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  1. Spartan

    Spartanburg Area Economic Developments

    I feel like if it weren't called "Greenville" Hospital System, they'd make better headway...
  2. Spartan

    New County Courthouse & City/County Government Center

    I'll read up on it a bit and see if I can figure out the logistics of all that work. It does sound like they will be oriented towards Library Street... but the SHJ is notoriously bad at capturing accurate details for urban development-related projects. I feel like Magnolia has been the traditional front door for the County Courthouse for over 100 (200?) of years, and it seems unlikely that they would change it. In terms of the look... (red brick/traditional) these came to mind. Think columns on the main entrance and stone accents: Kannapolis / NC Research Park: Union (but with red brick instead of blonde: Anything on UNC Charlotte's campus bulit in the past 10-15 years:
  3. Spartan

    Spartanburg Area Economic Developments

    Hospitals in this region (and perhaps nationally) are consolidating like crazy. In NC, Carolinas and UNC almost joined to form what would have essentially been a state-wide hospital system, but ultimately didn't because they couldn't agree on where the HQ would be (Charlotte or Raleigh). So, now Carolinas re-branded as "Atrium" which is quite possibly the most generic and boring name in the history of all hospitals. Anyway, they did that so they could buy a hospital system in Georgia. A few weeks ago I saw where the two largest hospital networks in SC - Pallmetto Health in Columbia and GHS are merging. I would bet you good money that while they are saying its for cost savings (which is probably not untrue) its also to prevent being bought out by Atrium, who has to be looking at York and Lancaster Counties for expansion. Anyway, I get the dislike of SRHS, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was a move to preserve some territory since GHS will now have more power to but its way into Spartanburg. I think there are two kinds of healthcare companies.. the ones that genuinely try to provide care and the ones that are just trying to turn a profit even at the expense of patients and insurance companies. Mary Black was bought out by one of those soul-sucking corporations a few years ago (after the attempt to expand failed) and I've never heard anything good about it since then other than it not being SRHS. It's also in a super weird spot... if it were on the west side somewhere it would make way more sense. What are the thoughts about the idea of SRHS getting bought out by the new GHS/Palmetto conglomeration or Atrium? Would that result in improvements or would it be an ego bruise to Spartanburg for not having local control of its hospital?
  4. Spartan

    The Montgomery Building

    Looking good!
  5. Spartan

    United Community Plaza (S Pine & E Main Mixed Use)

    This is a nice infill project. It's also really exiting to see the form-based code produce results in the market.
  6. Spartan

    The Montgomery Building

    Thanks for the pics! Any chance its granite / mica or something? Marble would make the most sense, obviously.
  7. Spartan

    Arcadia Redevelopment

    This is great. Thanks for the update!
  8. Spartan

    Downtown Projects & Developments

    Yep. It's a similar pattern everywhere. If you really want to nerd out on it, there are lots of studies on it. You can even see it throughout the day with AM, Lunch, and PM peaks. Certain parts of town will peak during evenings and weekends if the place tends to be used more for recreation (ie: rail trail), and others will peak depending on local factors like shift changes (hospital) or bell times (colleges).
  9. Spartan

    The Montgomery Building

    They'd probably say, "No" or "Maybe we'll think about it if you (the City) pay for a study to prove its viable, and then we'll politely decline later on."
  10. Spartan

    Spartanburg Off-Topic

    Oh, so she WAS the City manager? Hmm.
  11. Spartan

    Charlotte Center City Streetcar Network

    1- I'd really like to own a Tesla, but I can get a Honda that will do the same job for significantly less money. 2- I'm not a fan of authoritarian governments, but when the government doesn't really have to care about what people think, it's much easier to implement major projects like that one in China.
  12. Spartan

    Spartanburg Off-Topic

    That link doesn't work
  13. Spartan

    210 Trade | EpiCentre

    I agree. This was the larger issue. The businesses are an asset to center city; we should be excited that they can be that successful. The building itself is a liability from pretty much any perspective.
  14. Spartan

    Spartanburg Photo of the Day

    Ha! The shadow in that image makes the AC Hotel look like its attached to the Denny's tower.
  15. Spartan

    Spartanburg Off-Topic

    If I recall correctly, the lady from Oregon was a county manager and she was a bit too liberal for our council.