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  1. Hopefully they tear it down and start over. It's a terrible building.
  2. I think there are a lot of really great things about this design even if I don't care for the aesthetics. The ground floor looks to be a lot more open, and the way it interfaces with the street is exponentially better than the library today. The plaza space looks like it might actually get used by more than just homeless people and skateboarders. I like the fact that is has a grand stairwell. I'm surprised its not taller - 5 floors seems small to me, given the scale of the current building. I worry that this will be a DFA type of street experience (a bunch of stuff behind glass that is a dead zone most of the time). However the fact that it's a library gives me hope that they will have stuff going on. I suppose it goes without saying at this point that I don't care for this style of architecture, though. All I can see in these renderings is a large modernist bunny rabbit.
  3. It's just a matter of time before everyone wants 6 lane roads and is complaining about traffic like it's becoming Charlotte or Atlanta. Without proper planning and investments, that's the future. That said, I think this is a good project for Reidville. I hope that it is successful in creating a sense of place for that town.
  4. I like the BBQ concept there. I hope it has some good Q!
  5. Demographics is the #1 issue. Put a store downtown and then do a 10 minute drive time from there and it's 3/4 low income neighborhoods. #2 issue is lack of population in general. #3 is lack of job density. #4 is proximity to other grocery stores relative to #1, 2 and 3. HT/Publix are higher end stores, so they are going to where there's a larger concentration of people with higher incomes, hence their locations in Hillcrest and Reidville Rd, etc. Downtown needs thousands more people living and/or working there for a grocery store like that to work. Urban formats are a different ballgame altogether. IMO in a place like Spartanburg people would just drive 5-10 more minutes to go to a regular Ingles or Publix rather than deal with the lack of selection at an urban format store. Aldi/Lidl would make a lot more sense because they are designed to be small, and they compete well on price, but I feel like it would compete with their existing stores a bit.
  6. Sorry for the delay in my reply. We can certainly pin any thread for any city, but pinning threads is based on discussion activity - not number of skyscrapers. I would love for there to be enough discussion about Myrtle Beach to warrant pinning a thread!
  7. The fastest route would only serve GSP and for some reason Anderson. The ideal one - that stops in each downtown - is the slowest. If you don't have the time benefits then it won't be competitive. IMO, the only route worthy of constructing is the one on I-85. You get the benefit of free advertising as drivers sit in traffic while the train whizzes by and stops in Spartanburg, Greenville, and Anderson - which is how it should be.
  8. Do people go to malls anymore? I avoid them like the plague.
  9. Lidl or Aldi need to open up somewhere. I think their business model would work well downtown.
  10. This is a forum about urban development and planning, so this thread is highly off topic. We used to have a thread for all SC sports for this purpose. I am 100% behind Muschamp. Since your post we have beaten Georgia, and lost to the refs/Florida. I think this team has made tremendous strides over the past few years, and we're close to being a regular contender for the SEC again. The improvement is not linear, so its tough to see. But you can see it in how they play. They don't quit when they're down. It's a good culture and the wins will come. Don't forget that people (crazy fans) were talking about firing Dabo at one point.
  11. I hope they keep city hall on Broad Street. City Hall has always been on that street.
  12. IMO if incentives are the only way the deal works out, then maybe it shouldn't happen. This world where developers will only do a project with an incentive sets a bad precedent.
  13. Thanks for keep[ing us up to date on this! I'm glad t his one is moving along...
  14. The sidewalk on 5th Street (in front of the Plan B building) is now open, and it is glorious. Will post a pic later.
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