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  1. I hope they name it "The Mills at Whitney, by God."
  2. Yes, remove the parking altogether, or copy Greer and do a festival street design that lets you open/close as much or as little of the street as you want. Go here and scroll down about 3/4 of the page to the "what people say" section for a pic. https://www.greerstation.com
  3. Good point. It could still be converted into a park, though. That's basically all you can do with otherwise unusable land.
  4. Yeah, Butterfly Creek runs underneath Wakefield Buick. What'd like to see is a few of those vacant parcels on Walker turned into a public park. Then dam up Butterfly Creek somewhere near Henry St and create a good sized pond between Henry and West Main and make a nice park out of an area that is unbuildable for development.
  5. I hope Piggly Wiggly can make it work. I'm not convinced of the market viability of a downtown grocer just yet. Get a few thousand more apartments downtown, then definitely.
  6. Meanwhile, Delaney's, Initial Q, and WildWing get free expanded seating capacity on publicly owned land.
  7. Honestly the biggest issue I see in Spartanburg County is a lack of interest in regulations that will expand the street network over time, and a lack of interest in public funding of practical improvements. All of the issues most people complain about (new traffic light at X intersection, traffic congestion on X street) are symptoms of a much larger issue - bad planning. Spartanburg County, and SC in general, are growing in the Atlanta/Charlotte model of widening roads to solve congestion. To be fair, some roads do need to be widened as they are converted form rural country roads to funct
  8. In looking at the results, my only issue is that 30% of the people who took it claim to have difficulty finding parking when there are literally hundreds of empty spaces all over the place.
  9. I thought we had another thread about transportation stuff... but due to a SC Supreme Court ruling (against Greenville County), Spartanburg County will repeal its $25 road fee and replaced it with a debt service levy that would add $12/ year to tax bills. The roads have to be paid for, so I guess its kudos to the County for acknowledging the need and funding it. https://www.goupstate.com/story/news/local/2021/07/19/spartanburg-county-council-votes-repeal-unpopular-road-fee/8021595002/
  10. I love this map. It explains a lot about Spartanburg's streets... for example - Kennedy St feels very different after you cross Union St because its wider, but the reason it's wider is because it used to end at Union St. Fun stuff!
  11. Thats awesome. COL must be working in our favor!
  12. I don't know the date, specifically.
  13. True, but a lot of what drives the timeline in public projects like this is federally mandated procedures that were put in place because we, as a society, forcibly removed African Americans from their homes to build highways. You could start more projects simultaneously, but 16 years may or may not be substantially reduced.
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