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  1. Stay tuned. https://charlottenc.gov/cats/transit-planning/envisionmyride/Pages/bus-priority-study.aspx
  2. I think the cycletrack make sense. Its essentially the same function as the Rail Trail, just on a city street. The lack of physical improvements at Henry Street is terrible. SCDOT is why we can't have nice things. All the money for these upgrades and people are still going to feel uncomfortable crossing the street to continue into downtown. In my read of the plans, its unclear if there are going to be signalization changes to allow for a dedicated pedestrian phase. I guarantee you that once people realize how nice the other side is, that there will be a lot of complaints to get something installed to make it feel safer.
  3. You mean that failed colony where everyone died? Maybe NC should rename itself Roanoke or South Virginia. My vote would be to change the whole state name to Mecklenburg, but I'm admittedly biased lol Historically speaking, this is accurate. Most people referred to the colonies as Carolina and North Carolina after the split, though that obviously changed over time.
  4. This is the debate, though, isn't it? Has traffic slowed because of the street closure or because of pandemic restrictions and people generally not wanting to go out in public? Morgan Square is the destination. I know people who go there just to wander around, without a specific destination in mind. That's what a good downtown business environment does. You don't want to encourage people to pass through in a car, you want to encourage them to come and enjoy the space and walk around to discover something new. The destination because the attraction, not the businesses individually. Then, all of the businesses are able to profit from the people walking by - thus the vehicular traffic on the street in front of them isn't as critical to their success. I think we need to be objective about it, though, and acknowledge that the restaurants will be able to double their seating capacity for free unless the process is regulated. They're looking at it with profit in mind, and the businesses who don't need seating space aren't in the same boat. I think there's a difference between closing 1 block of Main Street along Morgan Square and reviving the pedestrian mall. I've said before that what makes a ped mall work is critical mass of people. It would not work in most of downtown, but if there's one spot where it could, its Morgan Square.
  5. I support removing names / likeness / statues, etc. of people who actively fought for causes relating to the subjugation of people based on race (ie: the Civil War and Jim Crow) because we are still living with the legacies of those eras today (especially Jim Crow). I don't think its my place to tell people who or what should be offensive to them, so if enough people support the idea of taking down a statue, renaming a street, etc., then so be it. I think, however, when it comes to the name of South Carolina itself, you have to acknowledge that it is a place with an identity, culture, and history, people. For all our flaws, these things are ours and can be collectively molded to be whatever we want. I think the name represents the history, good and bad, and IMO you could argue that the association with the British monarchy, while technically present, is not a contributing factor in the larger challenges and issues surrounding race that we have today. So, rename Calhoun County and Lee County (etc.), but leave South Carolina as is. IMO if we're changing anything, we should change it back to "Carolina," which is more historically accurate.
  6. That's really cool! It'd exciting to see development activate space along the rail trail. Looks like a great spot for a brewery, IMO.
  7. So the market isn't responding by offering higher wages like everyone said it would? Go figure!
  8. DRB wouldn't have to nitpick if developers would stop proposing poorly designed projects. Charleston Columbia and Greenville seem to get attractive stuff, why not us?
  9. The 4 lane section of Central is only a barrier if you're assuming the street has to be 4 lanes. IMO, if we're willing to make vehicular traffic worse in order to improve the other 3 primary modes, then there is a lot of room to work with. We have to stop thinking like a driver and start thinking like someone without a car if we're ever going to make headway in this city (pun intended). There is a lot of demand to get from CTC to CPCC, Presby and Mercy. I'm not sure if BofA still has operations in Gateway, but there used to be a lot of traffic on the Gold Rush between there and the Square. I also think having a rail connection to the edge of Plaza Midwood will attract a few riders. Personally, I will take the train to Sunnyside and walk the 10 mins or whatever into PM if I'm heading that way.
  10. Catching up on this thread: Something to think about for perspective, the city of Charlotte is projected to growth by 400k people over the next 20 years and so is the city of Atlanta. They have a much smaller footprint than Charlotte, so they are going to see a lot more dense urban projects. Probably higher housing costs too.
  11. It's really great to see some momentum building on this side of Church Street!
  12. That would be a great place for apartments
  13. Part of the problem is that at 7 lanes, Asheville Hwy is waaaay to wide. Traffic count is ~15k. You can have a well functioning 2-lane road with a center turn lane and process the same amount of traffic with room to spare.
  14. I moved the grocery store discussion here:
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