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  1. Charleston is set up the best for rail. Traffic there is terrible and there's no easy fix. Getting people out of cars is a better solution. Rock Hill / York County lack the density to support transit, and I personally think they lack the political will to do it. Everyone says its a great idea, but I guarantee you they won't pass a sales tax to pay for it, and SCDOT has enough trouble keeping up with repaving the current road system - can they really afford to pay $10m/mile for LRT? York County wants it to be a commuter rail and a tourist attraction, which I get, but LRT becomes too costly to operate and maintain good service when you get a line over 20-25 miles. The likelihood of it actually happening is next to nothing. I could see maybe a spur line into Ft Mill, but that's it. That said, commuter rail would make a ton of sense for Rock Hill & Ft Mill.
  2. I haven't reach much about it, but Carolina's BOT situation is pretty jacked up if you look at it, but politicians in South Carolina have been screwing with USC quite literally for centuries so perhaps its to be expected. Having 21 members is ridiculous. UNC and Clemson only have 13. The governor shouldn't be on the BOT, not should any other elected official, and all 16 judicial circuits shouldn't have an appointee either. The judicial circuit thing is the most confounding part. I think if we had a board of governors for all public colleges and universities like North Carolina's "UNC system" has, it would help shield the universities from this type of stuff to some extent. The politicians could sit on the board of governors, not the BOT directly. Here's Carolina's BOT makeup (see page 3 / PDF page 11), and compare that to UNC's BOT (top of page) and Clemson's BOT (top of page). Clemson has 6 BOT members appointed by the legislature. That's it. The other seven are "successor" members not appointed by any elected officials. While I'm not clear how they are appointed, I think they are lifetime appointments. So compare those two situations... you have Carolina, which has 21 members with the governor as a sitting BOT member, and the board heavily dominated by politicians and judges, while Clemson has ZERO elected officials, and a minority of their total BOT is composed of non-politicians appointed by the legislature. All of this garbage is a legacy of when Governor Pitchfork Ben Tillman tried to shut down Carolina in the 1890s. I'll have to go read up on the current situation a bit more, but suffice it to say I'm a bit cynical that the BOT situation will be any better this time next year.
  3. Spartan

    Five Points

    I thought this was worth mentioning. Five Points bars are being sued; many will likely close and new ones aren't likely to open - at least not as college bars. https://www.wistv.com/2019/06/24/growing-number-five-points-bars-face-food-fight-court-facing-loss-liquor-licenses/ I don't think it will affect Five Points that much - the biggest offenders don't open until late anyway. The bar for being a "restaurant" is pretty low as it is - all they would need to do is open for lunch and dinner and have some good cheap food.
  4. Wow how is Carrington taking off all of a sudden? Spec homes? I love old Hampton Heights homes being restore. I would love to do that myself one day.
  5. True. The best time to influence the design is early in the process. That's why they're realigning Country Club so it doesn't intersect with Emma Cudd Rd anymore - people were really concerned about the sign distance over the hill, and that was the old road location anyway.
  6. I don't think it's beyond their capabilities. They have an assload of money. I started to say that location it terrible... BUT, if they can pull this off, it would actually make for a nice semi-urban college district next to USC Upstate. It would be cool to have a place other than downtown that has a walkable vibe with restaurants and bars to go to.
  7. I'll believe it when I see it. Rock Hill is one of the more conservative counties in the state. If they pass a transit tax to pay for their end of the line then maybe there's hope for SC!
  8. It's probably bad data... sort of. If you are commuting into MB from Conway in the summer, the 5 roads that cross into the strand are always backed up. It probably screws the average quite a bit.
  9. Wow. Never would have expected that!
  10. The Census is based on where you are living on April 1 of the census year, so yes, college students count towards whatever jurisdiction they are in. So, all Carolina students would count towards Columbia and Richland's population, CofC counts towards Charleston's, etc. but Clemson's on campus residents only count towards Pickens County, not the town since the university hasn't been annexed. Re: Urban Areas: They are supposed to be objective and based on density and commuting patterns, but I think there are some mild politics involved too. The Mauldin/Simpsonville thing has always been confusing to me. USC's growth is probably part of the estimate, but not all of it. I don't think the university's population can account for ALL of the growth since they annex quite a bit. But even if it does - what difference does it make? They're still residents of Columbia.
  11. Yeah I guess that's ok. It did need a facelift. I guess it's hard to make a strip mall look like anything else.
  12. I really like this building. This is a great example of how contemporary architecture can be both attractive AND context sensitive as well. The bricks and exposed steel are clearly a nod to the design center's architecture, the water tower, and the industrial history of South End. I hope they do a great job with the ground level, and I hope the parking deck won't be that hideous. It's 300ft with the height bonus options. I don't know how the existing UMUD zones outside of uptown came to be, but I doubt very much that the planning department or more importantly City Council would support any new UMUD districts outside of the loop. That said, in 2-3 years the Comp Plan and UDO will be adopted and the way zoning is thought about will be fundamentally changed and "UMUD" won't matter. In the near term, the new TOD ordinance allows a lot more options for height than the old one, and I think the market will take advantage of it.
  13. There will be a bridge across Stonewall too, just not being built as a part of this project. This might be one of the worst atrocities short of another bank lobby to happen to the uptown streetscape. I agree that this building is ugly, but the street level is pretty good by Charlotte standards. Creating a glass wall instead of outdoor dining is a major step backwards. Also this aesthetic modification is hideous. 6-7 years ago when NCDOT was looking at the CRISP improvements for rail around uptown (and for the Red Line), they were looking at buying out ADM for something like $100m and moving their operation somewhere towards Albemarle. The price tag was in part what killed that project.
  14. Nice, thanks for the photo updates!
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