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  1. This makes the most sense. That being said, the majority of skyscrapers in this city are on Tryon Street, so maximizing the views has rarely been a factor in the past. This building in particular would have well-preserved views to the south and west.
  2. What difference would it make if they blocked the view from Duke? Hearst had a row of historic buildings on Tryon that were preserved, so I would argue that it's not the exact same reasons. This site doesn't. Honestly, it makes me think that they want to build something larger on Tryon than just retail. I think it's a mixed bag. The general aesthetic doesn't bother me at all. Is it a bit bland? Yeah probably. But that suits Charlotte just fine (#keepcharlotteboring). The proportions are slightly off. I would love to see a solid Art Deco design for the entire site. But at the end of the day it looks like a normal skyscraper (not a lame attempt at modernism and trendy design features), and I like that. From an urban design stand point, I agree with RDF 100% on the lobby issue and the fact that we can't see the rest of the site plan. In order to properly asses the project you need to be able to see how the tower portion relates to the rest of the site in context.
  3. I agree 100% with all of that. I also think we need more of the "in between" residential options in terms of density. Townhomes like that, along with duplexes, triplexes, quadruplexes, etc used to be fairly common but for some reason they stopped being built. They are a great way to add a little bit of density within neighborhoods in a way that is affordable while not being obtrusive and not at the scale of apartment complexes.
  4. Good points. I assumed the capital costs would be more, but at the end of the day the operating costs seem like they should be similar.
  5. The FR8 Yard is a project that is likely unprecedented in the Carolinas. Nothing that happens here with the current proposal would permanently affect the long term goals of the built environment downtown, so I can't imagine a scenario where the DRB doesn't support it. This is a great example of Spartanburg being itself and taking advantage of its unique qualities. I'm really excited for what this will do for downtown!
  6. I feel like while the west side has more general momentum due to proximity to Greenville, the east side of town has more authentic housing opportunities. Am I off on this sentiment? (I'm assuming the lack of authenticity correlates to new subdivisions).
  7. Is an indoor pool really all that different from an outdoor pool in terms of cost? I honestly don't know. But it seems like it wouldn't be that different.
  8. Hmm. I hope they can find a way to save the Simple Simon row of buildings. Other than that a redevelopment there could be great. I just hope they can get something more urban and less suburban in character.
  9. Main & Pine had some rumored "gateway" type of development a few years back. I wonder if its the same. That would be a prime spot for some apartments over retail. Or office over retail.
  10. I've heard that the old Duke building is going to tough to redevelop. Apparently there are a lot of control systems for their utility network that are based out of that building, so in order to replace that building they would essentially have to relocate those. I'm not suggesting it can't be done, just that it's more complicated than a normal project. I'd like to see Duke build their own tower on that site. The top of this building reminds me of the pyramids on the old convention center. Like, a lot.
  11. Cold days can be offset by propane heaters. You'd be surprised how many people are willing to be outside when its cold as long as there's a heat source. Not much you can do about rain except have a covered area. I'm hoping they will also have umbrellas and mist fans for the hot summer days.
  12. You also have to consider what a "trip" is in the traffic modeling world. Essentially, each from/to destination counts as a trip. In your scenario, you say that you take 3-4 fewer "driving trips" to the store each week. In the modeling world, that counts as 6-8 "driving trips" because you have to count one going and one coming back. So when you start scaling that over larger developments, the numbers are not THAT ridiculous. While I think that the assumptions that are made for trip generation for developments tend to be designed for more suburban development patterns, I think its a harsh market reality that we are still very much a driving city even though we have pockets of walkable urbanism. The question we have to answer is how do you make the switch? How do you set up policies and practices that work for urban walkable places while realizing that geographically speaking, most of Charlotte will never be walkable or remotely urban?
  13. This is awesome!
  14. I generally like the design. Would people like it more if the rendering was at sunset and used a lot of unnatural lighting features and had more glass with large miscellanous groupings of windows bound by a protruding frame? This design isn't mind blowing by any means, but it's a solid looking building that will stand the test of time. It doesn't feel all that 90s to me, but I can see why people might say that. This is the most important part. Honestly, the only part about this building that matters is its Church St frontage. Everything else at ground level will get covered up by future development Tailgating?
  15. That's going to be a really cool trail. Two of Spartanburg's best assets will finally be connected, and hopefully increase demand for greenways in the area.