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  1. If you have a business in the walkable sections of downtown whose existence relies on vehicular traffic passing by then you're probably not going to last very long. The City is right to expand and slow the process for deciding how to move forward.
  2. I don't disagree with that in concept. I do think it will take significantly more and faster growth for people's mindset to change.
  3. I saw that purchase and figured something like that was happening. I hope they can make some tactful renovations and open up some office space since we seem to be running low these days.
  4. I agree the other cities signs are tacky too.... but the problem with ours is that they covered up the literal crown of the architectural features to do it. All of the other examples are bland architecture and while tacky, don't detract from the buildings the way our does. Remove the beige box and it would be a marked improvement. I'd still complain... but it would def be better.
  5. I can confirm CCCP has looked at this in the past, specifically converting the old bus shelters from de facto affordable housing into small kiosks. This was a year or so prior to the pandemic, so I'm assuming the pandemic threw a wrench in things. The lack of foot traffic has killed off basically all of the street vendor operations there (well, except Halal), so currently it doesn't make sense. It will be interesting to see how the post-pandemic work environment uptown changes... but IMO I see no reason not to stay bullish on uptown. IMO, even if though its likely the hybrid model will remain, people still want to be in CLT, so eventually the office buildings will fill back up.
  6. IMO the most ridiculous thing about this is the idea that developers would use attractive architecture.
  7. I'd say this is pretty spot on. That's why I'm cynical about them actually solving any of the problems of growth. I guess the good thing for Spartanburg is that those problems are largely concentrated in Boiling Springs and the western portion of the county.
  8. May not be the worst thing if they continue to do a good job. P&C is unquestionably the best newspaper in SC.
  9. I didn't realize there were more performance zoning areas besides that area in the western portion of the County. It's a terrible system that will not result in better development patterns. Atlanta here we come! What you're talking about with the airport/trailer park thing would technically be spot zoning if the County had a Euclidean zoning ordinance. I don't know if its illegal in SC, but its definitely bad practice. But I would expect no less from the County. Terrible land use practices will continue to result in terrible land use patterns unless County council grows a spine. I think they should be using Beaufort County as a model instead of Lexington... but that's just me. Definitely. Will they annex?
  10. I"m genuinely curious why the P&C has a) coverage of Spartanburg and 2)better coverage than the HJ??
  11. Its a chicken and egg situation.... do you want good transit? Then you need density. Do you want density? Then you need good transit. Either way, the correct answer does not involve more single family homes - in fact, it involves the evolution parts of neighborhoods near activity centers into something that isn't solely SFR.
  12. A fractured government does not work well and makes coordination/collaboration/goal setting exponentially more difficult. We have only minor problems getting the City and County to work together. Imagine if CATS, CLT Water, CFD, Parks & Rec, etc. were all different agencies with their own boards and elected (or worse, appointed, officials. See Atlanta or literally any local government in South Carolina. In Charlotte the local government can speak with one voice and respond to its residents much more efficiently. IMO, part of CLT's success is its reasonably well-run government.
  13. In uptown there is no upper limit.
  14. I love a non-resturant retail operation like a bank, but TBH Magnolia Street feels like a weird place for a bank. And perhaps more importantly, retail banks are going out of fashion quickly...
  15. Whatever it is, it's outside of the downtown code area, so I have low expectations. But anything is better than a vacant lot, I guess.
  16. It's important to voice your support for this. As I've said before, it isn't perfect, but its light years better than what we have now. If you want to see positive change en masse, this is the mechanism for it. Don't let the eventual opposition get in the way of progress!
  17. My money is on apartments. Also, I'm bad a gambling.
  18. Re: articulated buses: They aren't illegal in NC - just Meck Co, I think. But I'm unclear on the status since the planned rapid transit service on Indy has been converted to LRT.
