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  1. I dunno. It's been vacant for what, 40-50 years? Why not give this a shot. We may not be a huge e-sports hub today, but the opportunity to get in on what is essentially the ground floor of this industry might be worth a shot. If it doesn't work, the theatre will still be there.
  2. That is disappointing. QT?
  3. It's nice to see some reinvestment in these old shopping centers. Maybe they'll finally tear down the bowling alley and start fresh.
  4. This is a huge win, IMO. This is one of the best natural features in the County. Best to make it a place for the public. There's plenty of opportunity for investment in Glendale. I'd love to see someone fix up the old mansion on the hill... if its even salvageable at this point. I'm not sure why Tyger bought that tract exactly.... but I've heard an explanation before that made sense. Something to do with legal mumbo jumo. I do know that TRF, Upstate Forever, and SPACE all work together - it's not really a competition in any sense. They all more or less have the same mission.
  5. I'm betting all of that was intentional.
  6. Yeah, it's going to be a few more months before it gets adopted. I have no intel on the schedule, but adding a new section not only requires work, but likely requires some extra cash to add the scope and potentially council or City Manager approval for the new contract. It takes time for these things to happen, for work to get started, to determine how/if new public engagement is needed, etc. But rest assured that they've spent a good bit of money on this plan, and it's a really good plan. They won't abandon it.
  7. The new Woodruff HS is disappointing. I'm not a fan of these large rural HS campuses. Will creek ridge annex into Duncan/Lyman or whatever? Looks like its getting close.
  8. That's a really great find. I assumed I had seen all of the previous iterations for Morgan Square, and I have, but I have NOT seen all of the concepts for how to rework it over the years. My favorite was taking the opportunity block and converting that into a much larger park. I also love the aerial from the 1920s. You can really get a feel for how much larger downtown was and would feel like today had they not torn most of it down.
  9. Yep. Should fade into a nice Spartanburg Beige over time like the Montgomery Building though
  10. Yep. I get the look they're going for. I just don't like the vertical seams in the concrete on the rocks (or the side panels quite frankly). If they could somehow eliminate that it would look and feel a lot better. It's a subtle detail that most probably won't notice or care about. I assume it was a value engineering decision.
  11. Agreed. And without question the most important one.
  12. I'm actually surprised resiliency is a required element of a comp plan in SC as its a fairly new and progressive concept in planning. In the context of a comp plan, it's generally about economic, environmental, and social resiliency in response to hard times/stresses/shocks to the status quo. So, not a detailed emergency plan, but an analysis of how the various elements concepts in the plan work together to support these things. It's admittedly vague planning jargon - even to planners sometimes. Here is a primer on resiliency from the American Planning Association: https://www.planning.org/blog/blogpost/9124762/
  13. The road fee was mostly used for bridge repairs I think? What I recall is that it was found unconstitutional and thus discontinued. As I recall, County Council "adjusted" property taxes to be able to continue the program a few years back. The cost to build and maintain roads is incredibly expensive, and South Carolina does a terrible job funding anything to do with roads. The increased gas tax will help - but not solve - the 30sih years of back maintenance issues.
  14. Thanks for the photo updates! It's exciting to see this project finally happen!
  15. That is interesting. That part of town is so isolated - I feel like the solution is a major road realignment or two to help open it up. That said, the way real estate is going these days the proximity to 85 might make it a new haven for Greenville commuters who want cheaper real estate
  16. This is a huge project. Moving it to its own thread, The timeline might seem aggressive, but there is a shit ton of new $$ for projects like this in IIJA. If they plan it well, this could actually do really well because it would involve multiple counties states and non-profits. The Federal Govt loves to fund partnership projects like that.
  17. Spartanburg seems to be hotter than Greenville these days - maybe not in terms of volume, but in terms of scale relative to existing stock. The amount of development around town and in the County - even EASTERN Spartanburg County is mindblowing to me.
  18. The Hub is an absolutely phenomenal building. Very well designed, nice architecture, great urban design. 5 stars for this one. ...now if we could just do something about Church St...
  19. It's painful to watch all of the horrible mistakes being made in Boiling Springs.
  20. I wouldn't be surprised to see more improvements to SPARTA in the coming years. IIJA has a TON of new $$ allocated for transit systems like ours.
  21. I have to say I'm impressed. Very well done project. But I also can't fathom paying $1300/mo for that location. I hope it is successful. That would be a solid population bump for the city!
  22. Lack of a brewery is disappointing. I also think that's a weird place for residential - but if they do it right I guess it could be cool. It feels like there is a (very) slow wave of redevelopment momentum pushing west of the tracks.
  23. So I'm not a huge fan of the fake rocks on the base. I'm assuming this is precast concrete? Absolutely dwarfing QS/1 though. This is a lot larger from the DMA side that I had pictured in my mind!
  24. Agreed. Spartanburg doesn't have a corollary to Central park. The closest is probably the Milliken Campus. It's going to be interesting to see what comes of this.
  25. I don't like Brooklyn Village Ave because its too long. Brooklyn St would be much better. The City's street naming rules are unfortunately strict and seem to produce overly long and wordy street names to "avoid confusion by emergency services." I realize you weren't being overly serious but Idaho St exists because of the former Hoskins Mill village located approximately at Brookshire and Hoskins Rd. Many of the streets in that area are named after states. Why? Idk. Trade Street used to be on that route and then changed to Bellhaven somewhere in Hoskins (prior to Brookshire). When they built Brookshire it looks like they took another random state name and assigned to the former (approximate) alignment of that portion of West Trade Street - W Trade/Bellhaven itself being a new parallel route to Rozzelle's Ferry Rd, which was historically the primary route to the west in this area. This is a great case study of the poorly planned adjustments to Charlotte's street network over time. The historic business center in that area (which still exists along Hoskins Ave/RFR) was partially leveled for the eventual construction and later widening of Brookshire. Ever wonder why there's an ABC store, fast food, and other random businesses there? It's not because of the interchange. It's because the community was already there when they built 85. The street that I-85 replaced is called Sage St or possibly Ingle St, both of which are now relegated to disappointing frontage roads. Presumably it was a residential street similar to the others nearby. The location of I-85, which bisected the community, is a classic example of Charlotte's poor record on highway construction through black neighborhoods that is overshadowed by the the larger urban renewal projects in and around uptown.
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