residential projects in and around downtown. There's certainly a ton of space for them.
  11. That's a really good looking building. thanks for the pics!
  12. Ok everyone, I removed the off topic posts and suspended the offender's account for one month. Thanks to those who tried to be civil and tried to bring the topic back on track. I also want to apologize for letting it go on this long. I only let it go on this long because his toxicity issues are only in the Greenville forum. If it weren't for that I would ban him entirely. If he posts in this forum or any topic pertaining to Greenville again I will ban his account entirely. I prefer not to reprimand people on the message boards, but I feel like its necessary in this case. I'm assuming that CLT_sc will read this at some point too, so I'm going to point out that this is not a knee jerk reaction - this is a response to a repeated pattern of behavior demonstrated by this person. I think we have all been more than patient and it's time to end the madness. I am not inclined to believe that a group of people - including many who have been members here for over a decade - have all of a sudden turned rogue and become jerks. As I told CLT_sc via direct message, when you blame everyone else for your problems, then the problem is often you. He made his decision to keep antagonizing, so I made mine. Let's all move on. If anyone wants to talk about it, please feel free to send me a DM.
  13. The link is broken. What company is it?
  14. ^I thought all of that was the plan for that area from its inception? So isn't it about 15 years late?
  15. I'm not familiar with TPUDC, but I like what I see. They are an urban design firm, which is hopefully indicative of the approach Council wants to take - i.e: expanding the form-based code approach to planning that has been used downtown over the past decade. This group will do most of the work since Spartanburg only has two planners on staff, so I think experience with small towns and small town politics is a benefit.
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