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  1. Honestly, anywhere someone wants to build a hotel downtown is a-ok in my book.
  2. I'm glad to see there is a debate occurring about whether or not to permanently close Morgan Square to traffic. What do y'all think about it? https://www.goupstate.com/story/news/2021/01/20/some-downtown-spartanburg-business-owners-want-main-street-reopened/6637643002/
  3. I've decided I want to see Morgan Square permanently closed to cars. I think that would be a huge win for businesses and people in general. https://www.goupstate.com/story/news/2021/01/20/some-downtown-spartanburg-business-owners-want-main-street-reopened/6637643002/
  4. I think this is a great building for Spartanburg. Its going to be a long time before Church Street is a walkable environment, so it will be to our advantage to have buildings that front the street. One day, it will just "gel" as we hit a critical mass of buildings and people. This is foundational, and represents good progress.
  5. That's great! I'm glad to see that people are thinking about a post-westgate world.
  6. Ditto. Also, I hope for progress on the bike path on CCR bike path between the rail trail and Glendale that's supposed to start this spring.
  7. Based on that article, it looks like they're just renovating it and making more of a public open space/plaza in one area. I'd love to see more details though, as its unclear exactly what they're going to do. Thanks for posting this BTW!
  8. I like the they are trying to fill in the neighborhood with correctly scaled development. I don't think this is revolutionary, but it is definitely the type of thing that is needed for that area.
  9. Sorry, I posted in the admin's forum in October and then totally forgot about this! Neo is going to un-archive the thread. I'll move the content over there once that happens.
  10. Charlotte's Legacy Commission has completed its report about all of the street names an monuments associated with the confederacy and the antebellum period. Definitely worth taking a look at and providing comments. Basically, most major streets in the older parts of the city are named for slave owners or their families. Here's the Legacy Report. Here's the documentation of street names associated with slave owners. Probably the most interesting, yet unsurprising quote is: “Nearly every person-named street that dates back before the 1880s commemorates a family that enslaved people. These include major center-city streets (Tryon, Alexander, Brevard, Caldwell, Davidson and more) as well as avenues in old farm areas that are now suburban (Berryhill, Rea, Johnston and more) and also streets named after US founding fathers (Washington, Madison, Van Buren, Jefferson, Ben Franklin).” It was also observed that numerous street names were associated with the pre-Civil War era and references to romanticized popular culture about that era. (Dixie Drive, Cotton Planter Lane, Plantation Woods Drive, Scarlet Drive, Rhett Court and Taragate Court). " The commission recommends prioritizing the renaming of streets that honor Confederate leaders and officers, and figures who actively fought against equality. Specifically the following: Jefferson Davis Street Hill Street Stonewall Street Jackson Ave Phifer Ave Aycock Lane Barringer Drive Morrison Boulevard & Gov. Morrison St Zebulon Ave They do not make a specific recommendation about what these streets should be renamed. However, they do include a list of noteworthy Charlotteans for whom streets could be named and suggest that Julius Chambers (a prominent African American attorney in the 60s) would be a good candidate to use for changing the name of Stonewall Street. Personally, I think if we're going to rename all the streets in Uptown (which I would support), I'd like to see a numerical system that actually makes sense, or name all the streets after trees or plants or something uninteresting and uncontroversial (you know, to keep Charlotte boring)
  11. Disagree. The issue is that they want signs that exceed regulatory limits. I do agree in principle that good design can solve some of the issue - but once one "exception" is allowed, they all want them and you can't regulate taste.
  12. I highly doubt the petition will make a difference. It's a private company, so they can do whatever they want. The best solution is to vote with your dollars. Personally, I was planning to open an account and move my $ away from my current bank. Not sure what I'll do now except to say I won't be moving to Truist because they destroyed my favorite building with shit lights and signage. TBH, I'm more concerned that this set s precedent for larger signage across the rest of the skyline. All the buildings are getting signs these days, so the question is how much larger can they go? The LU1 people wanted a much larger sign than they got, and the new Duke Power Tower wanted a fairly large sign too.
  13. IMO, this is exactly what is going on. Il'l be surprised if this one ever gets built. But if it does, its because the land was so cheap and the location is not bad on paper. It's also going to be 1 block from a silver line light rail station eventually... so in 10 years it likely makes much more sense economically.
  14. If it was just the letters and they looked like the rendering, it would still be tacky, but tolerable. This is like a billboard for a sleazy lawyer on the way to Myrtle Beach. I'm just now realizing this isn't an official rendering. This is apparently "fan art" ? This actually looks good by comparison.
  15. Wow. Just, wow. Words cannot describe how sad I am for this once glamorous building. This is the modern equivalent of plastering over early 20th century architecture in the 70s. It's like someone asked Trump to decorate it with anything but gold. The Dave & Busters lighting scheme was bad enough, but that sign is seriously a travesty.
  16. Looks like it is. I hope you are right!
  17. The challenge is how to do you convince people who live in single family neighborhoods that additional housing (is: townhomes) near them is a good thing? People in subdivisions flip their shit when anything more dense is proposed.
  18. Can confirm. Once they don't need the space next to the building for construction staging, they'll move around to the front and finish the plaza. The rest of the iron fencing will come down and a cool tribute to the old mint building will be installed. I would expect this to be the very last thing on the list though...
  19. it's a large parcel though. I would expect something more like Uptown 550 (on Stonewall) at a minimum. but possibly taller depending on the market. Ground floor retail along Graham St frontage. Maybe a little bit of 6th.
  20. So... the owner of Westgate filed for bankruptcy. News to me is that the owner, CBL Properties, is converting its enclosed mall spaces into "suburban town spaces" - whatever that means. I don't think the enclosed suburban shopping mall is viable in this day an age. If it doesn't evolve to something different, it will become the next Hillcrest Mall eventually. https://www.goupstate.com/story/news/2020/11/04/westgate-mall-owner-cbl-properties-files-bankruptcy/6158874002/
  21. I would buy some Spartanburg Peaches paraphernalia! @westsider28 I'm looking into the de-archiving process for that thread. It's an automated thing and apparently I can't easily undo it myself. Keep posing here for now, and I'll move all the posts over there when I get it sorted out.
  22. That's certainly part of it. But it also has to do with the 277 loop interchange reconfigurations that are planned. Once those are reworked it should open up more opportunities for street conversions. Still probably 10+ years from that, given NCDOT's financial situation right now.
  23. Moving this thread back to the main CLT forum for obvious reasons. I have to admit that I'm incredibly skeptical as to whether anything will actually happen on Eastland with MLS out of the picture. I've seen pretty renderings before.
  24. Yes. It's still technically in the Center City Transportation Plan. No immediate plans to move that project forward (or anything else in the CCTP) since the City defunded its center city transportation program in favor of one off projects and major transportation investments (ie: Silver Line).
  25. The outbound bus lane opened on 9/29, inbound opens this week on 10/8. https://charlottenc.gov/Transportation/Programs/Pages/BusLane.aspx?fbclid=IwAR0qN5-ExBaAnRp-Nc6D0c0-BfbgXhTYAEAblotDHwqQcYUtij4-mTuo6EU
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