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  1. I thought we had another thread about transportation stuff... but due to a SC Supreme Court ruling (against Greenville County), Spartanburg County will repeal its $25 road fee and replaced it with a debt service levy that would add $12/ year to tax bills. The roads have to be paid for, so I guess its kudos to the County for acknowledging the need and funding it. https://www.goupstate.com/story/news/local/2021/07/19/spartanburg-county-council-votes-repeal-unpopular-road-fee/8021595002/
  2. I love this map. It explains a lot about Spartanburg's streets... for example - Kennedy St feels very different after you cross Union St because its wider, but the reason it's wider is because it used to end at Union St. Fun stuff!
  3. Thats awesome. COL must be working in our favor!
  4. I don't know the date, specifically.
  5. True, but a lot of what drives the timeline in public projects like this is federally mandated procedures that were put in place because we, as a society, forcibly removed African Americans from their homes to build highways. You could start more projects simultaneously, but 16 years may or may not be substantially reduced.
  6. The numbers released this year will be from the 2020 Census. The local population numbers are slated to be released in September if memory serves.
  7. Why the actual hell do we need another parking deck at this point? Are we at capacity with the other ones? I've literally never had to look for a place to park downtown.
  8. Not to be difficult, but is $10 billion not enough of an investment for you? That slide comes from a presentation about the CLT Moves / Transformational Mobility Network, which is literally about investing more money in the CLT transportation system than has ever been discussed before, and 90% of it would be for transit. I don't think more money changes how long it takes to build something.
  9. No, but several investors have looked at it over the years at one point Steve Smith was going to open a high end restaurant there. Most recent was a bottleshop type of place that was proposed right before the pandemic.
  10. OH! In other news, I was walking by the old Fire Station on 5th St last week, and saw a Lamborghini SUV parked out front. I hope this is a sign that life could happen in that building in the foreseeable future.
  11. Yes, there will be transfers. CATS will realign its bus routes to make sure people use the train, and I think the 11th St + 9th St Stations are going to have to be integrated somehow to make them function as a single transfer point. I think this is true in the near term, but in the long run, the City will support TOD around the station areas (as outlined in the 2040 Comprehensive Plan). It's just a question of when the market gets to those areas. With two light rail lines and 40+ stations, its not going to all happen at once. The way growth happens in this city, its not u
  12. The City's design standards are also a lot better than they used to be, and decorative screening treatments are required for things like this. Give them credit for a vegetation wall, but not for going slightly above the minimum requirement. It's disappointing that so much $ is being invested in parking, but I suppose its a good sign for the future viability of uptown. That block of Church doesn't have anything on it, nor does it have the potential. IMO, since they will have to improve the sidewalk on that side, its a win for the city.
  13. That Hall St one is hideous, but infill is infill, I suppose!
  14. done. I'm looking forward to a game. Haven't been to DPS in a LONG time!
  15. West Main road diet or MSQ renovation?
  16. It might have been at one point, but I read they are being delayed due to the pandemic and previous administration meddling.
  17. It's just state-level population. The sub-state data won't be related until this Fall. SC is at 5,100,000 (ish), which is about where you'd expect it to be given the ACS numbers over the past few years.
  18. Are extremely high "wages" different than extremely high "salaries" ? Also, I thought this quote from David Britt about whether or not the county can handle the growth was hilarious, "Years ago, we made the investments and partnerships with our infrastructure providers and today it is paying dividends," he said. "We can handle it without problems." What "investments" have been made?? Outside of widening a few roads and rail connections, the march towards Atlanta style sprawl continues unabated. I feel somewhat sorry for the people who buy into subdivisions on these 2-lane country roa
  19. Stay tuned. https://charlottenc.gov/cats/transit-planning/envisionmyride/Pages/bus-priority-study.aspx
  20. I think the cycletrack make sense. Its essentially the same function as the Rail Trail, just on a city street. The lack of physical improvements at Henry Street is terrible. SCDOT is why we can't have nice things. All the money for these upgrades and people are still going to feel uncomfortable crossing the street to continue into downtown. In my read of the plans, its unclear if there are going to be signalization changes to allow for a dedicated pedestrian phase. I guarantee you that once people realize how nice the other side is, that there will be a lot of complaints to get something insta
  21. You mean that failed colony where everyone died? Maybe NC should rename itself Roanoke or South Virginia. My vote would be to change the whole state name to Mecklenburg, but I'm admittedly biased lol Historically speaking, this is accurate. Most people referred to the colonies as Carolina and North Carolina after the split, though that obviously changed over time.
  22. This is the debate, though, isn't it? Has traffic slowed because of the street closure or because of pandemic restrictions and people generally not wanting to go out in public? Morgan Square is the destination. I know people who go there just to wander around, without a specific destination in mind. That's what a good downtown business environment does. You don't want to encourage people to pass through in a car, you want to encourage them to come and enjoy the space and walk around to discover something new. The destination because the attraction, not the businesses individually. Then,
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