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  1. Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    The RT bridge over 277 wouldn't preclude the cap.
  2. 1-way pairs have pretty significant pros and cons. My main issue with this one is that it's so short. It's going to help for the 5 blocks or so, but the rest of N Tryon still sucks.
  3. Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    And yet they've also been shown to prevent crash types that result in fatalities. Which crash would you rather have: a fender bender when you have a yellow light or a car slam in to the side of you when you have a green light?
  4. There is granite underneath uptown, but it would not preclude a tunnel. It would, however, make it more expensive. Also, this hasn't been studied before. There's a big difference between a heavy rail subway tunnel in Manhattan and a light rail tunnel in uptown Charlotte. Regardless of the options available, there are not any inexpensive ones. Tunnels are expensive, but when you're talking about a project that will define the future of the city for multiple generations perhaps it's worth considering all options (regardless of cost) before getting hung up on cost. The only other alternative is doing something on the surface, which is not without its own implications and costs - some of which are less financially tangible like induced traffic congestion, the impacts of operating mixed traffic, ability to construct stations within limited rights-of-way, etc.
  5. The Montgomery Building

    Wow, that green looks fantastic!
  6. The Montgomery Building

    I agree it's a shame they are painting the bays. I think aged copper adds a nice patina to old buildings, not unlike the state house prior to the renovation. Oh well.
  7. Downtown Projects & Developments

    I disagree with you on the Wendy's. I think that fast food restaurants can be designed well as long as the drive-thru doesn't go between the building and the street and it's built to the appropriate scale. I think the bigger question is how much of a priority will the DRB place on making Pine Street a truly walkable place. This is the first site to go through the DRB on Pine St that isn't a major building like the one at Main & Pine, so it will certainly set a precedent for that street.
  8. Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    Vision Zero is an adopted policy, but it's not currently funded. It's being considered in the current budgeting process, but until Council adopts the FY19 budget in June nobody knows if it will be funded. I agree that funding Vision Zero would be more effective in the long run. Red light cameras are en effective tool, though, so IMO they shouldn't be eliminated from the Vision Zero toolbox.
  9. Spartanburg County "Area Performance Planning"

    The march towards "performance planning" continues. One of the many things that drives me crazy is that the planning director continues to call this a plan. Zoning is not a plan. It is not policy. It's a regulatory tool. Without an actual plan and policies in place that is then followed to the degree possible then it won't matter what the zoning is. It's sort of like going on a road trip with no map or GPS. You're definitely going somewhere, and you have a nice vehicle to ride in, but you have no clue where you're going or what's next.
  10. They're building it now. Ride up N Tryon and look in front of the WSOC building and you can see the first part of it being built.
  11. Cool! I've looked at a lot of old maps of Charlotte, but I've never noticed that one.
  12. South Carolina's population growth

    Charleston's suburban gains aren't surprising given the massive amount of investment in new manufacturing plants in the fringe areas of the metro.
  13. New County Courthouse & City/County Government Center

    Well, now the courthouse operations are going to stay while the new place is being built. That means they'll have to find a new space to build the thing unless they build on the parking lot.
  14. Maybe, but it depends on the nature of the issue. I think its a city ordinance that requires no duplication of street names, so id that's the case then it may not matter. Obviously there are a lot of exceptions that are grandfathered in (eg: Oak Drive), though, so I agree with your point.
  15. Point of clarification: Market Street is already there on the Lennar site. There is a Market Street off of Hickory Grove Road. They coudl just call it Market Ave or Market Place and solve that problem. Seems like they could just call it "The Market" (i.e.: The Plaza") though, since it will (hopefully) serve that function more than it serves cars. OR!! - hear me out - they could call it the original name for the street that ran where the rail is: "A Street." Historically, there was A, B, C, and D street. A became the rail corridor, B became Brevard, C became Caldwell, D became Davidson.