  19. Thanks for keeping this tradition alive! I haven't done one of these in a few years, so here is mine. A few of these have been on my list for over a decade, so I'm not sure if that's relentless optimism or insanity... but the rest are a bit more in the open-ended, incremental progress area... Progress on the County Comprehensive Plan News on East Main Street road diet (not even sure its still a thing at this point) Church Street road diet A plan for Morgan Square that doesn't involve a complete renovation Good architecture on the proposal for the 100 block of east Main Finish I-85 (I understand there's a schedule, but they can't finish fast enough, IMO) 2-5 infill projects around downtown News/progress on the West Main St Road Diet/Cycle Track Progress on the Dan Trail Progress on the Converse St Cycle Track More downtown housing announced Progress on the County Admin building + City Hall replacement
  20. Exactly. I'm not anti-aquarium - I just don't think it's a silver bullet for uptown's problems anymore than a Hall of Fame. You can put a Ripley's in the mountains and people will go to it - but if you put one in Charlotte does that concept add to what makes Charlotte Charlotte, or does it let us keep with our de facto motto of "We're a big city, too." So sure, add a few more major destinations and take a swing at some more Halls of Fame that may or may not pan out. I just think if we have all the same attractions Atlanta, Houston, and Nashville have, then what makes us unique and why come here? IMO, the answer is the urban fabric. All of those people need to have something to do before and after they go to the show, and that can't happen in a bank lobby or in a parking deck. My only point here is that by starting with activating street edges and making the city a great place to walk, it makes the city a better place for the people who live here today, and might help an aquarium or other type of business want to locate here without incentives, and strictly because its an awesome city.
  21. As a currently residing pseudo-intellectual pompous windbag, I just want to point out the juxtaposition of these three posts, and ask this question: How many aquariums, halls of fame, and museums/theatres do we need to full fill the requirement of not being boring? Uptown's problems right now are centered around a combination of the bad decisions of 60 years ago and the pandemic. I've lived here going on 15 years, and I can confirm that the pulse in uptown during the pandemic is way different without all the workers here, and the businesses that relied on them are indeed suffering. You can tell which ones don't rely on it as much due to the fact that they are still open. College Street in particular has been devastated. But Uptown is by no means devoid of life. You would be amazed at how many people have discovered and use Romare Bearden Park, First Ward Park, and Fourth Ward Park during the pandemic. You'd also be surprised at how many people are just wandering around uptown after hours and on weekends these days. It's A LOT more than there used to be, and Third Ward in particular has a ton of foot traffic. IMO, uptown IS the destination. The goal should be to create a place where locals want to go. Locals do not go to aquariums, and only sparingly go to museums. Locals go to bars and restaurants, theaters, parks, and the like. The conversion of lobbies into restaurant / retail space is the single best type of change this city can make. In order to make a place where people want to hang out, it has to be authentic and full of life. This starts with good urban design, which is centered around the idea of having a lot of active street frontages. Design for Charlotteans and the tourists will follow. Option 1: Tear it down. Option 2: Paint a mural on it. This is correct. The exact dimension is probably going to change when the UDO gets adopted - but expect it to get a lot wider than it is today. See the Avenue or MLK in front of the Catalyst. There is no benefit to red brick, specifically. In fact the ones we use are technically not great for ADA - the beveled edges create challenges for people in wheelchairs (vibration), and the color contrast with the asphalt street isn't great, which is why you have new high contrast mats being placed at curb ramps. The red brick and herringbone pattern were chosen here by the Tryon Street Mall (streetscape) project in the 80s/90s (not sure of the exact timeline), and I'm not sure why they made that decision specifically. But that set the context from which all other sidewalks take their design as the brick aesthetic expands. One thing to note about these brick sidewalks is that they aren't just brick laying on some dirt. It's a concrete base with a bit of sand and 1/2 depth bricks laying on top, and the trees are in engineered pits. You won't have root issues on those streets like you have in other places (like 4th Ward). I think the type of sidewalk you're showing is very attractive, but it's just an aesthetic preference. Functionally it's no different than any other, and you'd have to convince a bunch of engineers at the City that it's worth going through the process of changing something that already works pretty well.
  22. Is this from CCCP / Historic West End? 5th St is 2 way until you get to the intersection with 6th St and that parking deck entrance.
  23. MODERATORS NOTE: Please end the discussion about NYC development. Thanks!
  24. Love the large stairwell access directly to the trail!
  25. Yeah there were a lot of rumors floating around about Mast General maybe 7-8 (?) years ago that Mast was shopping around, and there's discussion of it in a thread on here somewhere. My recollection was that they couldn't find a space they liked. It's just as well - I think Mast is great but if every city has one then it isn't special. I'd rather wait for a shop that is unique to Spartanburg, or at least not in every tourist town in the Carolinas.
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