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  1. That's interesting, but not exciting. A strip mall and a two story office building? Meh.
  2. I guess that means everyone who works in this building will be entitled to free parking. Should we change the title of the thread to 525 S College?
  3. The laws that were passed only apply to single family uses. High density and mixed uses can still be regulated. Ascent is not located in a historic district. The city does regulate signage on tall buildings, which is partially why we have the skyline that we do. I personally didn't care for all the lights at first, but now that every building in Charlotte has them, I think it's cool. It's one of the things that I think makes us unique (not that buildings have programmable LED lights, but that basically every one in our skyline has them). Housing color is not regulated by historic districts or any other mechanism. The large blank walls are being left that way to allow for future development to cover it up. Think of it as long-term temporary. IMO, the City should say "no" more often, but I think the UDO process will help address some of the loopholes (like podium apartments) that we keep seeing around town. It's not photoshopped, but it is cropped. Anyone with a DSLR camera can do this quite easily. It's actually not that impressive from a technical standpoint if you know how it works, but the shot was well composed so you have to give him credit for that. I liked the one the UP'er submitted too though.
  4. $10m sounds like a lot, but is more than likely just a facelift - though admittedly a needed one.
  5. The zoning in uptown Charlotte (UMUD) precludes parking as a principle use unless the parking pre-dates the ordinance. This block had two buildings on it and ancillary parking so they wouldn't be allowed to install new parking, even if it's temporary.
  6. I think calling Spartanburg a 'foodie' town is a bit of a stretch, but it's definitely improving in leaps in bounds. I didn't realize there were over 20 restaurants in downtown now, but they could be using a generous definition of what makes up downtown.
  7. I don't know if this is true or not - but I've always heard that Duke has control/monitoring systems tied into that building that cover large portions of both Carolinas. It doesn't mean it can't be moved - but it would be very costly to do it. So, it makes sense to me that they'd rather build a new office tower that they own outright so they can then move these permanent systems over there. That would then free them up to do whatever with the Church St building. My only question, then is whether or not it should be town down. While it wouldn't bother me too much, it's probably Charlotte's only example of brutalist architecture and as much as I hate it I also try to be as objective as possible when it comes to historic preservation.
  8. Spartanburg is going to do a bunch of projects to help pedestrian circulation downtown. There are several new or modified signals, realigning Silver Hill St (which shouldn't have been built that way to start with) and a streetscape on N Church. I'm not clear on what that actually means for N Church. They won't be able to widen the sidewalks much, but I hope they are able to in front of the Montgomery Building. That section of sidewalk is the most uncomfortable in that area. I also think it's slightly sketchy to pay for all of this with Broad Street TIF district funds, but it's more important that the work gets done.
  9. I think the bigger challenge is that people who live uptown frequently do not work uptown, and that usually means they drive.
  10. Good. I hope they do some education campaigns to advocate for why its necessary to increase taxes to pay for it. I'm always skeptical about whether or not people in Spartanburg will voluntarily increase taxes without a good reason. That said, people in District 7 did vote to increase taxes to pay for an unnecessary school building, so you never know.
  11. It will be interesting to see how and if ZipCar changes the car ownership dynamic in Charlotte - particularly in uptown.
  12. I would add to the significant projects list for Charlotte: I-277 interchange modifications (It's listed as a widening project, but it's really closing some interchanges and improving others to reduce the weaving problem and improve traffic flow. This would also make more of the bridges and underpasses better for bikes and peds.
  13. I'm looking forward to going, personally. I hope that it's good food - but if not, beer is beer.
  14. All it takes is money. If you have enough of it, you can build whatever you want at essentially whatever speed you want. Honestly the bigger problem here might be the lack of qualified companies to build transit systems at that speed. Meh. I think it's kinda boring, but I do appreciate the change and consistency amongst the designs. The only thing I really can't stand are the wraps and the super-tinted windows - both of which prevent you from seeing inside. I like to start scouting for seats as soon as the bus pulls up, and I like the idea that people who aren't in the bus can look in an see that there are normal people riding it. I was under the impression that the streetcar tracks were being designed so that LRT vehicles could run on them if needed (ie: potential for being a silver line route). I could be wrong about that.
  15. It's definitely not the most exciting building in the world, but it's not bad. Every building doesn't need to be a glass box. I think it would be cool if they'd switch out the 90s crown with something less boring... but I'm assuming they'll light it up like all of the other building crowns in uptown.