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  1. Woah, it definately needs widening, but 8 lanes--- I could definately see 6. How far will they expand it in terms of miles?
  2. Maybe I'm wrong here, but I thought a residential mid or high rise was already in the works?
  3. I was out ot South Park Mall yesterday (July 3rd), and these rennovations are quite impressive. There are some areas that aren't quite finished, and it looks like several stores have yet to move in. After walking through the mall and driving through the area, I felt like this is the next Buckhead.
  4. It frustrates me that this country in the Middle East will build something like this and we spend so much time bickering over the WTC which even though the spire might reach 1776ft, it wont actually be even close to being that high in terms of occupiablility. It frustrates me that the most prosperous country in the world can't get a project like this accomplished anymore, and some tiny countries that most people haven't even heard of can bulid these things with seemingly little problems. (Malaysia, UAE)
  5. Spartan


    This article provided some new insight into the extend of the new research campus to be built at USC. ------------------------------- A USC research campus holds the promise of contributing to theMidlands economy across multiple sectors. Plans call for the campus to stretch from Assembly and College streets west and south to the Congaree River. Construction of the first building at the Arnold School of Public Health should get under way this summer. The research campus is expected to take 10 to 15 years to build. A significant portion is likely to be devoted to health sciences activities, but the campus will not have a single theme, said Harris Pastides, vice president for research at USC. USC has identified four research areas around which the campus will be developed, Pastides said. They are:
  6. Nice pics! How exactly will they accomplish this?
  7. Yeah. It seems counter productive to have so many oranizations of public transit. I think generally competition is a good thing, but in this case you really need one entity that is powerful enough to get stuff done.
  8. This certainly is a large project. I read somewhere that its not really going to be a part of MARTA in that it wont be the same kind of rail. It will also have sidewalks or something along side of the tracks for bikers or pedestrians. - all of which is nto like the current MARTA stations. Is that still the case?
  9. That is impressive. How long until it will be finished?
  10. I didn't realize this project was so far along. That's good news. Could you post a map?
  11. Its good that they are planning ahead even though they dont know what will be developed yet
  12. Is there room to expand 240? I haven't been to Asheville recently enough to remeber all of 240, but the parts I do remember were pretty snug in relation to the current development closer towards downtown.
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