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  1. Duke is the absolute worst. They've delayed road projects in Charlotte by two years because they won't move their poles.
  2. So they are going to replace the 1920s concrete with the same thing - so in 80 years we'll have to do this again? Seems like a bad idea considering we have better concrete technology that would still look the same and function better...
  3. 1- Current 74 will likely become Business 74, similar to 74 in Shelby. 2- If Union County has any aspirations to be walkable (which is doubtful) they'll have to focus on pockets of walkability - mainly in Monroe. and some of the other towns. The 74 corridor won't change. There will still be a need for some of that retail activity for locals, but its hard to quantify exactly how much the through traffic contributes to the local economy. I think there will be a decline in retail on 74 since the bulk of traffic will likely use the new bypass.This is what happens every time a bypass is built to "relieve congestion."
  4. This is a new map of airport noise that the USDOT just published. It's interactive so you can see any airport in the country. There's not much to it, but it's interesting to explore.
  5. This is a new map of airport noise that the USDOT just published. It's interactive so you can see any airport in the country. There's not much to it, but it's interesting to explore.
  6. Have they said how much it will cost to drive the whole bypass? Even without a majority of the through traffic, 74 will still be fairly congested due to the number of lights and general population living there. It will be interesting to see what the travel time benefits will be compared to the cost of driving the bypass once its complete.
  7. True. I did not mean to imply that you can't walk in Cotswold. It's certainly possible from an infrastructure standpoint - but it's not in terms of how the area is built. Everything is low density and the buildings are spread out and oriented towards parking lots.
  8. Any place outside of uptown where you feel like it would be easier to drive to than walk/bike to is the suburbs as far as I'm concerned. Birkdale is a pocket of urban-style walkability in the suburbs. Cotswold is not walkable.
  9. ^I'd rather see it refurbished. Charlotte has such few old buildings, especially taller ones, I think the County is doing the right thing by saving it for re-use. I think the possibilities here are exciting. I like the idea of the central pedestrian area. I'll be interested to see how that evolves.
  10. And FINALLY a new business opens on East Main...
  11. You can definitely walk 1.5 miles in about 30 minutes at a normal pace... you just can't walk it in the five-7 minutes it takes for the streetcar to go the same distance.
  12. I can't speak to lunch, but weekend evenings and weekends in general are much busier than they were five years ago.
  13. Walking isn't the same amount of time, though the C5 proved you can keep pace if you run.
  14. This is noteworthy: Spartanburg, along with South Carolina as a whole, hit new records for tourism over the past couple of years: South Carolina $20.2 billion in economic activity in the Palmetto State in 2015 — a 6.1 percent increase over 2014 and the fourth straight year of growth. Hotel room demand rose 7.6 percent to more than 898,000 in 2016 and revenue increased 16 percent to a record of more than $75.4 million in 2016 Unique visits to increased 48 percent, on top of a 54 percent increase reported in 2015. 2016 hospitality tax revenue is up 3% for the County and 6% for the City.